Personalized Relaxation Gifts

Gadgets and accessories related to relaxation and well-being: heat packs, anti-stress, massagers and much more.
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  1. THERMOSENSOR Heat massage bag
    Therapeutic massage bag. The heat is activated by pressing the inner metal plate. Does not require batteries. reusable
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  2. Health waco warm hands plastic heart
    Heart-shaped shiny finish hand warmer. It is activated by pressing the inner metal plate. It does not require batteries and is reusable.
    Price from €0.54 /unit
  3. Recommended
    Relax cloudy anti stress in the form of a plastic cloud
    Anti stress in the form of a cloud. PU material.
    Price from €0.79 /unit
  4. FLIP FLAP Polyester hotel slippers
    Polyester hotel slippers presented in a non-woven bag. EUR size 44-45.
    Price from €1.32 /unit
  5. EXPLOTE Set 5 bath bombs
    Set of 5 bath bombs presented in a cotton case. Measure Ø4 cm. Ocean Scent scent.
    Price from €3.31 /unit
  6. Relax relicup plastic anti stress dice
    Anti-stress dice made of PU. (Take a break, tomorrow, may be, yes, no).
    Price from €0.84 /unit
  7. DOZY. Sleep mask
    Comfortable mask to sleep in a dark color and padded in the part of your eyes. Ensures comfort while sleeping by eliminating and reducing potential light on your rest days. It is an ideal travel accessory for day trips in which we want to isolate ourselves from any light and sleep. It has two elastic bands that adjust to the size of the head. It is a flexible mask, easy to wear and light. Soft and fresh touch providing comfort in your eyes. It is breathable preventing any sweat from your eyes and durable in use. In addition, the padded part inside allows you to sleep in any position without damaging your eyes, cushioning them and protecting them from the surfaces where you rest. The sleep mask with padded interior can be personalized with your logo and brand with our digital transfer service.
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  8. TROYE. Ear plugs
    Ear plugs. PU foam. Supplied in PVC box. It is not personal protective equipment.
  9. Relax minerostress casco anti stress de pu de plástico vista 1
    MINEROSTRESS PU anti-stress helmet
    Helmet-shaped PU anti-stress.
  10. Relax madera pelota de rugby anti stress de de plástico con publicidad vista 1
    WOOD Anti-stress rugby ball
    Anti stress in PU in the shape of a rugby ball.
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10 Items

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