Advertising custom wine, bar and beverage products

At Garrampa we have all these personalized advertising wine, bar and beverage products, with which to surprise gourmets and hoteliers . In addition, your personalized wine set is one of the best gift ideas for Christmas, associate your brand with moments of leisure and pleasure with Garrampa! You have the best promotional items for bars, cocktails, wine and bars in this section: custom stirrers, drink meters, bottle coolers, packaging for wine bottles, coasters, glass identifiers, bottle racks, flasks, ecological straws (in metal, wood and with a cleaning brush), reusable ice cubes, ice picks, decanters, personalized cocktail shakers, glasses, stoppers, aerators, ice buckets, wine boots, a whole line of personalized cocktail opener ... Also, if not Do you know where to buy personalized corkscrews , in this online category you will solve all your doubts!
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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

  1. plastic fastop corkscrew
    Price from €10.19 /unit
  2. Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Price from €12.23 /unit
Budget products

Budget products

  1. Cocktail drinky. pajita reutilizable de silicona con impresión vista 12
    DRINKY. reusable straw
    Price from €0.30 /unit

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  1. Magnetic soccer ball opener
    Bottle opener in ABS with soccer ball and magnetic back.
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  2. Cocktail cold straw set de pajita y cepillo de varios materiales con impresión vista 2
    New product
    Cocktail cold straw set of straw and brush of various materials
    Set of 1 reusable straw and stainless steel cleaning brush, presented in a microfiber cover.
    Price from €0.58 /unit
  3. Sacacorchos lucy plus de metal con logo vista 1
    LUCY Corkscrew
    Stainless steel waiter knife with double cork holder and folding knife.
    Price from €0.80 /unit
  4. Ecological
    Natural cocktail straw bamboo straw brush cover made of various ecological materials
    Set of 2 reusable bamboo straws, stainless steel and nylon cleaning brush. Presented in cotton cover.
    Price from €1.04 /unit
  5. wine and bar terras pvc beverage cooler
    Polyester beverage cooler with PVC inner lining.
    Price from €2.06 /unit
  6. Ecological
    LABELY Set of 6 markers
    Set of 6 cork markers for glasses presented in a box. Printed on one side with different messages.
    Price from €2.18 /unit
  7. slate4 coasters of various materials
    Set of 4 slate coasters and EVA base.
    Price from €2.85 /unit
  8. Ecological
    ENTEULAT Bottle rack 6 bottles
    Pine wood folding bottle rack. It has capacity for 6 bottles.
    Price from €3.28 /unit
  9. Accesorios vino vinbox caja de vino de madera de varios materiales vista 1
    New product
    Wine accessories vinbox wooden wine box of various materials
    Paulownia wood wine box with cord handle.
    Price from €3.99 /unit
  10. SETTIE Bottle wine set
    Bottle shaped wine set. Includes stopper, corkscrew and anti-drip ring.
    Price from €4.27 /unit
  11. Ecological
    Sonoma wine sets of various ecological materials
    Wine set in bamboo box. Includes corkscrew, wine necklace, stainless steel and bamboo stopper. As bamboo is a natural material, the color per item may vary.
    Price from €4.85 /unit
  12. Cocktail icy set 4 cubitos hielo en funda de metal vista 1
    New product
    Icy cocktail set 4 ice cubes in metal case
    Set of 4 reusable stainless steel ice cubes in a velvet case.
    Price from €4.88 /unit
  13. Ecological
    TIRANA LARGE Double wall glass 450 ml
    Double-walled borosilicate glass tumbler with bamboo lid with silicone ring. Capacity 450 ml. Bamboo is a natural material, the color of the item may vary.
    Price from €4.89 /unit
  14. winory metal wine sets
    Wine set that includes: corkscrew, stopper, dispenser and anti-drip ring. All presented in a metal box.
    Price from €5.41 /unit
  15. Cocktail slimmy flask set metal hip flask
    175 ml capacity flask. Includes two shot glasses and a funnel. Presented in a black box.
    Price from €6.34 /unit
  16. Wine and premium bar set wine in wooden wooden box
    Wine set presented in a wooden box consisting of a wine stopper, corkscrew, drip catcher and thermometer.
    Price from €7.30 /unit
  17. Coolio coolers and ice buckets stainless steel metal cooler
    Double-walled stainless steel cylindrical cooler for 750 ml bottle.
    Price from €7.40 /unit
  18. Recommended
    plastic fastop corkscrew
    Electric bottle opener. Casing made of ABS with a matte black finish. Includes short capsules. Works with 4 AA batteries not included.
    Price from €10.19 /unit
  19. Ecological
    Late wine sets made of various ecological materials
    Wine set in a bamboo gift box with space for a bottle of wine. Includes bottle collar, pourer, stopper and corkscrew. Bottle of wine not included. As bamboo is a natural material, the color per item may vary.
