Gifts to decorate your home and advertising candles

Inner peace comes hand in hand with all these gifts to set your home and Garrampa advertising candles.  Our personalized candles are a very elegant and economical advertising element , as well as the ideal means to transmit calm and tranquility. Hence, it is a highly requested item among spas, stores, hairdressers, beauty centers, gyms and even dealerships. And we have the best air fresheners for home, but also a whole selection of air fresheners for cars; promotional candles, humidifiers (some with automatic diffuser), mikados, incense, aroma sacks, etc. Our different fragrances will contribute to the improvement of well-being. Fall in love with vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, orange or chocolate. And don't forget about our natural fragrances: lily, lavender, jasmine, pine, ocean, roses or fresh linen. In this section of Garrampa you will also find wooden candle holders and sets of different aromas . Come in now!
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  1. DELICIOUS Fragranced candle
    Aromatic decorative candle presented in a brass box.
    Price from €0.90 /unit
  2. Ecological
    PENTAS Wooden candle holder
    Round poplar wood candle holder with vanilla scented candle.
    Price from €1.81 /unit
  3. Ecological
    LUXOR Bamboo candle holder
    Bamboo candle holder with candle included.
    Price from €3.34 /unit
  4. Ecological
    ANCIENT Vanilla scented candle
    Vanilla-scented candle in a 7 cm diameter glass container with a bamboo lid. Presented in a gift box in a paper tube.
    Price from €3.39 /unit
  5. Ecological
    PYRAMIDE Set of 2 candles
    Set of 2 candles with a bamboo support.
    Price from €3.58 /unit
  6. Ecological
    ANCIENT HIGH Vanilla scented candle
    Vanilla-scented candle in a 8 cm diameter glass container with a bamboo lid. Presented in a gift box in a paper tube.
    Price from €3.90 /unit
  7. Ecological
    AROMA Aroma diffuser
    Aroma diffuser with 3 reed rods. Beech wood and glass top. Lily and jasmine fragrance. Capacity 30ml. Wood is a natural material, the color of the item may vary. the wooden top absorbs the oil, which helps spread the fragrance.
    Price from €6.64 /unit
  8. Ambiente y velas sweet. vela vista 1
    Sweet atmosphere and candles. candle
    Candle. glass bottom
    Price from €1.03 /unit
  9. SCENT. Candle holder
    MDF candle holders available in two different models that are sold separately. Includes scented candle. Supplied in a kraft paper box. 65.7 x 89.7 x 65.6mm | Case: 70 x 68 x 94mm
    Price from €1.18 /unit
  10. BURMY. Difusor de aromas
    BURMY es un difusor de aroma con luz interio, fabricado en PP, ABS y metal. La luz tiene varias opciones de color, pudiendo elegir el que mejor se adapte al ambiente. BURMY tiene un recipiente de 120 ml y puede rociar hasta 6 horas. Facil de usar y máxima eficiencia en la distribución del aroma, lo convierte en una opción excepcional para cualquier espacio, creando un ambiente agradable y perfumado (aroma no incluido) Una excelente manera de combinar aromaterapia, humidificación y cromoterapia. Se entrega en caja caja regalo con USB cable de carga.98 x 175 x 98 mm
    Price from €29.98 /unit
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10 Items

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What are the advantages of giving personalised candles as a gift?

The cheap personalized candles that we offer you in this section are the ideal gift for your advertising. Give scented candles if you want to offer calm, serenity and at the same time make a useful and elegant gift. Whether you want to offer them as a gift for an event or for your clients, promotional candles are an ideal gift throughout the year. Warm up the atmosphere of your event and illuminate your communication throughout the year! Discover the different shapes, fragrances and buy online!

How can I buy personalised candles online?

Buying your advertising candles is very simple, we will guide you, step by step! Identify the right model for your needs, choose the color, the print position, the quantity and upload the file to customize it. We will send you a virtual sample, we will verify that our proposal matches your idea and only when you are completely satisfied will we start production!

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