Inexpensive advertising multifunction keyrings

The inexpensive advertising multifunction keyrings get us out of more than one trouble on many occasions. Give away multipurpose keychains and you will help many customers with your brand!
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  1. Isabel raincoats and windbreakers. raincoat poncho
    These promotional ponchos are ideal for rainy days and outdoors, and are presented in a sphere attached by a carabiner of the same color for greater ease of transport and optimization of space, since they fit anywhere. The personalized poncho is Available in a range of four different colors to choose from (blue, white, green and red). Ideal for corporate gifts, with customizable logo. You can consult us budget without commitment. Also for individuals. The measures of the poncho available are one size. Printing is by screen printing technique suitable for flat or relatively flat surfaces.
  2. Ecological
    CLAUER Keychain with bamboo shell
    Keychain with bamboo shell with USB-A to micro-B (2 in 1) and type C cable. Bamboo is a natural material, the color of the article may vary.
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2 Items

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