    Price from €10.71 /unit
  20. BOSTON Cocktail set 750 ml
    Stainless steel cocktail set consisting of a 750 ml cocktail shaker, a measurer and a strainer with a cotton case.
    Price from €13.77 /unit
  21. Ecological Recommended
    Wine & cheese wine sets of various ecological materials
    Cheese set with accessories for wine. Presented in a case made of bamboo. Includes stainless steel knife, cheese grater, corkscrew and stainless steel stopper.
    Price from €14.76 /unit
  22. CANTERBURY Wine set 4 pieces
    Wine set presented in a box. With wine stopper, dispenser, capsule cutter and electric bottle opener. Works with 4 AA batteries not included.
    Price from €18.99 /unit
  23. Ecological
    INVERNESS Whiskey Set
    Luxury whiskey set in bamboo gift box. Includes 2 glasses (300 ml), 8 reusable stone ice cubes with their cotton bag and tongs. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in color and size per item, which may affect the final print result.
    Price from €21.73 /unit
  24. metal decanter
    Metal decanter with satin finish and capacity for 175 ml.
    Price from €2.79 /unit
  25. Recommended
    Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Stainless steel cocktail set consisting of a 500 ml cocktail shaker, a measurer and a strainer.
    Price from €12.23 /unit
  26. Wine costieres and bar wine set in wooden box
    Wine set in a wooden box with space for a bottle. Includes: drops collector, dispenser, stopper and corkscrew. Bottle of wine not included.
    Price from €12.46 /unit
  27. Cocktail buchanio. agitador de coctel de poliéster vista 2
    On Sale
    Buchanan cocktail. polyester cocktail shaker
    Cocktail shaker made of crystal polystyrene. This type of material provides the cocktail shaker with a balance between high rigidity and subtlety, brightness and transparency that adapt to the range of colors that we offer, does not require drying and is easy to wash. Mix all kinds of liquid ingredients, you don\'t have to be an expert to brighten up cocktails. For professional and home use, an ideal item for preparing your cocktails with your friends. In addition, if you are a company dedicated to leisure or want to promote your company\'s brand, you can turn the agitators into a partner to promote yourself commercially or as a publicity gift. Send your design to our company, choose the colors of the text and printing that best suit your promotional idea. Among our various services you can choose the shipping with your order that you prefer.
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  28. Ecological
    LAMONE. Set of 10 kraft paper straws
    Set of 10 single-use straws in kraft paper. Supplied in a kraft paper box.Straw: ø6 x 196 mm | Box: 33 x 200 x 14mm
    Price from €0.14 /unit
  29. FUNFAYE. coasters
    Coasters. abs. With bottle opener. Non-slip base.
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  30. Cocktail drinky. pajita reutilizable de silicona con impresión vista 12
    On Sale
    DRINKY. reusable straw
    Reusable straw in 100% silicone. This straw is accompanied by a translucent white PP box with a matte finish that allows its portability.
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  31. Wine baird accessories. non-woven bag for 1 bottle
    With this advertising bag for wine you will ensure that all the qualities of this traditional drink are associated with your brand. Wine is one of the national products par excellence. This promotional bag for wine is designed in 80 g/m² non-woven, a material that imitates textile but does not wear out or fray, so it is a guarantee of durability. Its dimensions of 100 x 330 x 100 mm allow to carry a single bottle. And at Garrampa we offer two different colors (burgundy and black), so you can create the advertising gift that best suits your brand. You can design your own personalized wine bag, stamping your company logo or an image on it, using the best quality stamping techniques.
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  32. ZAMBA. Reusable straws kit
    Stainless steel telescopic straw and brush set. Supplied in case with carabiner.Straw: ø9 x 218 mm | Case: ø10 x 105mm
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  33. Accesorios vino vermentino. tapón de vacío de plástico vista 2
    Vermentino wine accessories. plastic vacuum stopper
    Vacuum plug. abs.
    Price from €1.05 /unit
  34. Ecological
    BASIL. cup holder
    Set of 4 plywood coasters in the shape of a snowflake. Supplied in a kraft paper box. 100x100x5mm | Box: 105 x 105 x 20mm
    Price from €1.45 /unit
  35. Macabeu coolers and ice buckets. nylon cooler sleeve
    Cooling sleeve. 190T nylon.
    Price from €1.69 /unit
  36. Posavasos gauthier de bambú ecológico con logo vista 2
    Gauthier eco-friendly bamboo coasters
    Set of 4 coasters. Bamboo. Supplied in craft box.
    Price from €2.80 /unit
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