Personalized Wedding Gifts

Long live the bride and groom! In this Garrampa online category you have a wide selection of personalized wedding gifts and succeed with your guests. Take a look at this catalog of cheap, but quality wedding supplies. Customize these original wedding gifts and surprise your friends and family. We have all kinds of elegant and functional wedding details like our cocktail or wine sets, as well as a whole series of super practical bags made of fabric. But the thing doesn't end here: custom fans , candles, air fresheners and candle holders, USB flash drives to give away at weddings, bookmarks, card holders, purse mirrors, folding brushes, coasters, candies, toiletry bags, sunglasses (and better carry a hangover), pins ... everything!  Original wedding gifts for women or men that will not leave anyone indifferent. Enter now and take a look at all our customizable wedding items for both the couple and the guests.
Our recommendations

Our recommendations

  1. Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Price from €12.23 /unit
  2. MARKETA + Cotton bag 140 gr/m²
    Price from €0.57 /unit
Budget products

Budget products

  1. 200 ml small mug. 360º customizable
    Price from €1.39 /unit

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  1. plastic coramint candies
    Heart shaped candy dispenser. Contains 12 grams of mint candies.
    Price from €0.43 /unit
  2. plastic lovemint candies
    Candy box (24 gr) made of aluminum in the shape of a heart.
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  3. MADAME Desk bag hanger
    Hang bags with segmented folding hook for a perfect fit.
    Price from €1.08 /unit
  4. On Sale
    200 ml small mug. 360º customizable
    200 ml ceramic mug with special coating for sublimation. Individual packaging in white cardboard box.
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  5. Ceramic mug 240 ml. 360º customizable
    240 ml capacity vintage style ceramic mug with special coating for sublimation printing.
    Price from €1.62 /unit
  6. Recommended
    240 ml vintage ceramic mug. 360º customizable
    240 ml vintage ceramic mug. Individual packaging in white cardboard box. The ceramic transfer is dishwasher safe.
    Price from €1.73 /unit
  7. 300 ml colored ceramic mug. 360º customizable
    300 ml capacity ceramic mug. Presented in an individual cardboard gift box. Pad printing is not dishwasher safe. The ceramic transfer is dishwasher safe.
    Price from €1.78 /unit
  8. Ecological
    BUMLE Jar of flower honey 50 gr
    Jar of wild flower honey (50g). Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €1.88 /unit
  9. Ecological
    SUBER A5 notebook with cork cover
    A5 notebook with cork cover. 96 sheets of lined paper. Bookmark, elastic band and pen holder.
    Price from €2.04 /unit
  10. Ecological
    DAUBER Honey jar and dispenser set
    Wildflower honey jar (50g) with wooden honey dispenser. It comes in a kraft paper box. Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €3.50 /unit
  11. GRASS NOTES Notebook A5 grass paper
    A5 notebook with cardboard cover of 80 lined sheets paper made of grass (40%). Made in the EU.
    Price from €4.80 /unit
  12. Ecological
    BEEBEE SET Set of 3 flower honeys
    Set of 3 jars of a selection of natural honey with a wooden dispenser. Wildflower, lavender and rapeseed honey (50 g each). It comes in a kraft paper box. Includes bee flower seeds. Made in the EU.
    Price from €6.67 /unit
  13. Recommended
    Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Stainless steel cocktail set consisting of a 500 ml cocktail shaker, a measurer and a strainer.
    Price from €12.23 /unit
  14. FUNFAYE. coasters
    Coasters. abs. With bottle opener. Non-slip base.
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  15. Marie weddings. multipurpose microfiber toiletry bag
    This promotional microfiber toiletry bag is personalized with your company logo using digital printing. Take advantage of Garrampa\'s wide range of advertising toiletry bags and give your customers a practical promotional item like this one, with which they can store their most delicate belongings or introduce small gifts customized and delivered to customers in an intimate and discreet way.This elegant advertising bag has dimensions of 135 x 95 x 65 mm and is available in a discreet blue color.It is made of microfiber fabric, which resists small humidity and possible splashes, and has a stamping area of approximately 90 x 35 mm, with zipper closure. They will love this advertising bag for its small rectangular bag shape.Very practical as a publicity gift for gyms or beauty centers in which you can put some type of cosmetic and complete a very special gift.Get your advertising bags for merchandising thanks to our extensive experience in all kinds of cheap business gifts to personalize.
    Price from €0.80 /unit
  16. loren weddings. multipurpose pvc toiletry bag
    Multipurpose bag. PVC.
    Price from €0.83 /unit
  17. TILBURY. Espejo doble de bolso
    Espejo doble de corcho con cierre magnético. Se suministra en un estuche de papel natural. ø73 x 20 mm
    Price from €1.41 /unit
  18. Crowe weddings. microfiber toiletry bag
    Makeup bag. microfiber and leatherette.
    Price from €1.74 /unit
  19. MIRZA. Taza de cerámica de 350 ml
    Taza de cerámica ideal para sublimación con una capacidad de hasta 350 ml. Apto para lavavajillas. Se suministra en caja blanca.ø83 x 98 mm | Caja: 100 x 118 x 86 mm
    Price from €1.81 /unit
  20. Ecological
    MONDRIAN. Cuaderno A5
    Cuaderno A5 en PET reciclado con tratamiento antibacteriano, según certificación ISO22196. Contiene 160 páginas forradas en color marfil, cinta elástica y separadora.140 x 210 mm
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  21. ceramic lynch Classic Mug
    Mug. Ceramics. Matte neon finish. Capacity up to 350 ml. Supplied in box. Chalk not included.
    Price from €2.07 /unit
  22. BURMY. Difusor de aromas
    BURMY es un difusor de aroma con luz interio, fabricado en PP, ABS y metal. La luz tiene varias opciones de color, pudiendo elegir el que mejor se adapte al ambiente. BURMY tiene un recipiente de 120 ml y puede rociar hasta 6 horas. Facil de usar y máxima eficiencia en la distribución del aroma, lo convierte en una opción excepcional para cualquier espacio, creando un ambiente agradable y perfumado (aroma no incluido) Una excelente manera de combinar aromaterapia, humidificación y cromoterapia. Se entrega en caja caja regalo con USB cable de carga.98 x 175 x 98 mm
    Price from €29.98 /unit
  23. On Sale
    Zinc barrel wine sets
    wine set Zinc. Corkscrew with short capsule knife and stopper. Supplied in presentation box.
  24. Cannes weddings. metal rollerball pen set
    Roller and pen set. Metal. With touch pointer. Supplied in a padded presentation case.
  25. Ecological
    SYRAH. wine set
    wine set Bamboo and zinc. Corkscrew with knife cuts capsules, collects drops, anti-drop system with lid and stopper.
  26. Bodas warhol. set de roller y bolígrafo de metal con publicidad vista 2
    Warhol weddings. metal rollerball pen set
    Roller and pen set. Metal. Roller with black writing and ballpoint pen with blue writing. Supplied in a padded presentation case.
  27. Ecological
    MATISSE. Cuaderno A5
    Bloc de notas A5 en piel reciclada de 192 líneas en color marfil. Portalápices (no incluido), elástico negro y cinta separadora. Contiene bolsillo interior.140 x 210 mm
  28. Ecological
    MAGRITTE. Cuaderno A5
    Cuaderno A5 con 160 páginas de papel reciclado rayado y tapa de cartón duro. Contiene cinta elástica y separadora del mismo color.137 x 210 mm
  29. Ecological
    FREUD. Bloc de notas con bolígrafo
    Conjunto de bloc de notas A5 y bolígrafo de corcho. Libreta de 192 líneas en color marfil. Bolígrafo de escritura azul. Se suministra en una caja de regalo de cartón.140 x 210 mm
    Memoria USB de 32 GB con acabado de goma y clip metálico. Suministrado en caja.56 x 19 x 10 mm | Caja: 86 x 45 x 20 mm
  31. ESPRESSO Ceramic coffee cup and saucer
    Ceramic cup for coffee. Includes plate. Bulk packing. Pad printing not suitable for dishwashers. Capacity 80 ml.
  32. STUNNING Double circular mirror
    Double circular mirror in rubber finish. A magnifying mirror and another standard.
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  33. Ecological
    Pen with ruler. blue ink
    Wooden pen with ruler. Blue ink.
    Price from €0.28 /unit
  34. Ecological
    CREDITCARD PLUS USB flash drive 16GB bamboo case
    16GB USB flash drive with bamboo casing. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in color and size per item, which may affect the final print result.
    Price from €4.53 /unit
  35. Recommended
    MARKETA + Cotton bag 140 gr/m²
    Cotton shopping bag with short handles. 180 gr/m².
    Price from €0.57 /unit
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121 items

