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Wide variety of advertising cosmetic and beauty items, to be perfect at all times.Today, grooming and personal care products are highly valued as promotional gifts. People are increasingly concerned about their outward appearance and personal hygiene. Some of our products are very practical to carry on a trip or in your handbag. We have personal care items for men, women and children.
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  1. SNEEZIE Mini Tissue Pack
    Mini pack of tissues.
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  2. Ecological
    DENTOBRUSH Bamboo handle toothbrush
    Toothbrush with bamboo handle and nylon brush. Presented in a kraft box. Bamboo is natural material, the color of the item may vary.
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  3. shower sponge
    shower sponge
    Price from €0.40 /unit
  4. Hygiene fresh dry hand soap of various materials
    Dry hand soap with spray. 10ml
    Price from €0.41 /unit
  5. Cubic box lip balm
    Ball of natural lip balm in a cubic ABS box. Dermatologically tested.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  6. BALLS Pack of therapeutic bags
    Pack of therapeutic bags in a PVC bag.
    Price from €0.49 /unit
  7. Metallic finish lip balm
    Natural lip balm in a round holder with a metallic UV finish. Dermatologically tested.
    Price from €0.62 /unit
  8. STUNNING Double circular mirror
    Double circular mirror in rubber finish. A magnifying mirror and another standard.
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  9. mirror heart
    Double mirror with magnetic closure in the shape of a heart. PU cap.
    Price from €1.31 /unit
  10. Double square mirror magnetic closure
    Double square mirror with magnetic closure. PU cover.
    Price from €1.32 /unit
  11. Round pu mirror
    Double circular mirror with magnetic closure. PU cover.
    Price from €1.32 /unit
  12. GUAPA CORK Double circular cork mirror
    Double circular mirror with cork finish.
    Price from €1.60 /unit
  13. Ecological
    FINO Bamboo bath brush
    Bamboo bath brush with jute rope and nylon bristles.
    Price from €4.27 /unit
  14. LOOK makeup mirror
    Makeup mirror in plastic housing.
    Price from €0.20 /unit
  15. Brush with plastic folding mirror
    Plastic folding brush/mirror with silver finish.
    Price from €0.45 /unit
  16. ALWAYS Folding brush with mirror
    Folding brush with mirror in plastic housing.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  17. Aluminum double magnifying mirror
    Double aluminum mirror, normal and with magnification, in velvet cover.
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  18. Deluxe chrome double mirror
    Double magnifying mirror. Presentation in velvet case.
    Price from €1.17 /unit
  19. Espejos streep para personalizar vista 1
    STREEP. makeup mirror
    makeup mirror
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  20. Espejos piaf con impresión vista 1
    piaf mirrors
    makeup mirror With folding brush.
    Price from €0.47 /unit
  21. TILBURY. Espejo doble de bolso
    Espejo doble de corcho con cierre magnético. Se suministra en un estuche de papel natural. ø73 x 20 mm
    Price from €1.41 /unit
  22. Bálsamos labiales balmo de varios materiales con publicidad vista 1
    Balmo lip balms of various materials
    Heart-shaped tin containing lip balm inside. Balmo Coeur lip balm has a dynamic, small heart-shaped design that adds a touch of specialty to your lips. Silver in color, it is easy to carry in your bag or pocket. Apply the appropriate amount on the surface of your mouth with the balm, avoiding dryness of your lips. The application of the cream is made easy with its soft and moist texture for considerable hydration. The box protects the balm by preventing the entry of air to dry it out against the weather and dirt. You can personalize the balm on the surface of the silver-colored box with our letterpress and silkscreen option. Among the possible stamping colors is the one that best suits your company logo, giving you the option of obtaining the expected item for your events or company presentations.
  23. JOLIE. Lip balm
    Lip balm.
  24. harper plastic toothbrushes
    Toothbrush. P.P. With protective cap.
  25. LOVELY. heat bag
    PVC heat bag that generates heat instantly. The bag is heart shaped.
  26. SHIMMER. makeup mirror
    Double metal makeup mirror. This mirror is suitable for sublimation printing. This product is supplied boxed.
  27. SCARLETT. Lip balm
    Lip protector in metallic ABS. This lip balm has SPF15 UV protection.
  28. BARDOT. Lip balm
    Cube-shaped lip protector in metallic ABS. This lip balm has SPF15 UV protection.
  29. SUNRISE. Lip balm
    Lip protector with spherical presentation of metallic ABS. This lip balm has SPF15 UV protection.
  30. GLOSS Cocoa Cream Lipstick
    Natural lip balm in a varied assortment of colors. Dermatologically tested.
  31. lip balm
    Vanilla flavored lip balm in a round box with a glossy finish. dermatologically tested
  32. Ecological
    SIRCOMB Bamboo Comb
    Bamboo comb with kraft paper cover.
  33. Ecological
    BELLA Bamboo fiber wipes
    20 reusable bamboo fiber facial cleansing wipes presented in a bamboo box. Includes a cotton mesh bag ideal for use when washing wipes.
  34. UV finish lip balm
    Natural lip balm with a metallic UV finish. Dermatologically tested.
  35. mirror lip balm
    Natural lip balm in a metallic finish with a mirrored lid.
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35 Items

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