Gifts for fairs and events personalized and original

At Garrampa we know how to promote your brand, that's why we bring you this wide variety of personalized and original gifts for fairs and events.  All kinds of personalized items, where you can embody the logo, slogan or inspiring phrase of your brand in any type of situation. In this way, do not forget to see our sweets to personalize, the entire line of merchandising for events and congresses, articles for weddings and bachelor parties, items for demonstrations and electoral campaigns, products that cannot be missing in the animation of events, articles for sports events, for anniversaries ... as you can see, you will be able to celebrate your public and private event with Garrampa. Do not forget to see this online section of gifts for fairs and personalized and original events.
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  1. Transparent credential holder cover 10 x 8 cm
    Transparent identifier of 10 cm x 8 cm.
    Price from €0.08 /unit
  2. Transparent plastic accreditation holder 7.5 x 12.5cm
    7.5 cm x 12.5 cm transparent name tag.
    Price from €0.08 /unit
  3. Silicon bracelet
    Silicon bracelet.
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  4. SINGLE LANY Lanyard 20 mm
    Lanyard with metal hook. 20mm wide.
    Price from €0.18 /unit
  5. PVC tag with clip
    Transparent PVC identifier with metal clip.
    Price from €0.20 /unit
  6. Personalized extensible badge for accreditations
    Translucent color badge with metal clip, ideal for hanging accreditations.
    Price from €0.23 /unit
  7. ROLL Reflective wristband
    Reflective neon green PVC folding bracelet. White PVC back. For promotional use only.
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  8. TYVEK Tyvek® Event Wristband
    A sheet with 10 DuPont™ Tyvek® wristbands for events. Width 19mm. Numbered on each bracelet.
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  9. LANY Lanyard metal carabiner 20 mm
    Lanyard with metal hook, removable buckle and safety closure. 20mm wide.
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  10. WIDE LANY Lanyard 25mm with carabiner
    Lanyard with metal carabiner, removable buckle and safety closure. 25mm wide.
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  11. Animación eventos sopla soplador de burbujas de varios materiales vista 2
    Animation events blows bubble blower of various materials
    bubble blower Capacity 30ml.
    Price from €0.40 /unit
  12. Ecological
    LANY RPET 20mm RPET Lanyard
    20 mm RPET lanyard with metal carabiner and safety closure.
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  13. plastic coramint candies
    Heart shaped candy dispenser. Contains 12 grams of mint candies.
    Price from €0.43 /unit
  14. Cotton canvas bag 140 g/m²
    Shopping bag in 140 gr/m² cotton with long handles.
    Price from €0.58 /unit
  15. metal mint candies
    Plastic box of mint candies without sugar (10 gr.) with aluminum lid. Contains 10 g of sugar-free peppermint candies. Easy opening.
    Price from €0.59 /unit
  16. ZIP LANYARD Polyester Lanyard
    Polyester lanyard with security closure and extendable metal clip to carry accreditations.
    Price from €0.62 /unit
  17. Animación eventos werel pinturas banderas de varios materiales con impresión vista 1
    Animation events werel paints flags of various materials
    Paintings of different flags in a silver and transparent box.
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  18. COTTONEL ++ Cotton bag 180 gr/m²
    Cotton shopping bag with long handles. 180 gr/m².
    Price from €0.79 /unit
  19. COTTONEL COLOR ++ Cotton bag 180 gr/m²
    Cotton shopping bag with long handles. 180 gr/m².
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  20. plastic lovemint candies
    Candy box (24 gr) made of aluminum in the shape of a heart.
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  21. Ecological
    Cotton shopping bags made of 100% organic cotton
    Two-tone cotton and recycled polyester shopping bag with long handles. 140 g/m². This item may shrink after printing.
    Price from €1.09 /unit
  22. Ecological
    BUMLE Jar of flower honey 50 gr
    Jar of wild flower honey (50g). Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €1.88 /unit
  23. Ecological
    DAUBER Honey jar and dispenser set
    Wildflower honey jar (50g) with wooden honey dispenser. It comes in a kraft paper box. Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €3.50 /unit
  24. Ecological
    BEEBEE SET Set of 3 flower honeys
    Set of 3 jars of a selection of natural honey with a wooden dispenser. Wildflower, lavender and rapeseed honey (50 g each). It comes in a kraft paper box. Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €6.67 /unit
  25. FESTIBAX® PREMIUM Festibax® Premium
    Festibax® Premium. 1000D Cordura fabric with YKK water resistant zipper. Detachable and adjustable strap. 2 anti-theft pockets, USB charging cable, PLA raincoat and silicone plugs. The ultimate in festival bags.
    Price from €10.94 /unit
  26. plastic mintcard candies
    Candy dispenser in the form of a credit card. 6 grams of mint candies included.
    Price from €0.33 /unit
  27. plastic bermonds candies
    House-shaped candy dispenser. 6 grams of mint candies included.
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  28. brise de tin candies
    Tin jar with 28 grams of mint candies.
    Price from €0.74 /unit
  29. crystal beandy candies
    Glass jar with colored candies and metal lid. 30 grams of candies.
    Price from €1.12 /unit
  30. Recommended
    Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Stainless steel cocktail set consisting of a 500 ml cocktail shaker, a measurer and a strainer.
    Price from €12.23 /unit
  31. Camisetas manga corta roly atomic 150 de 100% algodón vista 2
    T-shirt ATOMIC 150 Man
    The Roly Atomic 150 unisex short-sleeved advertising t-shirt is the ideal garment for all types of figures, since it is made with a straight tubular design, that is, without side seams. It is one of the most requested items in our Garrampa promotional clothing catalog given its value for money and its characteristics. Its short sleeves with a classic cut and its round neck closed with double stitching give it extra comfort, in addition to the covered seams reinforcing the neck and shoulders. This advertising t-shirt is 100% cotton with a plain knit fabric and a weight of 150 gr/m2. It is available in 7 basic colours, including vigorous grey, which is very useful for all kinds of events. You can request a physical sample of this promotional t-shirt without markings to check the quality and workmanship of it. In addition to being a unisex garment, it includes a wide range of sizes that go from S to 3XL. S[48cm/69cm] M[50cm/71cm] L[54cm/73cm] XL[58cm/75cm] XXL[62cm/77cm] XXXL[66cm/79cm]
    Price from €1.90 /unit
  32. Short sleeve t-shirts roly dogo premium 100% cotton
    It is one of the most requested items in our Garrampa promotional clothing catalog given its value for money and its characteristics. This Roly Dogo Premium unisex short-sleeved advertising T-shirt has a round neckline with 4 layers and reinforced seams on the neck and shoulders. It\'s made of 100% cotton single-knit fabric, with a weight of 165 gr/m2. Personalize these promotional t-shirts thanks to our printing techniques: we make printed t-shirts with serigraphy, digital transfer, embroidery, etc. Ask us without obligation. S[48cm/69cm] M[50cm/71cm] L[54cm/73cm] XL[58cm/75cm] XXL[62cm/77cm] XXXL[66cm/79cm] XXXXL[70cm/81cm]
    Price from €2.60 /unit
  33. herringbone base
    Price from €0.00 /unit
  34. Large cross base
    Price from €0.00 /unit
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196 items

