Cardboard and plastic cups to take away Advertising

Our cardboard and plastic glasses to carry advertising are the most comfortable way to drink coffee or any type of infusion. Ideal for cafes, bars, establishments or congresses; since the take away service is increasingly in demand. In addition, it is a form of direct advertising : all the people your customer crosses on the street will know where they have bought the coffees. Our personalized take away glasses can also become a detail for your employees: personalized take away glasses , which will make the entrance to the office more bearable. Discover Garrampa's cheap personalized glasses, made of different materials: cardboard, steel, glass, bamboo wood, plastic or stainless steel. Many of them, reusable materials, after washing.  And have your personalized coffee glass at hand!
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  1. ASTORIA PP cup with silicone lid
    Single wall cup in glossy white PP with silicone lid and central ring. Capacity 350 ml. Be careful with hot drinks, this glass is single layer.
    Price from €1.49 /unit
  2. Mug with 360º full color printed silicone lid
    Ceramic mug with lid and silicone strip to grip the mug. Capacity 400 ml. Not microwave safe. Typography is not dishwasher safe. Ceramic transfer is dishwasher safe.
    Price from €3.92 /unit
  3. silicone collapsible cup
    Silicone collapsible cup with pill container and carabiner.
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  4. BRACE Steel cup
    Double-walled stainless steel cup with PP lid. Capacity: 350ml. No leakage.
    Price from €4.85 /unit
  5. IRMUG Steel cup
    Single wall stainless steel tumbler with lid and silicone handle. 350ml capacity. As it is a single-wall glass, heat transfer can occur.
    Price from €2.95 /unit
  6. TUESDAY Glass 475 ml
    Double wall cup in PP. Capacity: 475ml.
    Price from €1.96 /unit
  7. TRAM Stainless Steel Mug
    Double walled stainless steel travel mug with PP inner and lid. Capacity: 455ml.
    Price from €2.10 /unit
  8. RODEODRIVE Double wall mug
    Double wall stainless steel travel mug with black PP lid. Capacity: 400ml.
    Price from €4.40 /unit
  9. Ecological
    LOKKA Stainless steel cup.
    Stainless steel cup. double-walled with bamboo shell. Capacity 250 ml. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in color and size per item, which may affect the final print result.
    Price from €4.91 /unit
  10. ASTOGLASS 350 ml glass beaker
    Glass cup with lid and silicone grip. Capacity 350 ml. Be careful with hot drinks, this glass is single layer.
    Price from €2.35 /unit
  11. Ecological
    MOKKA Stainless steel cup
    Double wall stainless steel tumbler with bamboo shell. Capacity 300 ml.
    Price from €5.46 /unit
  12. Vasos para llevar rodeodrive+ de varios materiales ecológico vista 2
    RODEODRIVE+ Double Walled Bamboo Thermos
    Double-walled stainless steel thermos flask with bamboo lid and PP lid. Capacity: 400ml. As bamboo is a natural material, the color per item may vary.
    Price from €4.75 /unit
  13. FALUN Double wall glass 250 ml
    Double-walled stainless steel anti-leak cup with PP inside. Capacity: 250ml.
    Price from €2.22 /unit
  14. Vasos para llevar tampas de varios materiales vista 2
    TAMPAS Double wall glass 280 ml
    Double walled stainless steel travel mug with PP inner and lid. Capacity: 280ml.
    Price from €2.42 /unit
  15. UPPSALA Double wall glass 350 ml
    Double wall stainless steel travel mug with PP lid, anti leak. Capacity: 350ml.
    Price from €7.76 /unit
  16. Vasos para llevar chalcky de cerámica con logo vista 2
    Ceramic chalcky takeaway cups
    Ceramic double-layer slate mug with silicone stopper.
    Price from €2.70 /unit
  17. Dia travel glass
    Modern geometric stainless steel coffee mug with handle. Fits in almost all coffee machines. The interior and the handle are made of PP. Capacity 380 ml.
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  18. Meuse glass
    Mosa is a modern 300ml tumbler made of durable 201 stainless steel. PP inner lining. Registered Design.
    Price from €6.90 /unit
  19. drip cup
    350ml glass, stainless steel exterior, PP interior, screw cap and closure by pressing button to prevent dripping, to use with one hand. Registered Design®
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  20. Auto Drip Cup
    Auto is a 300ml glass with a black PP interior and an innovative system for drinking by pressing a button, with which you will only need one hand. Ideal for the car! Registered Design®
    Price from €9.51 /unit
  21. contour glass
    Contour is a 350ml glass created for easy holding. Registered Design®
    Price from €7.62 /unit
  22. Illuminated Logo Tumbler
    Double wall glass. 304 SS inside and ABS plastic outside. Engrave your logo and when you pick it up and shake it your logo will light up. Includes 2 CR2032 batteries. Capacity: 480ml.
    Price from €8.57 /unit
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22 Items

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