Summer is here ... as well as autumn, winter or spring. And it is that in Garrampa we do not care about the season of the year : we have a wide variety of advertising articles for leisure and free time. We offer you a large selection to customize sports or leisure products, with which to enjoy your leisure time. For example, advertising items for summer and free time such as our personalized hats with which you will succeed at that special party . We also have car sunshades, ideal for traveling with children; all kinds of mountain equipment such as a trekking pole, garden accessories, bags and coolers, barbecue tools, merchandising towels to go to the beach and, of course, our wide variety of personalized bottles. Find your special personalized object, with which you will have fun and enjoy your free time.
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  1. metal target compasses
    Classic design compass made of aluminium. Presented in a brass box.
    Price from €3.70 /unit
  2. Ecological
    FLOWERS Flower growing kit
    Flower growing kit. Box with lavender seeds, forget me not, sunflower, white daisy and red poppy. Made in the EU.
    Price from €4.11 /unit
  3. Ecological
    ICEBERG Cooler bag 600D RPET
    600D RPET cooler bag, includes a PP lunch box with a capacity of 1900 ml. With 2 compartments for hot and cold food separately. Adjustable and removable shoulder strap. 2mm aluminum insulation.
    Price from €13.39 /unit
  4. DUDINKA Thermos bottle 500ml
    Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos bottle. Capacity: 500ml. No leakage.
    Price from €5.35 /unit
  5. CAPRIOLE Hula Hoop
    Detachable and adjustable Hula Hoop presented in a RPET bag. Maximum diameter of 95 cm.
    Price from €6.14 /unit
  6. Ecological
    OSNA BIG Bottle 1L
    Borosilicate glass bottle with cork stopper. Capacity: 1L.
    Price from €3.87 /unit
  7. Ecological
    ASPEN CORK Stainless steel bottle
    Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle with cork base. Capacity: 600ml. No leakage.
    Price from €5.06 /unit
  8. SLEEPTIGHT Inflatable camping mat
    40D water-repellent nylon inflatable mattress with built-in pillow. Presented in bag. Inflated size: 190x56cm.
    Price from €16.23 /unit
  9. Ecological
    MIX SEEDS Zinc pot with 3 seeds
    Zinc pot with a selection of 3 herbs. Basil, thyme and parsley seeds, including garden compost. Made in the EU.
    Price from €4.26 /unit
  10. Ecological
    TOMATO Mini-garden tomatoes in box
    Mini-garden growing Raf variety tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) in a wooden box that includes soil for marinating. Made in the EU.
    Price from €4.53 /unit
  11. Ecological
    SALAD Vegetable Growing Kit
    Vegetable growing kit. Box with seeds of onion, cucumber, pepper, cherry tomato and lettuce. Made in the EU
    Price from €4.11 /unit
  12. Ecological
    SEEDLOPEBEE Flower Seed Mix
    Bee flower seed mix in a kraft envelope. Made in the EU.
    Price from €0.66 /unit
  13. ICICLE Cooler ball 600D
    600D RPET cooler bag with carrying handle. 2mm aluminum insulation.
    Price from €3.28 /unit
  14. Ecological
    SEEDLOPE Flower Seed Mix
    Wild flower seed mix in a kraft envelope. Made in the EU
    Price from €0.66 /unit
  15. STRAWBERRY Strawberry kit in wooden box
    Strawberry growing kit including garden soil for marinating in a wooden box. Made in the EU.
    Price from €4.64 /unit
  16. Ecological
    ALLIER Set of 5 barbecue tools
    5-piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set with bamboo handle and waxed canvas bag. Includes spatula, knife, tongs, fork and baking brush.
    Price from €18.07 /unit
  17. SOUS CHEF Barbecue set with apron
    Stainless steel barbecue utensil set with waxed canvas apron. Includes spatula with wooden handle, barbecue tongs and a retractable metal bottle opener.
    Price from €26.61 /unit
  18. UTAH LARGE Glass bottle 750ml
    Glass bottle with neoprene cover. Capacity: 750ml. Not suitable for carbonated drinks. Anti leak.
    Price from €2.28 /unit
  19. Ecological
    GREENHANDS Apron garden tools
    Garden apron with 7 garden tools. Includes 1 pair of garden gloves, 2 rakes, 1 shears, 1 weeder, and 2 trowels.
    Price from €16.48 /unit
  20. Bottle with speaker and towel
    500ml Tritan bottle with Bluetooth speaker. Includes a 55% polyester and 45% nylon fiber towel (30x80cm). 300mAh rechargeable LI-ion battery included. Includes micro USB cable. Output 3W.
    Price from €8.93 /unit
  21. Barbecue set and soccer apron
    Barbecue apron for football lovers with three tools and a glove. 600D polyester apron.
    Price from €10.51 /unit
  22. Ecological
    GROWLER Cooler ball 600D
    RPET 600D cooler bag includes a 1900 ml capacity reusable PP lunch box. 2mm aluminum insulation.
    Price from €7.21 /unit
  23. Ecological
    OSNA Bottle 600 ml
    Borosilicate glass bottle with cork stopper. Capacity: 600ml.
    Price from €2.89 /unit
  24. Solid plastic bottle 700ml
    Sports bottle in solid PE plastic without BPA. Capacity: 700ml.
    Price from €1.17 /unit
  25. 400 ml collapsible bottle with window and carabiner
    BPA-free PET collapsible water bottle with aluminum carabiner. Capacity 480 ml.
    Price from €0.52 /unit
  26. NINA Bottle with straw
    Bottle in PCTG, does not contain BPA. with folding spout on the lid. Capacity: 500ml.
    Price from €2.77 /unit
  27. Cooler bag 210d for 6 cans
    Cooler bag with aluminum interior for 6 cans of 330 ml. 210D polyester exterior, the trims are made of non-woven material.
    Price from €0.89 /unit
  28. Cooler bag 6 x 1.5 l bottle
    210D polyester cooler bag for 1.5 l bottles. Capacity for 6 bottles. Non-woven trims. 80gr/m2.
    Price from €2.18 /unit
  29. AQUATIME Beach ball
    PVC inflatable beach ball. diameter 24cm
    Price from €0.62 /unit
  30. Waterproof PVC waterproof bag 10 liters - 20.5 (diameter) x 46.5 cm
    PVC waterproof bag. Capacity 10L. Includes shoulder strap.
    Price from €4.52 /unit
  31. Waterproof PVC waterproof bag 1.5 liters - 17.5 x 32.5 cm
    Water resistant bag in 210D polyester material. Capacity 1.5L.
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  32. SPOT FIVE Sports bottle 500ml
    Sports bottle in solid PE plastic without BPA. Capacity: 500ml.
    Price from €1.10 /unit
  33. IBIZA Water sprayer
    ABS water sprayer to cool off on hot summer days.
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  34. 500ml aluminum bottle
    Single wall aluminum bottle with PP cap and silicone strap. Capacity: 500ml.
    Price from €2.25 /unit
  35. 147 x 69 cm 170t polyester parasol
    Folding car sunshade in 170T polyester. Includes cover.
    Price from €2.21 /unit
  36. BRACE Steel cup
    Double-walled stainless steel cup with PP lid. Capacity: 350ml. No leakage.
    Price from €4.85 /unit
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