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Personalized pencils with your logo and advertising for finer and more precise strokes in writing. Design your own personalized pencils with your logo easily and in minutes. At Garrampa we have selected this collection of personalized pencils, ideal as an advertising gift for your business, but also as a personalized gift for all kinds of celebrations. We also have colored and specific pencils for children that they can enjoy drawing and coloring with these fantastic personalized pencils. Our entire collection of promotional pencils and cases can be easily customized on our website, but you can also email us how you would like to customize it and we will send you a draft of what it will look like along with a quote.
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  1. Lápices y portaminas maderos de madera con logo vista 2
    Wooden pencils and mechanical pencils
    Carpenter\'s oval pencil with 14 cm ruler.
    Price from €0.10 /unit
    Wooden carpenter\'s pencil (not sharpened).
    Price from €0.08 /unit
  3. Lápices y portaminas grafit de madera con publicidad vista 1
    GRAPHITE. Pencil
    Wooden carpenter\'s pencil (not sharpened).
    Price from €0.08 /unit
  4. LUCIAN. Lápiz
    Lápiz fluorescente en madera. No esta afilado. Grado de dureza HB. ø7 x 175 mm
    Price from €0.08 /unit
  5. Carpenter pencil 25cm
    Wood carpenter pencil 25cm.
    Price from €0.35 /unit
  6. Lápices y portaminas barter con logo vista 2
    BARTER. mini pencil
    mini pencil
  7. Lápices y portaminas beetle con publicidad vista 1
    beetle pencils and mechanical pencil
    Pencil. With an eraser doll.
  8. Ecological
    POLLOCK. Lápiz
    Lápices en madera natural con tapa negra y goma. No esta afilado. Grado de dureza HB. ø7 x 190 mm
  9. Paints coloring wood recreation
    Set of colored pencils in a transparent box with 8 colored pencils and 20 templates with animal figures for colouring.
    Price from €0.99 /unit
  10. Wooden blocky coloring paints
    Set of 12 colored pencils presented in a black cardboard tube with a sharpener on the lid.
    Price from €1.14 /unit
  11. New product
    Paints coloring folder2 of various materials
    Children\'s set for coloring. Includes 30 drawing sheets, 6 colored pencils, sharpener and eraser.
    Price from €1.60 /unit
  12. Ecological
    Ecological bamboo greeny writing set
    Pen and mechanical pencil set. Bamboo. Mechanical pencil: graphite 0.7. Supplied with cardboard case.
    Price from €0.86 /unit
  13. Colopad paper advertising notebooks
    Coloring book. 24 pages (6 to color and 18 white). Includes 8 colored pencils.
    Price from €2.12 /unit
  14. Paper leaf writing set
    Promotional pens and pencils are an essential item in daily life. We use them every day for endless domestic or professional tasks. Get your company to be as present as these work tools. This promotional writing set model also has craft paper, a clip and a cardboard presentation cover.
  15. Set escritura hudson de metal vista 2
    Hudson metal writing set
    Pen and mechanical pencil set. Aluminum. Mechanical pencil: graphite 0.5. Supplied in a presentation case.
  16. Set escritura beta set de metal vista 11
    BETA SET. Ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set
    Metal ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set. In gift box.
  17. Ecological
    paints coloring cardboard bird
    This box of advertising pencils is one of the basic elements that cannot be missing from children\'s school supplies. Take advantage of its great reception to give away one of these cardboard boxes with colored advertising pencils, which will be the delight of the little ones . We especially recommend it if you plan to organize some kind of children\'s event or crafts. You can get your personalized school supplies by stamping this box of advertising pencils with your logo using the serigraphy technique. The box is made of craft cardboard, it has some dimensions of 9 x 4.5 x 0.9 cm and contains 6 colored advertising pencils in natural wood finish and circular profile. In addition, it has an opening that acts as a viewer to be able to control the content and that the children do not lose any of their pens. Consider the possibility of giving one of these boxes accompanied by a notebook or notepad in which the children can draw and your company name will gain visibility.
    Price from €0.12 /unit
  18. ROLS. Box with 6 colored pencils
    Box with 6 colored pencils. Cardboard and plastic. With pencil sharpener.
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  19. MEMLING. Box with 6 colored pencils
    Box with small, fluorescent wooden pencils for painting (with sharpener).
    Price from €0.37 /unit
  20. Brentan writing set
    Pencil set. Supplied with cardboard cover.
  21. COLOURED. Box with 12 colored pencils
    Box with 12 colored pencils. Paperboard.
Set Descending Direction

21 Items

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Why buy personalised pens?

If you're looking for a cost-effective yet useful item to give away at your next corporate party, school reunion, or company team-building event, first look at the wide selection of custom pencils available in the Garrampa catalog. customized are incredibly profitable; most are available for just a few cents each. Also, promotional items such as discounted pencils are useful for customers and employees, which means that the item will generate a lot of impressions for your brand, organization or company. Since not everyone likes to use pens, consider also ordering promotional mechanical pencils to ensure that your customers or employees are fully satisfied with your gift.Garrampa has several types of personalized mechanical pencils, so let's take a look. to every type we offer.

What types of personalised pens do you have?

Custom Full Color Pencils As the name suggests, the promotional pencils under the Full Color Pencils product filter support full color printing, so if you want to make a splash with your customers, be sure to check out these pencils first. The full-color printing method is often more expensive than single-color printing, so this should be considered if your budget is tight. Good for: Businesses that want to connect with new customers at trade shows, conferences, and other events Bottom line: The high quality and perceived value of full-color mechanical pencils make them a great option for promoting any business.

How to buy personalised pens?

In general, most of the promotional pencils in the Garrampa catalog are made of wood, but the mechanical pencils we offer are available in other materials, such as brass, metal and plastic. Printing Most mechanical pencils can be printed in one color by screen printing or laser. But we also offer some full color mechanical pencils. Item Colors Garrampa offers pencils printed in almost any color you can think of, such as green, red, and yellow. If you're looking for pencils that match your school or corporate palette colors, garrampa likely has several options. Quantity The minimum quantity required for an order varies greatly depending on the type of pencil; Many of our mechanical pencils only require an order of approximately 50 units (and some of the deluxe pencils require even less than this), while most of our standard wooden pencils require minimum quantities of 1000 or more. Be sure to check the item description to see how many items are required for your order.

What use and type of personalised pencils do you have?

Generally speaking, the intended use of the custom pen will dictate the type of pen you should select for your promotion. For example, schools should consider choosing standard hexagonal or round wooden pencils, as these are the most versatile and can be used for taking notes and taking tests. If you are looking for a corporate gift, consider opting for one of our finest mechanical pencils. Companies involved in carpentry, house construction, and painting should opt for carpenter's pencils, as employees in these industries will appreciate and use the gift. Lastly, if you are a church or business planning a game night for its employees, consider purchasing printed golf pencils. They are relatively cheap and will continue to make your brand or message known.

When to give personalised coloured pencils with logo as a gift?

Promotional colored pencils are perfect gadgets for entertaining children. A very good idea for bars, restaurants, doctor's offices, could be to personalize and give children a set of colored crayons along with coloring sheets (we also have promotional kits that include crayons, pre-printed coloring pages and pencil sharpeners). they can have fun while they wait. Parents will surely be grateful and remember you.

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