Barbecue accessories. Grills, griddles, portable barbecues and outdoor barbecues

Personalized items to create the perfect barbecue. Our products offer the highest quality so that you only have to worry about the point of the meat or to replenish the drinks.
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  1. Ecological
    BAYBA Bamboo push-button ballpoint pen
    Bamboo push-button ballpoint pen with tactile stylus and shiny chrome finish. Blue ink. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in color and size per item, which may affect the final print result.
    Price from €0.32 /unit
  2. Barbacoa shakes herramientas para barbacoa de metal con publicidad vista 1
    barbecue shakes tools for metal barbecue
    Set of 3 stainless steel barbecue tools with non-woven zippered cover. Includes tongs, spatula and barbecue fork.
    Price from €6.16 /unit
  3. Barbecue set and soccer apron
    Barbecue apron for football lovers with three tools and a glove. 600D polyester apron.
    Price from €10.51 /unit
  4. Barbecue grill barbecue grill set. 3 metal pcs
    Aluminum case that includes 3 stainless steel barbecue utensils. Large surface for the logo.
    Price from €11.94 /unit
  5. Ecological
    GRILLE Set 4 barbecue accessories
    Set of 4 stainless steel barbecue accessories with wooden cutting board, presented in a polyester case. Includes knives, fork and sharpener. Bamboo is a natural material, the color of the item may vary.
    Price from €12.40 /unit
  6. Ecological
    ALLIER Set of 5 barbecue tools
    5-piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set with bamboo handle and waxed canvas bag. Includes spatula, knife, tongs, fork and baking brush.
    Price from €18.07 /unit
  7. Barbacoa knocking barbacoa desmontable. de metal con logo vista 1
    Barbecue knocking removable barbecue. of metal
    Detachable barbecue. Detachable barbecue in black. It is a metal barbecue of small dimensions that is easily assembled. It can be transported in vehicles without worrying much about its weight and width. It has a top lid and a handle to ventilate and lift the barbecue grill. The handles have a wood finish. It is held thanks to 3 removable metal legs that allow a perfect hold on solid ground or grass. You can use it for a camping trip, a camping day or on your home terrace to create dinners with your guests. It is a charcoal barbecue with a chrome grill, a bucket and a metal lid. The removable barbecue is customizable thanks to our customization services such as pad printing and screen printing, send us your logo design and we will mark it, turning your barbecue into a promotional gift, ideal for an event or as a presentation of a company in the sector.
    Price from €24.15 /unit
  8. SOUS CHEF Barbecue set with apron
    Stainless steel barbecue utensil set with waxed canvas apron. Includes spatula with wooden handle, barbecue tongs and a retractable metal bottle opener.
    Price from €26.61 /unit
  9. BBQ donau east bbq apron polyester tools
    Apron with 3 barbecue utensils and a glove. Apron made of 600D polyester.
    Price from €8.21 /unit
  10. Polyester donau food and cooler bags
    Cooler bag with metallic barbecue inside.
    Price from €20.19 /unit
  11. Ecological
    MOUSSAKA II. Set de utensilios de barbacoa
    Juego de utensilios en estuche 210D. Compuesto por una tabla de bambú, 3 utensilios de acero inoxidable y soporte de corte de caucho: cuchillo japonés, tenedor y afilador.Tablero: 300 x 200 x 11 mm | Caja: 220 x 345 x 30 mm
    Price from €9.26 /unit
  12. Ecological
    KABSA. Set de utensilios de barbacoa
    Juego de utensilios en estuche de bambú. Compuesto por 6 piezas en acero inoxidable y bambú: cuchillo de cabeza, cuchillo mediano, cuchillo japonés, pinza, tenedor y afilador.Estuche: 160 x 455 x 65 mm
    Price from €27.29 /unit
  13. Ecological
    12 inch barbecue
    Barbecue with design grip, grill with wire grip and adjustable air valves. Registered Design®
    Price from €3.81 /unit
  14. Ecological
    BBQ set for hamburgers and brush
    Burger and BBQ brush set. It allows you to prepare delicious hamburgers.
    Price from €13.78 /unit
  15. Barbecue Set 3 pieces in aluminum box
    3-piece stainless steel barbecue set that includes a spatula, fork with protector and tongs. Presented in an aluminum box with hinges and a handle.
    Price from €17.60 /unit
  16. Ecological
    Barbecue Set 12 pieces in aluminum box
    12-piece stainless steel barbecue set includes knife, 4 corn skewers, 4 skewers for skewers, spatula, fork with protector and tongs. Presented in an aluminum box with hinges and a handle.
    Price from €30.29 /unit
  17. SOARES. barbecue set
    Barbecue set. Stainless steel. 3 pieces in non-woven cover.
  18. Ecological
    SAUCE. barbecue set
    Two-piece barbecue kit in stainless steel and bamboo. This kit is supplied in a craft type box.
  19. Ecological
    FLARE. barbecue set
    Kit of 5 pieces of barbecue in wood and stainless steel and a bamboo board. The 5 piece barbecue set comes in a 210D hard case.
  20. GRILL. barbecue set
    3 piece stainless steel and wood barbecue kit that comes in a 210D hard case.
  21. Ecological
    POKE. Set de utensilios de barbacoa
    Juego de utensilios en caja kraft. Compuesto por una tabla de bambú y 2 utensilios de acero inoxidable y bambú: cuchillo principal y tenedor.Tablero: 200 x 300 x 12 mm | Caja: 360 x 210 x 40 mm
Set Descending Direction

21 Items

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Why buy personalised barbecue accessories?

Corporate gifts are a fundamental step for the promotion and sponsorship of your brand. Who wouldn't want a company to be known by its logo? The objective of each brand, in fact, is to become a priority for its target. Personalized barbecue accessories are special and niche gifts but they always surprise the recipient. The barbecue set - brasserie is a very summery gift that can be given with the purchase of a barbecue. An indispensable gift for lovers of outdoor barbecues. And your logo travels and moves with your customers.

What types of barbecue accessories can be personalised?

Garrampa offers a wide range of barbecue accessory models that can be customized according to the required tool, shape, material and color. The barbecue accessories can be: - Flame retardant gloves; - The tongs, the barbecue cleaning brushes, the pliers and the brush set. In the corresponding section of our site you will find many ideas and custom models. What if you are looking for a particular model that you cannot find on our site? No problem. Contact us and we will work to satisfy you.

How to customise promotional barbecue accessories?

Personalized barbecue accessories can be made with your logo in both black and white as well as in color printing. To personalize the chosen accessories, with your logo you can choose between different printing techniques: - Transfer - Digital printing - Sublimation In each product sheet of personalized barbecue accessories available on our website you will find our advice on the most relevant printing, based on the material and size of the required device.

How to order personalised barbecue sets at Garrampa?

Buying personalized gadgets has never been so easy: - Choose the item you prefer indicating color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order. Our staff will proceed to make a virtual sample to show you the sketch of the accessories with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with production and you will receive your custom gadgets in 8-10 days.

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