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You can write things down in your hand, in the notes on your mobile, but like cheap personalized sticky notes you will not find anything better to remember
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  1. Ecological
    Eco-friendly straw fiber and ABS ballpoint pen
    Ballpoint pen with straw (50%) and ABS (50%) push button. Blue ink.
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  2. Ecological
    Ecological cork pen with straw/abs tip and clip
    Push-button ballpoint pen with cork barrel. Matching tip and clip made from ecological straw (50%) and ABS plastic (50%). Blue ink.
    Price from €0.14 /unit
  3. sticky notes paper idea
    Light bulb-shaped bookmark that includes a 13 cm ruler, 1 yellow notepad and 5 markers in assorted colours.
    Price from €0.20 /unit
  4. Ecological
    Eco-friendly bamboo pen with colored clip
    Push-button ballpoint pen with a bamboo barrel. Matching colored clips and tip made of 50% wheat straw and 50% ABS. Blue ink.
    Price from €0.40 /unit
  5. Card holder with notepad and sticky notes
    Card holder with notepad and sticky notes in an assortment of 5 colours.
    Price from €0.41 /unit
  6. Ecological
    FOLDCORK Set of cork notes
    Set of notes consisting of 1 large pad (125 notes) and 25 x 5 labels in different colours.
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Eco-friendly paper note holder with medium and large sticky notes
    Set of notes with recycled paper cover. Includes 5 colored sticky markers with 25 sheets, a medium yellow notepad with 25 sheets and a large notepad with 50 sheets.
    Price from €0.66 /unit
  8. Set with 1 large pad and sticky notes
    Note set consisting of 1 large notepad, 1 medium yellow notepad and 5 small bright notepads.
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  9. Ecological
    VISIONBAM Sticky notes in bamboo cover
    3 piece sticky note pad with bamboo cover. 25 large and medium yellow sticky notes and 5 assorted color page markers.
    Price from €1.04 /unit
  10. VISIONCORK Set of cork notes
    Notes set with cork cover consisting of 1 large pad (50 notes), 1 medium pad (25 notes) and 25 x 5 different colored labels.
    Price from €1.10 /unit
  11. Ecological
    GROW ME Grass Seed Notepad
    50-sheet grass paper notepad. After use, a selection of wildflower seeds will grow by planting the cover in the ground. Made in the EU.
    Price from €1.26 /unit
  12. Cardboard box with notes and adhesive strips
    Practical cardboard box that includes self-adhesive strips in neon colors, yellow sticky notes and pad of 100 blank note sheets.
    Price from €1.42 /unit
  13. Ecological
    GROW ME Grass Seed Notepad
    Notepad with 25 sheets of grass paper and 3 color stickers. After use, a selection of wildflower seeds will grow by planting the cover in the ground. Made in the EU.
    Price from €1.44 /unit
  14. Set of notes with advertising calendar 2021
    Stationery set with colored labels and notepads. It incorporates a 4-year calendar on the inside cover.
    Price from €1.50 /unit
  15. Notas adhesivas stibox de papel vista 1
    paper stibox sticky notes
    Office set in cardboard box, contains 2 sticky note pads and 5 colored bookmarks. It also includes a transparent ruler made of PP and a pen (blue ink).
    Price from €1.53 /unit
  16. Ecological
    Ecological note holder made of recycled paper with sticky notes and pen
    Recycled paper notebook with sticky notes, pen and 25 white sheets to write on.
    Price from €1.64 /unit
  17. GRASS STICKY Sticky notes grass paper
    Sticky notes of various sizes and paper notepad made of grass with a cardboard cover (40%). Made in the EU.
    Price from €1.89 /unit
  18. Ecological
    Eco-friendly paper recyclopad sticky notes
    Recycled cardboard box in the shape of a house containing 300 sheets of recycled paper and 25 colorful sticky notes on the roof.
    Price from €1.97 /unit
  19. Sticky notes and notebook
    Practical set of notes that includes 1 white notepad, 2 medium notepads and 5 colored sticky markers.
    Price from €0.73 /unit
  20. cardboard james sticky notes
    Sticky note pad. Paperboard. 7 sets: 25 sheets each. With 12 cm ruler with marked scale.
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  21. Notas adhesivas tazy con logo vista 2
    TAZY. sticky note pad
    6 color sticky note pad (22 sheets per set) with card slot and elastic.104 x 65 x 5 mm
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  22. Libretas sin anillas cooper de cartón vista 4
    Cardboard cooper notebooks without rings
    Sticky note pad. Paperboard. 6 sets: 25 sheets each. Includes notepad with 100 plain pages and pen on craft paper.
    Price from €0.84 /unit
  23. Notas adhesivas lovecraft de cartón para personalizar vista 2
    LOVECRAFT. sticky note pad
    Sticky note pad. Paperboard. 12 sets: 40 sheets each.
    Price from €1.47 /unit
  24. Notas adhesivas lewis de cartón para personalizar vista 2
    LEWIS. sticky note pad
    Sticky note pad. Paperboard. 7 sets: 25 sheets each.
  25. Ecological
    MEMOSTICKY Sticky notes 5 colors
    5 Color Sticky Notes
Set Descending Direction

