Personalized notebooks and notebooks with your company logo

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In the Garrampa online store we have all kinds of quality notebooks and notebooks to personalize with your custom logo. Discover all our models: personalized notebooks, notepads, accompanied by pens, original notebooks, agendas with post-its, document holders ... Our personalized notebooks and notebooks with your company logo are a perfect gift for fairs, congresses and events of all kinds. In addition, you can give these company notebooks to your employees to use during meetings or also to clients, as a welcome gift. In this selection of personalized notebooks, you can find all kinds of colors, sizes and materials as well.  Be sure to see our personalized ecological notebooks , made of recyclable materials such as cardboard. Take a look at our selection of personalized notebooks and notebooks for companies.  Our incredible designs will allow you to take notes wherever you are. A practical and customizable gift.

Personalized notepad for advertising

Among the notebooks and personalized notebooks with the logo of your company that we have in Garrampa, our personalized notepads for advertising stand out. This type of small notebooks allow you to write notes, take notes, draw or, simply, carry out annotations in situ in a very practical way.  Our promotional notebooks are always a must in merchandising. Corporate notebooks are a widely used product that your clients will use outside the office. In addition, their beautiful design, your logo and the accessories that you see the best (matching pens, post-its, sleeves, coloring pencils ...) will make this gift super complete. Discover in our catalog our promotional notebooks and notebooks, which fit in pockets, bags or backpacks. Portable and comfortable to take to work or school. And if you want to make an even more complete gift, be sure to check out our personalized pens ! Personalized notebooks: the ideal personalized gift for customers and employeesOur cheap notebooks are essential items that everyone needs in their day to day Either in the office or in the study. These inexpensive spiral notebooks are available in a variety of different colors and sizes to meet all your needs. In turn, to say that the cheap notebooks that we sell in Superpromos are super practical and are designed for all types of people. Cheap notebooks can be found in three types of formats: cheap notebooks on graph paper, personalized notebooks, cheap notebooks on lined paper and cheap notebooks on plain paper, small notebooks. The most important thing is that you will have your personalized notebooks in Zaragoza Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia in the time you need. Wherever and when you need your notebook with logo.Custom notebooks and cheap notebooks in Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia with express deliveriesOur cheap personalized notebooks are bought by companies and institutions, to generate an image of unity and promote their corporate image. This image is fostered both internally for its workers as well as externally for its clients, appealing to the feeling of unity. These personalized economic notebooks can be delivered as gift books, at conferences, internal training workshops, events and many more events. The cheap personalized notebooks as gifts, is a claim for customers to come to the company and an advertising action of great effect, since you can publicize your company in a direct way, but even more indirectly. This type of personalized gift notebooks are usually of the moleskine style thanks to its functionality. The techniques to be used to personalize cheap notebooks can be screen printing, pad printing, transfer, resin drop and thermo-engraving. With Garrampa's personalized notebooks you can always have a useful and functional object at your disposal to write down your commitments and thus organize your day in the best possible way. Garrampa notebooks are unique and inimitable because, thanks to the high degree of customization, you can create them to your personal taste, choosing from the many models available and defining colors and patterns to your liking from among those available. The most important thing is that you will have your promotional notebooks in Zaragoza Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia in the time you need. Wherever and when you need your notebook with logo.

Screen printed notebooks and notebooks wholesale

At Garrampa we are one of the best suppliers of personalized notebooks in all of Spain. In fact, you can buy your notebooks and personalized notebooks with the logo of your company wholesale. We have recognized brands such as Moleskine, experts in quality notebooks and fine finishes; elegant and practical logo notebooks, at the same time. Bet on advertising notebooks with rubber closure and hard cover, much more resistant than the rest. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting our range of personalized notebooks to give away, made with recycled and recyclable materials . For example: recycled cardboard, kraft paper, cork, pine wood, etc. A solution to take care of the environment and that brings to your brand fundamental ethical values ​​such as ecology or social responsibility. Remember: to stamp the design of personalized notebooks and personalized notebooks, the technique of screen printing is used.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized notebooks

What are the uses of personalised notebooks?

Personalized notebooks are a type of promotional product, great to give away at trade shows.  A useful, personalized gift at an incredible price. And the thing is that notebooks with personalized logo are usually quite cheap , so you can distribute them in large quantities, throughout all kinds of corporate events, for example. Give away your notebooks and personalized notebooks with your company logo to all attendees. Without forgetting, of course, your customers, distributors and suppliers, although, at Garrampa, we also have personalized notebooks for children . A great detail for the beginning and end of the course or to give as a gift during colonies or camps. In fact, as school supplies, they are a great idea; Since all boys and girls will have the same personalized notebooks. On the other hand, advertising notebooks and notebooks are ideal for study centers such as universities, vocational training centers or private schools. They will have the best welcome, thanks to our notebooks and personalized notebooks.

How can you personalise your notebooks and notepads with your company logo?

To personalize your notebooks and notebooks, we first recommend the pad printing technique . This decoration technique is widely used in notebooks, diaries and other similar items. You also have notebook embossing or hot stamping. You also have foil stamping at your fingertips, an exclusive methodology that is carried out in personalized notebooks.

What styles of personalised notebooks and notepads do you have?

First of all, we have custom hardcover notebooks. They are usually the favorite option among companies, since they are not flimsy and they are durable. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more flexible model, you have different personalized softcover notebooks at your fingertips. These personalized notebooks Softcover are probably the style you are most used to. We also have notebooks with personalized spiral rings, which is the typical notebook that is used in schools or institutes. Therefore, ideal for study centers. However, personalized sketchbooks are also a great idea for art or art classes. Bring out their creative side. And you, what kind of notebook are you looking for? Be that as it may, in Garrampa you can create personalized notebooks online and use them as you need.

Spiral or hard cover notebooks: Which is better?

Everything will depend on what you need. We are here to advise you. On the one hand, Garrampa's personalized hardcover notebooks and notebooks are functional, practical and durable, since they have a resistant cover that lasts months or even years of use. On the other hand, we use spiral binding so notebooks and notebooks lie flat and easy to write on. All the details count. For example, in some of the models, you will discover a pocket for documents; as well as erasers or pencil holders.

Why give personalised notebooks as a gift?

Notebooks and notebooks are still a very useful work tool today for taking notes, gathering ideas, jotting down appointments, and remembering important events.  Do you want to customize your own notebooks and notebooks with your company logo? Discover now all the notebooks and notebooks personalized with your company logo or slogan and offer them to your customers. These promotional items will make your visible advertising message, on all kinds of occasions.  Giving personalized notebooks for companies is always a great idea.

Is it better to give a notebook or a personalised document holder as a gift?

As we said before: it all depends on your own needs. For example, if you are organizing a conference, a meeting or a course;  we recommend that you buy personalized notebooks which, combined with your ballpoint pen or fountain pen, will form part of a great welcome kit. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a detail during sales, personalized document holders with the company logo are perfect for you . They have a notepad, compartments for pens and business cards and, in some cases, even calculated or power points for the mobile phone. And you, what are you waiting for?  At Garrampa we have all kinds of notebooks and advertising notebooks. Give a good professional image to your clients.

Discover in this video all the advantages of buying personalized notebooks and notebooks

At garrampa we offer you many advantages when buying your notebooks and advertising notebooks with us. Our notebooks have an excellent value for money and our delivery service is really fast, all combined with an excellent commercial service.