Custom Advertising Sunglasses

Do you want to protect yourself from the sun with Garrampa fashion? Discover our personalized advertising sunglasses and add your brand's logo or slogan in a promotional product, perfect for all kinds of occasions. For example, personalized wedding sunglasses are going to be great for your guests. Enter Garrampa now and visualize your color: pink, red, yellow, green, blue, black, orange, white ... You decide how your advertising glasses are going to be! We have frames with different sizes, sideburns of pasta or different types of crystals. Among them, we can highlight our personalized polarized sunglasses. Also, take a look at our ecological models: sunglasses, made of bamboo.  Glasses with visor, fun, original, folding glasses, glasses with a blue light filter (to work with screens), without or with glass, glasses for sports ... At Garrampa we are your particular optician for sunglasses. custom advertising solos.
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  1. Ecological
    RPET CLOTH RPET wipe. 13x13cm
    RPET wipe. To clean glasses, screens or crystals. 13cm x 13cm.
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  2. AMERICA Sunglasses with UV protection
    Classic and elegant sunglasses with UV400 protection.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  3. UV400 wood effect glasses.
    Classic sunglasses in PC with a wood effect finish and mirrored lenses. UV400 protection.
    Price from €0.78 /unit
  4. Polarized sunglasses with translucent frames
    Sunglasses with mirrored lenses and temples in matching colour. UV400 protection.
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  5. Ecological
    MACUSA RPET sunglasses
    Classic and elegant sunglasses with RPET frames. UV400 protection.
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  6. PALOMA Sunglasses with cork caps
    Classic and elegant sunglasses with UV400 protection and temples with a cork coating on the outside.
    Price from €1.20 /unit
  7. VISIWAIST Reflective waist bag
    Fanny pack with highly reflective polyester front, with adjustable polyester strap. EN13356 certificate.
    Price from €2.08 /unit
  8. Gafas de sols california touch de varios materiales ecológico con impresión vista 1
    California touch advertising sunglasses made of various ecological materials
    Vintage sunglasses with bamboo temples, PC frames and colored mirror lenses. UV400 protection.
    Price from €2.66 /unit
  9. Ecological
    HONIARA Bamboo Sunglasses in Bag
    Sunglasses with bamboo temples and colored mirror lenses in a microfiber bag. UV400 protection.
    Price from €3.06 /unit
  10. Non-woven tobol covers and packaging
    Glasses case. Non-woven: 80 g/m².
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  11. Ecological
    ECO wheat fiber sunglasses
    Ecological UV 400 sunglasses with a wheat straw fiber structure. Presented in a kraft cardboard box.
    Price from €1.74 /unit
  12. Ecological
    Wheat Straw and Bamboo Sunglasses
    Sunglasses with a wheat straw fiber frame and bamboo temples. Presented in a kraft paper box. With UV 400 glasses.
    Price from €2.97 /unit
  13. PROTEC. Individual protection glasses
    Protection glasses made of PC, designed to be used with most of the glasses of daily use. The front and side protection make them personal protection equipment resistant to low energy impacts (mechanical resistance to an impact of 45m/s), sneezing, dust and ultraviolet radiation. The glasses have a distortion-free field of vision and a special surface treatment that prevents them from fogging up while in use. Washing is recommended after each use (do not use alcohol).155 x 55 x 135 mm
  14. Ecological
    VARADERO. Sunglasses
    Sunglasses with frame made of PP and bamboo. Mirror finish lenses with UV400 protection\'146 x 49 x 150 mm
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14 Items

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What custom sunglasses frame materials do you have available?

An important aspect to consider before choosing promotional sunglasses is the frame material, with a choice of plastic, metal, polycarbonate or rubber. PLASTIC SUNGLASSES Our custom plastic sunglasses are available in a wide variety styles, such as envelopes, panama and malibu, among others. Plastic glasses give a sporty and athletic feel, making them perfect for sporting events and outdoor activities. We also have fun plastic options like Beer Sunglasses, Happy Birthday Sunglasses, and Jester Sunglasses. Keep in mind that plastic is more prone to breaking, so if you're looking for a stronger material, try our custom rubber sunglasses, if you're looking for a stronger material, try our custom rubber sunglasses or other options. METAL SUNGLASSES Our custom metallic sunglasses are available in aviator styles with silver and gold finishes. The slim metal frame allows your logo to be seen clearly on the lens; If you prefer to add your logo to the sides of the frame, take a look at the plastic sunglasses. POLYCARBONATE SUNGLASSES A variety of polycarbonate sunglasses are available in Malibu, Wrap and Aviator styles in a wide selection of colors. The polycarbonate material is impact resistant and protects from UV rays. Thanks to the UV protection of polycarbonate and its lightness, this material is ideal for sports activities such as cycling and running. A selection of safety glasses is also offered in this material to protect your eyes at work or at home. RUBBER SUNGLASSES Rubber is the most affordable frame material and the least prone to breakage. With many colors and discount options to choose from, our custom rubber sunglasses are also available in children's sizes and make great gifts at trade shows, college campuses, company picnics, and more.

What styles of sunglasses to personalise are available?

The most popular types of sunglasses never go out of style: Aviator, Malibu AVIATOR SUNGLASSES Aviator sunglasses are a classic and timeless style. Most of our custom aviator glasses feature a thin metal frame and are available in different price options, from discounted glasses to designer brands like Ray-Ban. If you are looking for unique options, be sure to check out our mirrored aviator glasses available in five colors. MALIBÚ SUNGLASSES The Malibu is the most popular style of sunglasses thanks to its versatility and fun factor. Our custom Malibu sunglasses are available in neon, bi-color, tortoiseshell, and more. To give your brand optimal exposure, try our full lens printing option - fun for sporting events and parties! We also offer this style in kids sizes at a great price, so you can find the perfect pair for everyone at any event.

What other considerations should I take into account when buying personalised sunglasses?

Full Color Printed Sunglasses: We offer a variety of full color printed sunglasses, allowing your logo to be displayed on both lenses. These fun glasses are the perfect addition to any sporting event, party or club, and will catch everyone's eye. Glow in the dark: Our glow in the dark glasses are available in multiple colors and at an affordable price. They're perfect for any type of evening event. Folding: This style is perfect for travel or the on-the-go lifestyle as they fit in a pocket.Color Change: These unique glasses change color when exposed to sunlight. sun, starting as white and changing to yellow, purple, pink, blue, or orange.

What is the most common use of promotional custom sunglasses?

Promotional sunglasses are mostly used as gift items, especially in summer. Often, according to Marc, companies order these promotional products for sporting events. However, sunglasses make a great gift as long as you can get something out.

Do promotional sunglasses have UV protection?

It is essential that sunglasses have the required minimum UV protection filter. In this way we will have protection against the sun's UVA rays that are harmful to vision. In the product description we indicate the UV400 protection that the glasses have.

Is it useful to give sunglasses as a gift with company advertising?

Sunglasses are an inexpensive and original personalized corporate gift. Being a very practical detail, both in events and congresses as well as weddings, communions and parties of all kinds, they can be used as a merchandising element for companies in any sector. Companies not only give away sunglasses in the summer season but are in demand throughout the year.

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