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Multifunctional advertising tools for the car Dare to personalize it all! We have an extensive catalog of personalized articles and accessories for the car, among which the reflective vests that can be stamped with your brand stand out. In this section you have everything you need. Some of our automotive products will help your customer to keep the car tidy and others to get the car on point before a trip. For example, one of the most common gifts in the automotive sector is car sunshades with the logo of the company in question.
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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

  1. car gil pvc first aid kit
    Price from €2.18 /unit
Budget products

Budget products

  1. Chalecos reflectantes yellowstone de poliéster con publicidad vista 1
    YELLOWSTONE. High visibility vest
    Price from €2.11 /unit

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  1. Automóvil parkcard tarjeta de aparcamiento de pvc de plástico con impresión vista 2
    New product
    automobile parkcard plastic pvc parking card
    PVC parking card.
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  2. WARMIX Ice scraper with mitt
    Ice scraper with sheepskin lined mitt.
    Price from €1.07 /unit
  3. Ecological
    FRESH AIR Car air freshener 5ml
    Refillable car air freshener with new car fragrance diffuser and essential oils. Glass container with beech wood lid. Capacity 5ml.
    Price from €1.17 /unit
  4. Automóvil succor caja kit de primeros auxilios de tin con impresión vista 2
    automobile succor box tin first aid kit
    First aid kit in tin box. Includes 1 pair of scissors, 1 adhesive tape, 1 set of wipes, 1 adhesive tape and 3 safety pins.
    Price from €1.68 /unit
  5. automobile resq plastic emergency hammer
    Emergency hammer with cutter and LED flashlight. Made of ABS plastic.
    Price from €1.84 /unit
  6. STAVENGER fleece blanket
    Fleece blanket with nylon handle. 180 gr/m² fleece lining.
    Price from €3.72 /unit
  7. car emergency light
    Car emergency light. 5 light modes. Includes magnet and hanger. 3x AAA batteries not included.
    Price from €4.47 /unit
  8. SNOW&ICE Ice scraper and brush
    ABS ice scraper and foam handle with PET snow brush with smooth finish on the tips.
    Price from €4.66 /unit
  9. Automobile organizer polyester folding car organizer
    Folding car organizer made of 600D polyester and interior pocket.
    Price from €5.08 /unit
  10. Automóvil karla kit de primeros auxilios de varios materiales para personalizar vista 1
    Karla car multi-material first aid kit
    First aid box. Includes: emergency blanket, tweezers, 10 ear sticks, gloves, gauze, tape, 4 band-aids, antiseptic and alcohol wipes, 2 bandages. Presented in a 230D cover
    Price from €5.08 /unit
  11. Automóvil blake manta ignífuga de varios materiales con logo vista 1
    blake automobile fire blanket of various materials
    Fire blanket made of fiberglass presented in a PVC sheath.
    Price from €6.82 /unit
  12. Picnic comfy acrylic travel blanket
    100% acrylic travel blanket with carrying handle made of PVC.
    Price from €10.86 /unit
  13. ice scraper
    ice scraper
    Price from €0.31 /unit
  14. Recommended
    car gil pvc first aid kit
    First aid kit including scissors, 3 gauze bandages, 1 cotton roll, 2 tissues, 5 adhesive bandages, 1 adhesive tape and 6 cotton swabs.
    Price from €2.18 /unit
  15. Automóvil encamp. rascador de hielo de plástico vista 2
    ENCAMP. ice scraper
    ice scraper Translucent plastic.
    Price from €0.37 /unit
  16. EULER. Mobile phone holder for the car
    Mobile phone holder for the car. abs.
    Price from €0.59 /unit
  17. LAURIEN. parking disc
    Parking time disk with plastic ice scraper.
    Price from €0.60 /unit
  18. Soldeu car. ice scraper
    ice scraper With glove.
    Price from €1.03 /unit
  19. plastic pauling car chargers
    USB car adapter. abs. With 2 outputs 5V/1-2\'1A.
    Price from €1.21 /unit
  20. FRIEND. ice scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with brush.
    Price from €1.32 /unit
  21. metal planck mobile supports
    Mobile phone holder for the car. Aluminum. Magnetic piece of metal with a 360º rotating structure, allowing the position of the mobile phone to be adapted. Adhesive surface to adhere to the phone.
    Price from €1.78 /unit
  22. Chalecos reflectantes yellowstone de poliéster con publicidad vista 1
    On Sale
    YELLOWSTONE. High visibility vest
    Reflective vests personalized with your company logo are a safety element visible from one hundred and fifty meters, it is made of polyester, and two reflective stripes around the body. It complies with the EN471 standard: class 2. Its front velcro closure maximizes functionality and comfort of this high-visibility component. This fluorescent yellow personalized reflective vest is mandatory when leaving the vehicle and drivers of passenger cars, buses, freight cars, mixed vehicles, vehicle combinations do not agricultural, as well as the drivers and auxiliary personnel of the vehicles,
    Price from €2.11 /unit
  23. FLASHMER. emergency hammer
    Emergency hammer with magnet, car seat belt cutter and flash light with 1 white LED and 3 red LED. Includes 2 AA batteries. This product is supplied boxed.
    Price from €3.42 /unit
  24. 360 car mount
    Universal 360 degree rotating car mount to hold your mobile phone when driving. Simply click on your vent and place your cell phone (up to 6) on the mount. Made of heat resistant ABS and strong silicon to make the item durable and prevent falling off while driving. With internal stainless steel mechanism to ensure that your phone remains fixed and well secured.
    Price from €2.95 /unit
  25. digital manometer
    Digital gauge with pressure and depth indicator, silver ABS body with a red LED, and black grip with backlight. Range 5-100 PSI, 0.5-7 Bar, 50-700 Kpa.
    Price from €8.42 /unit
  26. Emergency light with hammer
    Emergency light with silver ABS body, 1 white LED and 9 red side flash lights, cutter, window breaker and magnetic base for the car plate.
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  27. 6 in 1 car emergency kit
    Includes 2200mAh powerbank, USB car charger, utility knife, emergency window hammer, LED flashlight and red emergency light. The powerbank can be charged through the car\'s cigarette lighter or through the USB port. Input: 12V-24V, output: 5V/1A.
    Price from €9.95 /unit
  28. 47-piece car first aid kit
    EVA box contains: dynamo flashlight, reflective vest, emergency blanket, triangular bandage, PBT bandages, alcohol wipes, antiseptic cottons, sanitary wipes, non-woven cottons, adhesive tape, plasters and plastic scissors. According to EN13485:2003.
    Price from €19.12 /unit
  29. On Sale
    TARTER. ice scraper
    ice scraper
  30. WALLIS. Mobile phone holder for the car
    Mobile phone holder for the car. abs.
  31. Andre car emergency torch flashlights of various materials
    3 LED car emergency flashlight with magnet on the back. Includes 4 batteries 4 AG3.
  32. Ice Scraper/Parking Meter
    Ice scraper and parking meter card in PS plastic.
  33. Ecological
    SCRATCHY Bamboo ice scraper
    Bamboo ice scraper with a serrated edge and a soft squeegee.
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33 Items

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