Custom Advertising Pill Boxes

Organize and control the taking of medicines with these very useful pill boxes of different sizes and shapes. Choose your favorite and add your company logo. If you are looking for a promotional item related to the pharmaceutical or medical sector, pill boxes are a great option to promote your brand. They are an excellent promotional gift even if you want to give a corporate gift to a type of target audience linked to the elderly since these accessories are very practical and useful. Select the model of personalized tablet holder, put your logo and give it away: you will create a positive memory in those who give it away by providing a very useful object. You can also create a custom health kit by including other custom products that show your customers that you care.
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4 Items

  1. roberts pillboxes
    Pillbox. With 4 divisions.
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  2. Pastilleros hoffman de plástico con impresión vista 1
    plastic hoffman pill boxes
    Pillbox. P.P. With 3 divisions.
    Price from €0.16 /unit
  3. Pastilleros nero para personalizar vista 1
    WILDMAN. pill box
    Pillbox. With cutter and 2 removable internal compartments.
  4. jimmy pill boxes
    Pillbox. With 7 divisions.
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4 Items

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When is it better to give personalised tablet holders as a gift?

The tablet holders with the company logo are promotional gifts that are mainly associated with companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. In addition, this accessory is also a promotional item indicated to give especially to the elderly and those with health problems, to remind them to take the medicine, as well as to order the daily or weekly tablets with discretion and style. They are, therefore, very convenient promotional items to carry in your bag, in the car or on the road and that allow you to better conserve the medications that you must take daily. These useful advertising accessories can be gifted to customers, for example, with the purchase of tablets and tablets, as well as distributed as promotional gifts during fairs in the pharmaceutical sector, but can also be used as promotional gifts for senior centers and associations of the third Age.

What models of personalised tablet holders are available?

We have different models of customizable pillboxes to give to customers. We encourage you to explore the entire category to see which model best suits what you are looking for based on your budget and target audience. Starting from the basic and cheaper models, that is, the tablet holders with two or three compartments, made entirely of plastic and available in various colors, you will find models with many more compartments, four, five and seven, the latter ideal to differentiate the tablets depending on the day of the week. Our assortment also extends to more complete and exclusive models, such as the popular pillboxes that include pad cutters. This type of tablet holder is especially appreciated by those who have difficulty swallowing the tablets whole and prefer to cut them into several pieces or who have to take specific doses of medications. The wide collection of our personalized tablet holders also includes exclusive ecological models made of bamboo fiber, as well as personalized keyrings and promotional bottles with a special secret compartment to store the tablets to be taken.

What are the advantages of giving personalised tablet holders?

Ideal to always carry your medications with you, personalized pill boxes are a perfect promotional gift for pharmaceutical companies or simply as a gift during events or fairs. If you are looking for a pharmacy device, this is the right article to promote your business. Combine your pillboxes with personalized bags, to offer your clients or potential clients a useful wellness kit that will guarantee the publicity of your brand for a long time. Browse our catalog, calculate your quote and buy online!

What models of personalised pharmacy pill dispensers can you choose from?

In this category you will find different models of personalized pillboxes. In particular, we have selected for you promotional items made with three, four, seven or eight compartments to contain the medicines, available in different shapes, such as round or rectangular pill boxes. Our products are made from quality materials, including eco-friendly plastic or plastic made from bamboo fiber. Calculate your quote online and find out the availability in real time.

What are the possible printing techniques for personalised pill dispensers?

Promotional pillboxes can be personalized using pad printing, screen printing or digital printing. As with all the other articles on our site, we will guide you in choosing the most suitable printing technique. In case of need, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we will be happy to assist you.

How can I buy personalised pill dispensers?

Buying your personalized pill boxes is very simple. Choose the promotional item you prefer, choose the color, the printing technique, the quantity and finally send us the file to personalize it. We will create a free virtual sample, you just have to check that our proposal matches your idea. After your approval, we will begin the production of your personalized gifts.

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