25 Items

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Why give personalised post-its as a gift?

Post-it notes are a very useful business tool for jotting down ideas, remembering important events or due dates. There are several shapes, from the classic colored square models to the small rectangular ones, which are great for marking pages and being able to find them quickly. In the age of technology, where everything is remembered by the telephone, this colorful promotional gift is never missing: you will always find a post-it attached to the PC screen in the office to remind us of a meeting or call someone, or in the refrigerator from the kitchen with the written grocery list. So we can really say that post-its are still the best friends of all of us who have a thousand things to remember in our long and hectic days.

Who is the target audience for this type of promotional gift?

Post-its are especially loved by neat and well-organized people, who, through colors, are able to give an organized and structured subdivision to their work. They are also widely used by students so that they can take notes without having to scribble in the books with a pencil and pen or add additional information to the notes. But we certainly all use them a lot as a reminder. So the post-its are a promotional gift for each clientele. Personalize company memos with your logo or slogan and offer them to your customers as promotional items at trade shows and advertising campaigns. By doing this, your advertising message will be visible to your customers and the people who come in contact with them while they are using them.

What are the trend models for business notes?

Surely we live in a time when our gaze is constantly focused on ecology and therefore on the search for personalized and environmentally friendly gifts. Taking a look at the various advertising post-its that our website offers, you will notice that many of them are made with cork or recycled cardboard covers, the sheets are usually recycled paper and, when they are present, even the promotional pens supplied are usually of cardboard.

What kind of personalisation can be done on post-it notes?

It is possible to customize the covers on the outside of the post-its and on the stationery sets supplied with the pen, the latter almost always customizable. Printing techniques change depending on the type of material, for example, almost everything can be printed in color, while some particular models, such as those with a cork lid, can be personalized with a laser engraving that leaves a truly unique effect. . about this type of material.

What are the advantages of giving personalised sticky notes as gifts?

Personalized post-its are very useful for those who work in the office, but not only. They are used to take notes during lectures at university or at home, to remind you of an important appointment. In short, we all use them! Give away personalized post-its to promote your business, your brand will be under the eyes of your customers every day. Discover the models that we have selected for you, many sets with colored sticky notes and bookmarks, with the possibility of personalization with your company logo. Take advantage of our high-quality products and gift an original promotional item!

How can I order a personalised Post-it note?

Buying your advertising sticky notes is very simple. Choose the model that suits your needs, select the color, print position, quantity and upload the file to customize it. It only remains to wait for the preview of the graphic and check that our proposal matches your idea. Only when you are completely satisfied will we start production. The delivery of your post-its is free throughout Italy. Do you need information about shipping or delivery times? Contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you!

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