Personalized winter accessories

Fully customizable accessories and complements to be used in winter or at low temperatures, the best company detail! In this section you will find a selection of promotional and corporate gifts that we recommend for the autumn-winter season, as the weather changes and the days get warmer. cold and rainy. Give away personalized promotional items with the visa logo that will help your customers to better cope with those gray days by making them smile again, they will positively remember your brand and they will gladly buy your products. We offer advertising umbrellas, personalized mugs and thermos to keep drinks warm, blankets, hats and gloves. Warm up your customers this winter with one of these winter promotional items and keep them loyal through all seasons.
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  1. microfiber bandana
    Microfiber bandana.
    Price from €0.70 /unit
  2. TOUCH Touchscreen gloves for smartphones
    Acrylic tactile gloves for Smartphones. The 3 tactile extremities of the fingers are made of 30% stainless steel fiber.
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  3. MARCO RPET RPET polyester hat
    Unisex beanie in soft stretch polyester RPET.
    Price from €1.84 /unit
  4. Ecological
    RPET POLO RPET hat with cuff
    Unisex Beanie in Soft Knit in Stretch Polyester RPET with Rolled Cuff
    Price from €1.88 /unit
  5. Accesorios invierno roly braga para cuello nanuk de poliéster para personalizar vista 1
    Neck warmer NANUK
    Multifunctional neck warmer, straight cut and tubular design. Measurements: 25 x 50 cm. UNICA[25cm/50cm]
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  6. Bragas invierno roly nukka de poliéster con publicidad vista 1
    NUKKA neck warmer
    Fleece collar with elastic adjuster UNICA[25cm/30cm]
    Price from €0.77 /unit
  7. Gorros invierno roly planet de poliéster con impresión vista 1
    PLANET hat
    Knitted hat with double turn at the bottom. UNICA[22cm/20cm]
    Price from €1.03 /unit
  8. LAGASSE beanie
    Military style hat with breathable mesh on top. S M L
    Price from €1.56 /unit
  9. Bufandas jason de poliéster vista 1
    jason polyester scarves
    Scarf. Fleece fabric: 200 g/m².
    Price from €1.15 /unit
  10. multifunctional scarf
    This multifunctional scarf is one size that can be worn in multiple ways. Use the scarf, for example, to cover your face when you go out and avoid touching your mouth and nose with your hands. It also reduces the spread of saliva droplets when talking, sneezing or coughing. The scarf is made of soft polyester that is lightweight, breathable, and feels soft and comfortable on your skin. Easy and convenient to have in your bag! It\'s perfect for night walks, morning walks or even running at night. Machine wash at 30 degrees.
    Price from €1.53 /unit
  11. Impact Polylana® Beanie with AWARE™ Tracer
    No ecological imposture, but telling a true story about sustainability! This Impact collection is made with AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine and sustainable fabric materials and water reduction impact statements are guaranteed through the use of the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. Save water and use genuine and sustainable fabrics. With the focus on water, 2% of profits from each Impact product sold will be donated to This hat has saved 5 liters of water! A simple and comfortable hat suitable for anyone. A classic packable beanie for a good look that will keep you warm. The hat uses exclusive Polylana® yarn. Polylana® is made from a blend of virgin and recycled materials to create an innovative fiber with characteristics similar to acrylic or wool. Polylana® is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic fiber that uses less water. One size.
    Price from €3.29 /unit
  12. Beanie with Pompom
    Beanie with Pompom
    100% acrylic. Warm and comfortable. Pompom of the same color.
    Price from €1.24 /unit
  13. Inca hat
    Inca hat
    100% polyacrylic exterior and microfleece interior. Warm and comfortable. Ear protection. Contrasting gray colour. Side braids.
    Price from €1.24 /unit
    100% polyester/microfiber. Breathable fabric. Seamless for greater comfort. Multipurpose.
    Price from €1.42 /unit
  15. Original “Pull-On” hat
    50g 100% soft-touch acrylic (Heather Grey: 55% polyester / 45% acrylic), \"pull-on\" model, with double-layer fabric.
    Price from €1.49 /unit
  16. Core Softex Beanie
    100% acrylic. Double layer fabric. Long cap style. Very soft. One size (19.5 x 30 cm)
    Price from €1.54 /unit
  17. Original beanie - turned brim
    72g. 100% Acrylic Soft-Touch - soft touch (Heather Grey: 55% polyester / 45% acrylic), Double-layer knit with turned-up edge.
