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Custom straw and cloth hats are the most desired to be outdoors, both on the beach and in the field. Protect yourself from the sun with our custom hats with your logo. Discover our variety of hats online thanks to our collection ordered by colors, brands and types. In case you are looking for a type of hats with advertising for parties and events, we recommend that you choose our inexpensive straw hats, which have a ribbon on which we will print your logo with silkscreen printing. If you prefer to opt for more durable hats, we have the advertising hats made from stronger cotton fabric, with a small visor and an elegant design. Our beach hats are the classic model that you can fold and store in your bag, and they are available in a lot of colors. We even have children's hats in bright colors, or hats with a personalized ribbon. Looking for a party cowboy hat? Look at our Osdel model, with mesh type fabric. And we also have cheap polyester hats with a detective type design, for your costumes or more special events.
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  1. MONTEVIDEO Natural straw hat
    Natural straw hat with polyester ribbon. In orders without printing, the ribbons will be served loose and separated from the hat.
    Price from €2.19 /unit
  2. Wide brim Marbella summer hat
    100% straw. 100% polyester sweatband. Removable TearAway label for easy relabeling. Wide brim design. One size.
    Price from €5.12 /unit
    100% polyester. Width: 3.5cm. Velcro strap closure. The 66cm measurement fits all 3 sizes of the KP066 hat and the 72cm measurement fits all 2 sizes of the KP069 hat. *The 72 cm strap is only available in Black and Red.
    Price from €0.56 /unit
    100% lightweight cotton twill. Large area for customization.
    Price from €1.13 /unit
    100% vegetable fiber. Braided hat with a 7 cm brim. The colored ribbon does not come with the hat and must be ordered separately, refer to KP066B - size 66cm, which can fit all sizes of this Panama hat.
    Price from €2.21 /unit
  6. classic straw hat
    Borsalino-style vegetable fiber hat with 7 cm long brims. Sold without tape. The KP609 strap can be adapted by ordering it separately in the corresponding size.
    Price from €3.16 /unit
    100% vegetable fiber. 7 cm hat brim. It does not go with the tape but can be ordered separately. The reference of the band is: KP066B, available in 2 sizes that adapt to the 2 sizes of the hat.
    Price from €3.38 /unit
    100% paper fiber. 6cm hat brim. Comes with black ribbon.
    Price from €3.60 /unit
  9. Panama style straw hat
    Straw/party hat in vegetable fiber and small edges. Sold without tape. The KP609 strap can be adapted by ordering it separately in the corresponding size.
    Price from €3.83 /unit
    100% coated polyester. Main seams thermobonded for greater resistance to water. Elliptical shape, wide flexible wings with snap fasteners, vents, lanyard with stopper. Available in 2 sizes.
    Price from €9.11 /unit
  11. Wide brimmed hat
    100% polyamide. Polyester mesh. Wide brim hat ideal for outdoor activities. Inner curl ribbon. Available in two sizes.
    Price from €10.91 /unit
  12. Outdoor / Outdoor Hat
    100% polyamide. Ideal hat for outdoor activities with a fisherman look. The sides are micro-perforated for greater breathability. Practical, it folds and stores in an inside pocket.
    Price from €10.91 /unit
  13. Ecological
    Bucket Hat
    Gorro de pescador. No se aplica, , , Canvas. SMML
    Price from €7.92 /unit
  14. Ecological
    Lightweight Bucket Hat AOP
    Gorro ligero de pescador AOP. No se aplica, No se aplica, Not Applicable, Plain Weave. SMML
    Price from €11.77 /unit
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14 Items

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Why buy personalised hats at Garrampa?

Garrampa offers you to buy personalized straw hats with your logos, photos or texts of your choice. We have a wide catalog for parties, events, with panama, borsalino, straw and felt models. We also have advertising hats with great discounts. We customize hats in small or large quantities. according to your needs, for companies, associations, individuals or schools. Discover our products at the best price in our online store for your merchandising campaigns

What kind of hats can I personalise?

To correctly represent the image of your brand, we have several models of hats available, but which one to choose? We have a wide catalog of hats, among which we can offer you an extensive collection of personalized advertising hats at very competitive and cheap prices, such as Panama hats, straw hats, borsaline hats, cowboy hats, great classics of various shapes. All personalized using the silk-screen printing technique. You can discover the catalog in our online store.

Advertising hats, why order them?

The hat is a fashion accessory that protects from the sun, it is ideal to transmit your company brand, communities, associations, public institutions, schools, sports clubs or individuals. It is perfect for events or other gatherings, such as a carnival or music festival, festivals or weddings. In all the models you can include the stamping of your company logo and at the same time that you protect your clients, guests, etc. from the sun, you advertise your company.

How can I personalise advertising hats?

Promotional hats can be customized with screen printing transfer, which is an inexpensive printing technique, if your logo has 1 to 4 colors. If instead you want to print an image with many colors on the covers, we recommend digital transfer. Both techniques are resistant over time, even after washing the hat by hand. Then there are some models of promotional caps that can be embroidered with your brand or logo. Embroidery is not a cheap printing technique, but it is the best technique to add value to your promotional hats.

How can I buy personalised straw hats?

Straw hats can only be customized on the band included on some models. In other models the band is sold separately. This difference depends on the factory where they are made. The Original hat already comes with the included ribbon, so you only need to select the ribbon color, the desired printing technique and the quantity. On the other hand, if you want to personalize the summer hat, you must send an email to our customer service specifying the number of hats and the color of the headband that you prefer to personalize with the transfer and we will send you a quote.

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