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What personalisation can be done on wedding favours?

Personalization will depend on the wedding gift you choose. Choose your wedding detail on our website and in the product description we indicate what its customization is. For example, mugs are a very successful wedding gift and you can stamp them 360º all over the surface or on one side only. Wedding fans can be marked on the fabric or on the rod. The bags allow many options: marking on one side or both, with one color, several or full color. Some ideas on how to personalize your wedding gift is by adding your names, the date of the link, a meaningful message for you or an image of yourself. If the wedding is small, you can also deliver personalized wedding gifts with the names of your guests.

What to choose if I want the best wedding gift for my guests?

This will depend mainly on your tastes and those of the guests. Among the requirements that a perfect wedding gift must meet, it must be a useful and elegant detail. So that your guests always keep a special memory of your day, it is essential that the gift is personalized.

What kind of wedding gifts do you have?

We have a wide variety of wedding details to give to your guests, so it is normal that you do not know very well what to give. We propose some original ideas for personalized wedding gifts. We have a wide range of details for the bride and groom and guests: keychains, wedding usb, pai pai and wedding fans, personalized badges, wedding USB, mirrors, wedding candles, personalized cloth bags, frames and many more original wedding gifts .

Do you have wedding gifts for women and for men?

Yes, in our personalized wedding gifts section you will find perfect items regardless of the gender of your guests. We not only have original wedding gifts for women and men, but there are also some special ones for children.

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