Customized and advertising toys

Personalized advertising toys to give to the smallest customers of your company.Using promotional puzzles in advertising campaigns to launch new products or services is a great marketing strategy, because they are fun and original. In our catalog you will find different models of personalized toys: to entertain the little ones, but also various and own toys for adults. Pick the custom toy you prefer and we'll customize it for you in no time. Promotional toys are the advertising gifts par excellence in events where there are children. How about one of our promotional yo-yos or some promotional puzzles where you can stamp your logo? Personalized toys are ideal as a promotional gift, to play and to share. In addition to stamping your logo on them, you can order one of our photo toys and get a gift at the maximum level of personalization. Everyone needs a break from their work hours, promotional desk toys and games give them the distraction they need during that short break. From personalized toys with your logo, to sudokus, through personalized yo-yos, skill games or personalized soccer balls, we have a wide variety of games, promotional toys that will leave their mark on your customers. Conveying sympathy and closeness is very easy with one of these custom puzzle packs that will help your users remember your logo while playing to form it.
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  1. Animación eventos sopla soplador de burbujas de varios materiales vista 2
    Animation events blows bubble blower of various materials
    bubble blower Capacity 30ml.
    Price from €0.40 /unit
  2. MINI MIKADO Mikado
    Mikado in a wooden box.
    Price from €0.58 /unit
  3. DUCK PVC Duck
    Medium size PVC duck. It can be used as anti stress.
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  4. Toys and puzzles flashyo plastic luminous yoyo
    Yo-yo with flashing red light. 2 button batteries included.
    Price from €0.89 /unit
  5. SOFTCO piggy bank
    PVC piggy bank with ABS cap at the bottom.
    Price from €0.96 /unit
  6. Toys and puzzles catch&play game with plastic suction cup ball
    Have fun with this game! The set includes 1 ball with suction cups and 2 small super catch games.
    Price from €1.03 /unit
  7. Toys and puzzles starnats star puzzle of various materials
    Star puzzle. Includes cotton cover.
    Price from €1.21 /unit
  8. Set of 3 metal puzzles
    Set of 3 metal puzzles presented in a cotton cover.
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  9. Toys and puzzles price children\'s kite of various materials
    Children\'s kite for coloring made of polyester. Includes 4 markers.
    Price from €1.72 /unit
  10. Ecological New product
    Pisa playing cards and board games wooden tower of various materials
    Wooden board game with 54 blocks, presented in a cotton cover.
    Price from €2.33 /unit
  11. CAPRIOLE Hula Hoop
    Detachable and adjustable Hula Hoop presented in a RPET bag. Maximum diameter of 95 cm.
    Price from €6.14 /unit
  12. Beach games otho petanque game of various materials
    Set of 6 petanque balls, 7.3 diameter and weight 730 grams. Presented in a black 600D polyester bag with a zipper.
    Price from €14.45 /unit
  13. New product
    Various material wireless foldable drone dronie digital cameras
    Wireless folding drone that includes a camera to take photos and videos. Supplied with remote control and is rechargeable. You can also control the drone with a mobile device and the required app. 2 AAA batteries for the controller not included. 200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery.
    Price from €41.56 /unit
  14. FUMIEST Assorted Sets
    Variety of games in cardboard box. The games are delivered assorted. The price is for 1 set.
    Price from €0.23 /unit
  15. Ecological
    NATUS wooden yo-yo
    Wooden yo-yo.
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  16. Ecological
    Playing cards and board games trikes 4 sets in wooden wooden box
    Wooden box with 4 games: dominoes, chess, checkers and wooden sticks.
    Price from €2.93 /unit
  17. IOIO. Yo-yo
    Yo-yo. Polystyrene.
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  18. BUBBLY. Soap bubbles
    Soap bubbles. P.P. Capacity up to 30 ml. Liquid included.
    Price from €0.35 /unit
  19. Anniversaries John. deck of 54 paper cards
    Deck of 54 cards. Plasticized paper. In plastic box.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  20. Polyester Grizzly Plush
    Teddy. Polyester. Dressed in a t-shirt (included).