    Price from €1.75 /unit
  18. “Supporter” hat
    100% acrylic. Chunky striped knit exterior and smooth interior. Extremely warm.
    Price from €1.93 /unit
  19. Suprafleece™ Beanie/Neckwarmer
    100% Suprafleece® anti-pilling polyester. Ultra-insulating fabric: warm and light. It is used as a neck warmer or as a hat. Adjustable elastic cord with stoppers.
    Price from €2.04 /unit
  20. pompom hat
    100% soft touch polyacrylic. Chunky knit, double thickness, wide fit, folded edge, decorative pom pom. Washable at 40ºC. Ready for a custom print.
    Price from €2.15 /unit
  21. pompom hat
    100% soft touch polyacrylic. Chunky knit, double thickness, wide fit, folded edge, decorative pom pom. Washable at 40ºC. Ready for a custom print.
    Price from €2.15 /unit
  22. Ecological
    100% polyacrylic. 50% recycled polyacrylic/ 50% polyacrylic. 100% cotton twill front patch for printing. High quality and durable thread. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Fast drying (Quick Dry). Hat with folded edges. Double thickness.
    Price from €2.15 /unit
  23. Ecological
    Recycled bucket hat
    100% polyester. Recycled polyester. Polyester made from 100% PET, equivalent to about 2.5 post-consumer bottles. Double thick knit. Removable TearAway label for easy marking.
    Price from €2.19 /unit
  24. Heritage Beanie
    100% soft touch acrylic. Removable TearAway label for easy relabeling. Vintage style. With turned edge to facilitate customization. Double thick knit.
    Price from €2.19 /unit
  25. Original patch hat
    77g. 100% acrylic Soft-Touch (soft touch). 100% cotton twill front patch for easy customization (5 x 10 cm). Double layer fabric.
    Price from €2.41 /unit
  26. Thinsulate™ Lightweight Beanie
    Outer: 100% polyacrylic. Inside: 100% polyester fleece. 3M™ Thinsulate insulation. Windbreaker. Hat with large folded brim. 3MTM label sewn on the back. Suitable for embroidery and digital transfer.
    Price from €2.48 /unit
  27. Snowstar® Beanie
    100% acrylic Soft-Touch-soft touch. Double layer fabric. Double style: worn with or without flaps. Ribbed edge. Two-tone pom pom.
    Price from €2.52 /unit
  28. Touch Screen Gloves
    95% acrylic / 4% polyester / 1% elastane. Gloves compatible with touch screens and smartphones. 2 conductive fingers and thumb on each hand.
    Price from €2.52 /unit
  29. Alpine Suprafleece® Gloves
    100% polyester Suprafleece® anti-pilling. unisex design Ultra-insulating fabric: warm and light.
    Price from €2.52 /unit
  30. Thinsulate™ hat for intense cold
    100% acrylic. Rain resistant. 3M treatment for better insulation. Double thickness. Suitable for embroidery and digital transfer.
    Price from €2.58 /unit
  31. water-repellent cap
    100% acrylic. Light and breathable fabric. Water-repellent treatment for optimal protection against adverse weather conditions. Thermal microfleece tape. Removable TearAway label for easy marking.
    Price from €2.63 /unit
  32. Thinsulate™ Beanie
    75g. 100% Soft-Touch acrylic (Dark Graphite: 52% acrylic / 48% polyester). Double layer fabric. Thinsulate™ lining. Non-ribbed hem for easy customization.
    Price from €2.70 /unit
  33. braided hat
    100% polyacrylic exterior and 100% polyester fleece lining. Black fleece interior. Foldover hem. Suitable for embroidery.
    Price from €2.75 /unit
  34. Reversible Team Beanie
    100% polyacrylic. 6 gauge, chunky knit. Windbreaker. Striped on the outside and smooth on the inside. Long hat to be able to turn it according to the desired style. The third color is smooth inside. Protection against the cold, extremely warm.
    Price from €2.75 /unit
  35. Snowstar® patch hat with pompom <br/>
    100% acrylic with a soft touch (Heather - 55% polyester / 45% acrylic). Removable TearAway label. Double layer fabric. Ribbed hem. Two-tone pom pom. Cotton twill patch for printing.
    Price from €2.80 /unit
  36. Thinsulate™ Patch Beanie
    100% soft touch acrylic with flaps. Double layer fabric. Thinsulate™ lining. Cotton twill patch for printing.
    Price from €2.96 /unit
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