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Customizable board games with your company logo, to disconnect during free hours of work. Many like to play cards, with friends or family, to spend a pleasant and fun time with friends. That is why personalized playing cards, with your company logo, are a very welcome gift and above all they will guarantee wide visibility because your logo will be seen by all participants in the game. In our collection you will find decks of personalized poker cards, scale 40 or bridge, which will be delivered to you in a plastic or metal box, which you can personalize with your logo by screen printing or laser engraving. For your next fair or promotional event, offer personalized playing cards to your customers, they will be pleasantly surprised.
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  1. Ecological
    ARUBA + Card deck recycled paper
    French deck of 54 recycled paper cards, presented in a paper case.
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  2. Ecological
    DOMINO Plastic dominoes
    Dominoes in a wooden box. Plastic pieces.
    Price from €0.63 /unit
  3. Barajas y juegos de mesa aruba juego de cartas en caja de plástico con publicidad vista 1
    ARUBA Boxed Card Game
    French deck of 54 cards, presented in a transparent PP plastic box.
    Price from €0.86 /unit
  4. Playing cards and board games friend card game tin metal box
    French deck of 54 cards, presented in a metal box.
    Price from €1.36 /unit
  5. Set of cards and dice in a box
    Game set in wooden box. Includes a deck of 54 cards and 5 dice.
    Price from €1.40 /unit
  6. Ecological
    ARUBA DUO Set of 2 recycled paper decks
    Set of 2 French decks of recycled paper presented in a kraft box.
    Price from €1.73 /unit
  7. Ecological New product
    Pisa playing cards and board games wooden tower of various materials
    Wooden board game with 54 blocks, presented in a cotton cover.
    Price from €2.33 /unit
  8. Barajas y juegos de mesa ludo juego de viaje de madera de varios materiales con impresión vista 1
    LUDO Wooden Travel Game
    Wooden travel game.
    Price from €2.70 /unit
  9. NAIL IT Darts Game
    Dart set is light and compact so it can be hung anywhere. Includes 3 darts.
    Price from €6.33 /unit
  10. PING PONG Table tennis set
    Table tennis set with roller net. Includes 3 balls, 2 rackets and 1 extendable net presented in a RPET bag.
    Price from €10.56 /unit
  11. Anniversaries John. deck of 54 paper cards
    Deck of 54 cards. Plasticized paper. In plastic box.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  12. Ecological
    CROSSES. Tres en raya
    Juego clásico \"del gallo\" o tres en raya de madera contrachapada de 10 piezas. La bolsa de algodón 100% (140 g/m²) con cierre de cordón sirve como tablero de juego. Ligero y práctico para jugar en cualquier lugar.Piezas: ø25 mm | Funda: 120 x 130 mm
    Price from €0.89 /unit
  13. Ecological
    FLICK. wooden game
    Wooden game with 54 pieces. Supplied in a cardboard box and customizable cotton bag. 55 x 55 x 185 mm
    Price from €2.14 /unit
  14. Barajas y juegos de mesa gamy. caja con 24 juegos con impresión vista 2
    GAMY. Box with 24 games
    Box with 24 games. Supplied in presentation box.
    Price from €5.92 /unit
  15. Ecological
    Tic Tac Toe Game
    Take this 9 piece tic tac toe game wherever you go for some classic entertainment! You can easily store the game in the white wooden lid box. Comes in full color box.
    Price from €5.17 /unit
  16. Mikado/Domino game in wooden box
    Set of two vintage games collected in an MDF box. The box contains Mikado and Domino. Give fun moments with these classic games. The Mikado set contains 41 suits and the Domino set 28 tiles in a white lidded box. Comes in full color box.
    Price from €5.17 /unit
  17. Ecological
    3 in 1 luxury board game in wooden box
    Why get one game when you can play three? This 3-in-1 classic board game includes chess, checkers, and backgammon. Offering endless hours of fun and logical thinking. This multi-sided double board game is the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. The box contains 2 dice, 30 backgammon pieces and a complete chess set. Comes in full color box.
    Price from €6.04 /unit
  18. luminous ball
    All the energy of football with LED light. Covered with foam layer to protect walls and furniture. Ideal for any smooth or indoor surface such as wood, carpet or asphalt. Includes 4 AA batteries.
    Price from €7.07 /unit
  19. Ecological
    Wooden Tile Stacking Game
    How high can you get? See how high you can stack the wooden tiles before they fall with this fun tower game. The 48 blocks can be easily stored in the included lid box. Comes in full color box.
    Price from €8.24 /unit
  20. Set 3 puzzle pieces
    White pine wood box with 3 different puzzles. Presented in a black box with a blue cover and a blue mat inside.
    Price from €8.38 /unit
  21. Ecological
    5 in 1 game set
    5 in 1 game set includes: mikado, cards, domino, chess and backgammon. White pinewood box 17x17x3.7cm with chess board on one side and red and black backgammon board on the bottom of the box. One side of the sliding cover is suitable for logo printing. Presented in a black box with a red lid and a red inner cloth.
    Price from €10.43 /unit
  22. Barajas y juegos de mesa mika. juego mikado con logo vista 2
    MIKA. mikado game
    Mikado game. In wooden box.
  23. Barajas y juegos de mesa cartes. baraja de 54 cartas de papel vista 2
    Card decks and board games. deck of 54 paper cards
    Deck of 54 cards. Plasticized paper. In paper box.
  24. Barajas y juegos de mesa pitch. set de juegos 2 en 1 vista 2
    Playing cards and pitch board games. 2 in 1 play set
    Set of 2 personalized board games that are protected in a wooden box with a simple design on which you can stamp your company logo. This practical set is ideal as a gift for promotional board games. It measures 10.3 x 9.7 x 2.5 cm and the stamping area corresponds to the lid of the box. In other words, its logo will be seen just before opening the box and discovering the games inside, so it can be very useful as a promotional gift with a surprise component. It includes two of the most popular board games: dice and rabbi deck The lid slides open, making it very convenient to use and very practical to store. If you need more advertising board games, you can consult them in our Garrampa catalog, where you can see more options of this type of advertising gifts that you can stamp with your brand.
  25. Barajas y juegos de mesa playtime. set de juegos 4 en 1 vista 2
    Playing cards and playtime board games. 4 in 1 play set
    Set of 4 personalized board games included in a wooden box.This practical set is ideal as a promotional board game gift, since you can customize the container with the logo or design of your choice.Includes four of the most popular board games : mikado, the game of dice, a deck of cards and a domino. All the materials are placed in the various compartments that the box has, in such a way that they are protected and can be transported comfortably. The box containing this game The advertising tabletop measures 190 x 138 x 31 mm, and if you wish, we can print it with your brand using one-color screen printing or with a laser on the wood. At Garrampa we offer you this and other types of promotional tabletop games that are perfect as advertising gifts, that you can buy and customize with your logo and brand, receiving them at your home.
  26. Barajas y juegos de mesa miguel. juego de dominó para personalizar vista 1
    Decks and board games miguel. domino game
    Domino game. In wooden box.
  27. Ecological
    SUNDAY domino game
    Domino game. Wood.
  28. MAGNETIC. travel game
    travel game. It is delivered in a box.
Set Descending Direction

28 Items

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