Cheap personalized ringless notebooks

Cheap personalized ring-free notebooks are an incredible merchandising option. Available in different colors and materials, it is an elegant type of personalized notebook for taking notes anywhere. Discover our models of personalized ringless notebooks with markers, mobile phone cases, with matching pens and even with a case and cover. Specifically, we have models in which you can leave and charge your mobile, thanks to the wireless charging plates or its USB ports.  A super complete, practical and very interesting gift. Find all the novelties of notebooks without customizable rings in Garrampa. We have ecological notebooks, made with cardboard and recycled paper. A recycled and recyclable gift.
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  1. Ecological
    MINI PAPER BOOK A6 notebook with paper cover
    Notebook with cardboard cover (250gr/m²) A6 of 40 sheets of recycled paper of 70 gr.
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  2. Ecological
    Recycled pocket notebook with pen 11x8.5 cm
    Pocket notebook in recycled material and 80 sheets. Includes small pen with blue ink
    Price from €0.53 /unit
  3. Ecological
    MID PAPER BOOK A5 notebook with paper cover
    Notebook with cardboard cover (250gr/m²) A5 of 40 sheets of recycled paper of 70 gr.
    Price from €0.66 /unit
  4. Ecological
    Ecological recycled paper notebook with sticky notes 10x14 cm
    Recycled paper notebook with 70 lined sheets with sticky notes. Includes elastic band and pen with cardboard body and ABS tips. black ink
    Price from €1.19 /unit
  5. Ecological
    NOTECORK A5 notebook with cork cover
    A5 notebook with cover and 96 lined pages of 60 gr/m² cork.
    Price from €1.68 /unit
  6. Ecological
    SUBER SET A5 notebook and pen set
    A5 notebook with cork cover, lined paper and pen with cork body and clip, nib and push button 50% wheat straw and 50% PP, presented in a gift box.
    Price from €3.06 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Ecological cardboard bulfinch ringless notebooks
    Memo pad. Recycled carton. With 60 plain pages of recycled paper.
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  8. Ecological
    RAYSSE. Bloc de notas B7
    Bloc de notas B7 con 60 páginas pautadas de papel reciclado y tapa de cartón.93 x 125 mm
    Price from €0.27 /unit
  9. Ecological
    ALCOTT A6. A6 notepad
    A6 notepad with cardboard cover (250 g/m²) and rounded corners. Contains 80 sewn and smooth pages made of recycled paper from sustainable forest management. 100 x 145 mm
    Price from €0.39 /unit
  10. Ecown cardboard ringless notebooks
    Memo pad. Paperboard. With 80 lined pages.
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  11. Libretas sin anillas cooper de cartón vista 4
    Cardboard cooper notebooks without rings
    Sticky note pad. Paperboard. 6 sets: 25 sheets each. Includes notepad with 100 plain pages and pen on craft paper.
    Price from €0.84 /unit
  12. Ecological
    ALCOTT A4.Notepad A4
    A4 notepad with cardboard cover (250 g/m²) and rounded corners. Contains 80 sewn and smooth pages of recycled paper from sustainable forest management. 210 x 300 mm
    Price from €1.19 /unit
  13. NERUDA. A5 notepad
    A5 notebook with hard cover in natural straw fiber. Includes a metal plate that can be personalized and added to the lid. Contains 192 pages on ivory colored paper sourced from sustainable forest management. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box.150 x 210mm | Plate: 30 x 15mm
    Price from €5.05 /unit
  14. Russel leatherette notebooks without rings
    Notepad with cover. Leatherette and polyester fabric. With magnetic closure and outside pocket. Removable pad: 160 plain pages. With inner pocket and pen holder. Supplied in a non-woven cover. Pen not included.
    Price from €5.89 /unit
  15. Libretas sin anillas lispector de polipiel con impresión vista 4
    Leatherette lispector notebooks without rings
    Memo pad. Leatherette. Rigid cover and magnetic closure. With pen holder and 192 plain ivory pages. Supplied in a non-woven cover. Pen not included.
    Price from €6.19 /unit
  16. EMPIRE Notebook. memo pad
    The EMPIRE is an A5 notepad with a modern and minimalist design with a business touch. The hard imitation leather cover protects the interior, which is cleverly divided into three different parts, with a divider that allows you to identify each part. Its 240 pages are proportionally divided into plain, ruled and dotted pages. Its minimalist design is complemented by the metal detail on the closure, which is characteristic of this line of products and enhances its elegance. Product supplied with pen holder (not included) and gift box.
    Price from €12.27 /unit
  17. DYNAMIC Notebook. memo pad
    The DYNAMIC is an A5 notepad designed to be a functional and practical object with a touch of urban chic. It has two different pads, one on each side that can be used and closed separately. It has a magnetic closure system and a strip that surrounds the pad. The band has a different color on each side, which allows its identification, giving the product a certain notoriety. The outer material is made of high quality 1680D leatherette, textured and flat. It has 256 pages that are divided into plain and ruled pages, identifiable by the outer band. The DYNAMIC reference pad becomes unique for its design but also for its functionality.
    Price from €15.52 /unit
  18. A5 Soft Cover Standard Slim Notebook
    This slim soft cover notebook is perfect for keeping thoughts, observations and lists with you at any time. The slim design makes it perfectly portable, with a soft cover and 30 cream lined sheets/60 70gsm pages. The notebook has a beautiful stone print cover.
    Price from €0.79 /unit
  19. Color Edge PU Soft Cover Notebook
    This PU soft cover notebook is lightweight and flexible, the perfect paper companion for your everyday notes. The notebook contains 32 sheets/64 pages and 88gsm cream lined paper. Colored edges and stitching on the column.
