Personalized and inexpensive scarves

Personalized scarves are the ideal fashion accessory to carry your company logo. They are inexpensive custom scarves that can shock countless people on the street.
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  1. multifunctional scarf
    This multifunctional scarf is one size that can be worn in multiple ways. Use the scarf, for example, to cover your face when you go out and avoid touching your mouth and nose with your hands. It also reduces the spread of saliva droplets when talking, sneezing or coughing. The scarf is made of soft polyester that is lightweight, breathable, and feels soft and comfortable on your skin. Easy and convenient to have in your bag! It\'s perfect for night walks, morning walks or even running at night. Machine wash at 30 degrees.
  2. Polartherm™ Scarf
    100% polyester Active Fleece with anti-pilling treatment. Fringed scarf. very warm Dimensions: 155 x 25 cm.
  3. Two-tone «Team» scarf
    100% soft touch acrylic fabric. 6 cm fringes on both sides of the scarf.
  4. Polartherm™ scarf with zip pocket
    100% polyester. Anti-lint. Zip lining ideal for camouflaging embroidery seams. Soft polyester edges. Gives a lot of shelter; with zipper pocket.
  5. Striped Stadium Scarf
    100% acrylic Soft-Touch-soft touch. Double layer fabric. Fringe finish.
  6. classic scarf
    100% acrylic fabric. Double knit fabric.
  7. fringed scarf
    100% acrylic. Fringed scarf. Soft and light touch.
  8. knitted scarf
    100% acrylic. Knitted scarf. Matches perfectly with the KP549 beanie; Same fabric and colors.
    100% cotton. Fringed scarf.
    100% cotton. Scarf in light fabric.
    100% cotton - Very light cotton scarf with long two-tone stripes - Finished with a small hem. Strip width: 8cm.
    100% polyester satin. Machine washable at 30°C.
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12 Items

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