Inexpensive advertising knives

Personalized pocket knives are a practical promotional gift for a day out in the countryside or in the mountains, you just have to put them in your backpack and enjoy the activity.
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Budget products

  1. plastic verbier knives
    Price from €0.85 /unit

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  1. Ecological
    LUCY LUX Multifunction knife
    Stainless steel multifunction knife with bamboo surface. 9 functions. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in color and size per item, which may affect the final print result.
    Price from €2.15 /unit
  2. On Sale
    plastic verbier knives
    One of the most used multi-tools as promotional gifts are the 5-function multi-tools. We highlight this classic metal knife that includes several multi-function tools including the typical folding scissors, knife and tweezers. You can buy this metal promotional tool as advertising gift for mountaineers, hikers and everything related to going abroad. To personalize these multifunction tools type multipurpose knife we will stamp your logo on its casing, which is made of ABS plastic, resistant to scratches and bumps, ideal for carrying in your backpack. The measurements of this economical promotional tool are 5.9 x 1.7 x 0.8 cm. It has a small ring incorporated so that you can carry it as a keychain. Ask us to learn more about possible multipurpose tools that we have in our catalog to be able to choose those promotional items that best fit your budget.
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  3. Navajas wild de metal vista 3
    WILD. Utility knife
    12 piece stainless steel knife. Product supplied in box.
    Price from €4.20 /unit
  4. Navajas falcon ii de metal con logo vista 2
    FALCON II. Razor
    Stainless steel knife with safety lock and wooden handle.
    Price from €5.51 /unit
  5. NORRIS. Knife
    Stainless steel knife and wooden handle with 600 D nylon sheath. Supplied in a box.
    Price from €14.27 /unit
  6. Wooden Pocket Multi-Purpose
    Solid and compact knife with 9 functions. Wooden case and high quality stainless steel tools. Includes: pocket knife, serrated knife, scissors, file, saw, sewing tool, hook screwdriver, screwdriver, flat screwdriver. Presented in a gift box.
    Price from €9.16 /unit
  7. Excalibur knife
    Ultra-solid razor with 4 functions. Aluminum body and stainless steel tools. Includes: retractable knife, safety lock, belt clip and bottle opener. Presented in a gift box with a high quality 1680D cover.
    Price from €9.93 /unit
  8. Navajas kaprun de metal vista 2
    Kaprun metal knives
    Utility knife. Stainless steel and metal. With 11 functions.
  9. GARMISCH. Razor
    Razor. Stainless steel and metal.
  10. Navajas belpiano de metal con logo vista 2
    Belpiano metal knives
    This multi-purpose promotional knife in stainless steel with a wooden handle has 5 functions. Its wooden handle gives it a traditional look while helping to insulate the hand from heat, especially in situations where you keep your personalized knife in contact with food or hot elements. The measurements of this knife are 90 x 25 x 12 mm, and we can mark it with your name or the text that you indicate in the area of the handle. At Garrampa we will help you make your advertising campaign a success. Give personalized knives for the birthday of a friend who likes the mountains, or hand them out at an event dedicated to the mountains and excursions. We especially recommend these promotional knives for companies in the hotel sector, or for campsites and tourist establishments.
  11. Groden metal penknives
    Utility knife. Stainless steel and plastic. With 13 functions.
  12. Navajas lawrence  de metal para personalizar vista 2
    LAWRENCE. Razor
    Stainless steel knife with safety lock and wooden handle.
  13. GUNTER. Razor
    Stainless steel mushroom knife with wooden handle.
  14. ALICK. Razor
    Stainless steel knife with safety lock. Supplied in box.
  15. FRED. Razor
    Safety razor and carabiner in stainless steel and metal. Supplied in box.
  16. SPLIT. Utility knife
    Stainless steel and wood safety knife. Product supplied in box. Supplied in box.
  17. New product
    Ceramic. Razor
    Folding ceramic knife in gift box. case 131 x 23 x 60 mm, cutting edge 8 cm
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17 Items

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