    Price from €2.96 /unit
  21. Barajas y juegos de mesa gamy. caja con 24 juegos con impresión vista 2
    GAMY. Box with 24 games
    Box with 24 games. Supplied in presentation box.
    Price from €5.92 /unit
  22. Ecological
    toys trikesnats and wooden puzzle puzzles in wooden bag
    Puzzle of 7 wooden pieces in a cotton bag.
  23. Barajas y juegos de mesa mika. juego mikado con logo vista 2
    MIKA. mikado game
    Mikado game. In wooden box.
  24. Barajas y juegos de mesa cartes. baraja de 54 cartas de papel vista 2
    Card decks and board games. deck of 54 paper cards
    Deck of 54 cards. Plasticized paper. In paper box.
  25. Barajas y juegos de mesa pitch. set de juegos 2 en 1 vista 2
    Playing cards and pitch board games. 2 in 1 play set
    Set of 2 personalized board games that are protected in a wooden box with a simple design on which you can stamp your company logo. This practical set is ideal as a gift for promotional board games. It measures 10.3 x 9.7 x 2.5 cm and the stamping area corresponds to the lid of the box. In other words, its logo will be seen just before opening the box and discovering the games inside, so it can be very useful as a promotional gift with a surprise component. It includes two of the most popular board games: dice and rabbi deck The lid slides open, making it very convenient to use and very practical to store. If you need more advertising board games, you can consult them in our Garrampa catalog, where you can see more options of this type of advertising gifts that you can stamp with your brand.
  26. Barajas y juegos de mesa playtime. set de juegos 4 en 1 vista 2
    Playing cards and playtime board games. 4 in 1 play set
    Set of 4 personalized board games included in a wooden box.This practical set is ideal as a promotional board game gift, since you can customize the container with the logo or design of your choice.Includes four of the most popular board games : mikado, the game of dice, a deck of cards and a domino. All the materials are placed in the various compartments that the box has, in such a way that they are protected and can be transported comfortably. The box containing this game The advertising tabletop measures 190 x 138 x 31 mm, and if you wish, we can print it with your brand using one-color screen printing or with a laser on the wood. At Garrampa we offer you this and other types of promotional tabletop games that are perfect as advertising gifts, that you can buy and customize with your logo and brand, receiving them at your home.
  27. Barajas y juegos de mesa miguel. juego de dominó para personalizar vista 1
    Decks and board games miguel. domino game
    Domino game. In wooden box.
  28. Juguetes y puzzles jumpi. comba de madera para personalizar vista 2
    Jumpi toys and puzzles. wooden jump rope
    Camber. Wood. Handle: ø40 x 80mm | Rope: 2\'200 mm
  29. Ecological
    SUNDAY domino game
    Domino game. Wood.
  30. PHILIPPINES. Paddles beach
    Paddles beach. MDF. Ball included.
  31. Polyester beary cuddly toys
    Teddy. Polyester. Fontal area with suitable material for customization.
  32. Juguetes y puzzles ducky. pato de goma de pvc vista 2
    Ducky toys and puzzles. pvc rubber duck
    Rubber duck. PVC. Ideal for playing in the water.
  33. DUCK. rubber duck
    Rubber duck. PVC. Ideal for playing in the water.
  34. Animación eventos sopla round soplador redondo de burbujas de varios materiales con impresión vista 1
    BLOW ROUND Round bubble blower
    Round bubble blower with rope and safety buckle. Capacity 30ml.
  35. FUN Puzzle
    Puzzle made of HIPS plastic.
  36. MADAGASCAR. juego de pegatinas
    Set de pegatinas compuesto por seis láminas con figuras de animales para decorar: mono, burro, jirafa, elefante, vaca y panda. Con más de 60 pegatinas para mucha diversión.Páginas: 140 x 210 mm | Encabezado de cartón: 165 x 50 mm
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39 items

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