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Other categories you might be interested on related to Fairs and events

What are the advantages and why promote events and fairs?

Events, like fairs, are great gatherings where producers can connect with consumers. There are different types of events: corporate events for product launches; events for employees or clients; events such as concerts and shows organized by companies, associations or independent artists; sports events; charity events or fundraising events. There are many reasons to sponsor and organize an event. If you are a medium-large company, you cannot stop using events as an external marketing tool and as an internal communication tool. Corporate training events, for example, are very productive because in addition to training your employees, it is also a time to increase the sense of belonging and identification with the corporate brand and values. If, on the contrary, you are a small company, this does not mean that you cannot be interested in promoting events. Absolutely false! You can organize corporate events before the holidays, for example a Christmas or summer event, where you can showcase your company's results, reward the best employees, and generate internal gratification. Don't forget that events are a real part of marketing. Giving them the right approach will make all the difference in terms of credibility, trustworthiness, and commitment.

What are the most interesting event giveaways and how to select them?

First of all, you need to know which promotional item you would give away at each specific event. Corporate gifts represent your business - the material, color, shape, and even packaging represent your corporate values. That is why it becomes vital for your marketing. Before each event you must prepare a structured marketing plan to decide: - what you want to communicate, what message you want to leave and what article could be unique for the specific occasion and obviously the budget to dedicate to. Another very important step is to customize your entire stand. Each employee at your booth event must have personalized clothing and work tools with their logo. These details communicate professionalism about your business, so paying attention to them makes a difference in terms of image. Generally, the most interesting event gifts are: - High-tech items: Personalized USB; Custom adapters; Custom chargers; Custom headphones; Mobile accessories; and accessories for tablets. - Office and business supplies: Personalized pens; Notepads and blocks; Sets of personalized pens and personalized folders.- Clothing: Personalized shopping bags; Custom hats; Personalized gloves and scarves; Custom shirts. - Articles of daily use: Personalized water bottles; Personalized mugs; Personalized keyrings and personalized lanyards; Custom toothbrushes and custom stress balls.

Why give promotional items to your customers during events?

Attending an event is not enough to be remembered. Original and consistent events have a great emotional impact on customers and help your employees remember you for a long time. In a well-organized event, personalized items cannot be missing. If you are looking for a shocking event, you must organize it in every detail. Being gifted makes us feel appreciated and this works in any relationship, even between salespeople and customers. In 2019, PPAI, the international promotional products association, published a study indicating that 90% of people who receive a gift during an event remember which company they got it from. In addition, 80% of these people are willing to make a purchase from the same company. If you are organizing a corporate event for your employees, thinking of a personalized gift makes it an unforgettable event. And even afterward, your promotional items will be used to remind your employees of the event and showcase your brand wherever they move. If you are participating in a charity event and distribute promotional items, you are not only doing a great job for good reason, but you are also communicating values, mission and therefore your image. Participating in and organizing events is essential to building your business narrative. Doing it with custom tools says a lot about who your business is.

How to buy corporate gifts with logo for events at Garrampa?

Buying personalized items has never been so easy: - Choose the item you prefer by indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order. And now it's up to us! Our staff will proceed to create a virtual sample to show you the simulation of the articles made with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production. You will receive your personalized items in an estimated average of 8-10 days. What if I am looking for an innovative article that I cannot find on the web? No problem. Contact us by phone, chat, whatsapp or contact form and we will take care of it. We are very fast in serving our clients.

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