Classic advertising umbrellas

The Classic advertising umbrellas are a promotional gift that is very visible and that also solves a big problem when the weather is bad.
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  1. Paraguas clásicos boda de varios materiales con publicidad vista 1
    WEDDING Umbrella 8 panels
    23 umbrella with 8 panels. Made of PVC with wrist rope on the handle. Manual opening.
    Price from €3.43 /unit
  2. Automatic umbrella with eva handle and cover
    Umbrella 23. Automatic opening. Made of 190T Polyester and metal plating with shaft, ribs and spikes. Black rubber upper. Color panels with gray trim. Straight gray EVA handle with color on the end. Includes matching scabbard with gray trim. Manual closure.
    Price from €4.17 /unit
  3. windproof umbrella
    Automatic opening umbrella in 190T pongee with cane and ribs in black metallic plating. Black plastic tips. EVA handle.
    Price from €4.35 /unit
  4. Ecological
    Ecological Recycled RPET Pongee Umbrella 23.5
    Automatic opening umbrella of 23 pongee 190T RPET with shaft, tips and wooden top. Black metal-plated temples. Curved wooden handle with a natural finish. Manual closure.
    Price from €5.21 /unit
  5. umbrella 21
    Automatic opening umbrella in 190T pongee with cane, ribs and tips in zinc plated steel. Black rubber handle in ABS. Foldable in 2 parts. Includes matching bag. Manual closure.
    Price from €5.42 /unit
  6. Windproof umbrella 23
    Automatic opening storm umbrella in 190T pongee with fiberglass cane and ribs and black plastic tips. Black panels with matching stitching. Smooth black plastic handle.
    Price from €5.96 /unit
  7. Ecological
    GRUSA Umbrella 27" windproof
    27 inch umbrella with manual opening, windproof, with straight ABS handle and black rubber finish. Fiberglass shaft and ribs, plastic tips. Pongee 190T. Manual closure.
    Price from €6.17 /unit
  8. umbrella 27
    27 automatic opening umbrella in 190T polyester material and interior silver coating. Shaft and rods in black metal plating. Black plastic tips and straight black EVA handle. Manual closure.
    Price from €6.38 /unit
  9. Windproof umbrella 23
    Automatic opening windproof umbrella in Pongee 190T material with black lacquered metal shaft, fiberglass ribs and black plastic tips. Curved ABS handle with black rubber finish and gray button.
    Price from €7.48 /unit
  10. VISIBRELLA Reflective umbrella
    23\'\' manual open umbrella in highly reflective polyester with fiberglass shaft and ribs. Black plastic tips and top. Black rubber handle.
    Price from €8.93 /unit
  11. DUNDEE Reversible umbrella
    23\'\' reversible umbrella in double layer 190T pongee. Fiberglass shaft and rods. Manual opening and automatic closing.
    Price from €11.53 /unit
  12. Ecological
    QUORA Cork Umbrella 25 Inch
    Automatic opening cork 25 umbrella with bamboo shaft and plywood handle, fiberglass ribs. Black plastic tips and top. Manual closure.
    Price from €12.00 /unit
  13. Reversible Automatic Umbrella 23 Swiss Peak
    23\' reversible umbrella in 190T pongee fabric with automatic opening and manual closing. Fiberglass ribs and structure with windproof system.
    Price from €11.21 /unit
  14. Swiss Peak 23 automatic folding umbrella
    23 reversible umbrella, with automatic opening and closing. 190T fiber, chromed metal body, fiberglass rods and ABS handle with button. Includes cover.
    Price from €11.23 /unit
  15. Swiss Peak 23” Umbrella
    The ultimate umbrella. Made of 190T polyester, fiberglass structure and ABS handle with a rubbery finish. It is resistant to strong winds, its opening is automatic and it includes a Swiss Peak gift box.
    Price from €14.53 /unit
  16. New product
    STERLING. Umbrella
    Polyester umbrella with automatic opening and metal handle, 8 panels. ø1000 x 900mm
  17. Paraguas clásicos hulk de poliéster con publicidad vista 6
    New product
    HULK. Umbrella
    16-panel nylon umbrella with manual opening and wooden handle. ø1050 x 890mm
  18. New product
    BOWBRELLA 27-inch rainbow umbrella
    Rainbow 27 automatic opening umbrella in Pongee 190T with wooden shaft, fiberglass ribs, tips and black plated metal top. 16 panels.
  19. Ecological
    Ecological pongee umbrella RPET 190T 23 with wooden handle
    23\'\' auto open pongee RPET 190T umbrella with black metal plating shaft and ribs. Straight wooden handle. Manual closure.
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19 Items

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