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  1. Meters and rulers harrol flexometer 1m
    Price from €0.27 /unit
  2. Metros y reglas ashley. llavero vista 2
    Ashley meters and rulers. key chain
    Price from €0.30 /unit
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  1. Metros y reglas meter metro plegable de 1 metro de plástico vista 1
    New product
    METER 1 meter folding rule
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  2. MIA Measuring tape 5M
    Price from €1.53 /unit
  3. WATFORD Tape measure keychain
    Price from €0.28 /unit
  4. eding office rules
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  5. On Sale
    Meters and rulers harrol flexometer 1m
    Price from €0.27 /unit
  6. Metros y reglas regla flexor para personalizar vista 1
    Meters and rulers flexor ruler
    Price from €0.29 /unit
  7. Meters and rulers flexometer grade 3m
    Price from €0.60 /unit
  8. Meters and rulers tape measure siluet
    Price from €0.65 /unit
  9. Pirdom Flexometer 3m
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  10. Meters and rulers flexometer grade 5m
    Price from €0.93 /unit
  11. Pirdom Flexometer 5m
    Price from €1.14 /unit
  12. Flexometer Grade 7,5m
    Price from €1.55 /unit
  13. Ecological
    Flexometer Hermy 5m
    Price from €1.85 /unit
  14. Meters and rulers thirty metal scale
    Price from €1.86 /unit
  15. tailor\'s round tape
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  16. Tape measure Kiev 3m
    Price from €2.03 /unit
  17. Flexometer 5m/19mm
    Price from €2.44 /unit
  18. Economic automatic stop
    Price from €2.55 /unit
  19. Flexometer Grip
    Price from €2.72 /unit
  20. auto stop flexometer
    Price from €2.82 /unit
  21. Tape measure Kiev 5m
    Price from €2.86 /unit
  22. Economic automatic stop
    Price from €3.56 /unit
  23. auto stop flexometer
    Price from €3.62 /unit
  24. Flexometer Grip
    Price from €4.10 /unit
  25. Flexometer with carabiner
    Price from €4.13 /unit
  26. Flexometer Tool Pro
    Price from €4.56 /unit
  27. Ecological
    Bamboo Flexometer 5M/19mm
    Price from €4.56 /unit
  28. Auto stop chrome flexometer
    Price from €5.38 /unit
  29. Stainless steel flexometer
    Price from €6.56 /unit
  30. Flexometer Tool Pro
    Price from €6.58 /unit
  31. Double Magnum Flexometer
    Price from €6.62 /unit
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Custom meters, tape measures and rulers with your logo to give as a gift, a different and useful detail! Personalized counters, with the company logo, are very popular promotional gifts at construction and architecture fairs and events. In addition, the custom gauges can also be used as corporate merchandise for employees who work in the field and need to take measurements. We have different counter models, in keychain format or in any case pocket size with handle, all customizable with your company logo.

Personalized tape measure to give to clients

Give utility with our meters and rules to personalize, a perfect detail for events and corporate fairs. They are tools that should be present in every toolbox, or even as key rings, for any circumstance. You can carry them in your bag or shoulder bag without taking up much space and you will create an excellent brand memory among your customers when they use them. All kinds of imaginative sizes and shapes, ask us and we will advise you!

Advertising flexometers with your logo

Choose from our wide variety of measuring tapes and other promotional tools that are sure to satisfy your most demanding customers. Although the surface to personalize may seem small, we reproduce the colors of your brand faithfully, offering you quality results and durability, so that these tools remain with your recipients for much longer.

Frequently asked questions about Meters and rulers

Who can give away personalised meters as advertising products?

Custom meters are unusual corporate devices, but very useful for taking measurements. They are sure to be the perfect corporate gift for architects, engineers, carpenters, and construction workers. In any case, the meters are a practical object that anyone can use even at home to take the correct measurements for small repairs or DIY work, that is why any company can give these precious promotional items personalized with their logo. .

Which model of personalised roll-up meter to choose?

In our collection you will find different models of custom gauges that vary in shape, color and length. You will find simple gauges from 1m and professional gauges up to 5m long with button to lock the measurement, cord and metal clip to easily attach to the belt of the work bag.

How do you personalise promotional meters?

All our advertising counters can be customized with different printing techniques: from the most common such as screen printing and pad printing, to the more specific ones such as digital printing and resin printing. Obviously, the choice of printing technique is linked to the meter you choose to customize, since each model has a specific printing area.

How long will it take for personalised meters to arrive online?

Custom meters are produced and delivered in 7 - 10 business days starting from the approval of the printed proof, a pdf document that will show you a preview of your advertising meters. If you need to receive your custom gauges earlier than estimated, you can request express delivery to receive your custom gauges within 24 to 48 hours after production, which takes about 3 days.