    Price from €1.30 /unit
  20. A5 deluxe PU notebook with hard cover
    A5 notepad in PU for embossed logo and 160 pages of 80g/m2.
    Price from €3.75 /unit
  21. Ecological
    A5 recycled leather notebook
    Be environmentally conscious without sacrificing style with this great notebook made from recycled leather. The cap has a nice texture and a natural earthy look. Its 80 sheets/160 lined pages of 75 gram cream colored recycled paper ensure you can write down every thought that comes to mind.
    Price from €3.78 /unit
  22. A5 deluxe notebook with soft cover
    Soft PU notebook with 192 lined pages of 80g/m2 inside.
    Price from €4.13 /unit
  23. A5 Deluxe Notebook with Phone Pocket
    Deluxe A5 notebook with phone pocket and card sleeve. With 80 sheets/160 cream pages of 78g/m2 inside. Includes page divider.
    Price from €4.30 /unit
  24. Impact A5 Soft Cover Stone Paper Notebook
    No ecological imposture, but telling a true story about sustainability! This stone paper notebook from the Impact collection is made from tree-free paper! Stone paper consists mainly of mineral powder (80%) bonded with (20%) non-toxic HDPE (a clean plastic). Zero water or bleach is used during production, which is the case during traditional wood pulp paper production. One ton of traditional wood pulp paper uses 2,770 liters of water and 18 trees. This beautiful A5 stone paper notebook uses zero! Soft-touch, velvety paper for ultra-smooth writing. 60 sheets/120 pages of 58gsm white ruled stone paper. The cover is also made of stone paper. Save water and use genuine and sustainable materials. With the focus on water, 2% of profits from each Impact product sold will be donated to This stone paper notebook has saved 1 liter of water.
    Price from €4.30 /unit
  25. A5 Basic PU Notebook with Touch Pen
    The perfect combination: PU A5 notebook of 160 pages of 80g/m2 with touch pen included. Presented in a gift box.
    Price from €5.17 /unit
  26. A5 Deluxe Smart Pocket Notebook
    A5 notebook with 160 pages of 80g / m2 in cream color. The front cover has a compartment for your phone, a pen holder and a larger pocket for all your documents. The phone pocket is 8 cm. Adjustable for iPhone 7 plus capacity.
    Price from €5.17 /unit
  27. Ecological
    Bamboo A5 notebook and pen set
    This beautiful notebook is made from sustainable bamboo with 90 sheets/180 pages of 70gsm recycled paper. The set includes a bamboo pen with black ink in a kraft gift box.
    Price from €6.88 /unit
  28. Notebook with telephone section
    PU notebook with a front pocket for a phone (14x10cm), a section for a pen and a main pocket for a power bank or business cards. Black divider and 160 pages of 80g/m2 inside. Reusable cover to be able to replace the inner notepad.
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  29. A5 Deluxe notebook cover
    A5 cover with magnetic closure and pen holder, interior with 3 card slots and 1 large pocket. Notebook with 128 cream colored pages of 80g/m2 inside.
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  30. Ecological
    A5 PU Zippered Notebook
    Whether you capture an idea or jot down a note, you can do it in style with this Swiss Peak A5 PU notebook. With its handy front zip pocket, you can store other important essentials on the go. Inside 80 sheets/160 pages of 80gsm cream lined paper. Comes in a luxury gift box.
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  31. Cover for A5 Kyoto notebook
    Kyoto will allow you to protect your notebooks, in addition to having a section for telephone and other accessories. Its notebook has 128 pages in a cream tone of 70g/m2, easy to replace once you have used it completely. Registered Design®
    Price from €12.08 /unit
  32. Swiss Peak deluxe A5 notebook and pen set
    This notebook and pen set is a fantastic option for those who want to be stylish and sophisticated in the office. The notebook features a rich textured PU cover with metal logo, with 80 sheets/160 pages of 80gsm cream coated paper. The pen comes with German ink and offers a writing length of 1,200 meters. Presented in a luxurious gift box.
    Price from €12.08 /unit
  33. Ecological
    Impact AWARE™ RPET A5 Folder
    No ecological imposture, but telling a true story about sustainability! This Impact collection is made with AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric materials and water reduction impact statements are guaranteed through the use of the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. Save water and use genuine recycled fabrics. You save 4 liters of water and reuse 7 plastic bottles. With the focus on water, 2% of profits from each Impact product sold will be donated to Keep all your items organized with the A5 AWARE Portfolio ™RPET. Inside the portfolio you can find a matching notebook containing 64 sheets/128 sheets of 80gm/s cream lined FSC recycled paper. Inside you\'ll find 1 large pocket, a phone pocket, 2 card slots and a pen holder. 100% recycled polyester interior and exterior with AWARE™ tracer. PVC free.
    Price from €13.01 /unit
  34. Illuminated Logo Notebook
    Show your logo in a unique way. The front of the notebook cover contains a light to illuminate your logo. Includes two CR 2032 batteries. Removable notebook with 128 cream colored pages with lines of 80g/m2.
    Price from €13.35 /unit
  35. Swiss Peak Interchangeable Notebook Set with Ballpoint Pen
    1680D and 600D polyester cover including replaceable notebook with 192 pages of 80g/m2. It has an outside pocket for a pen, cards, money, phone, etc. Presented in a Swiss Peak gift box.
    Price from €14.69 /unit
  36. A5 Air notebook cover 5W wireless charging and 5000 mAh charger
    This notebook cover allows you to have your meetings in style. The front cover has a wireless charging pad for your smartphone (latest generation Android, iPhone 8 and above). Older phones and tablets can be charged via the 5,000 mAh powerbank\'s USB ports. Input: 5.0V/2.1A. Output 1: 5.0V/2.1A. Output 2: 5.0V/2.1A. Wireless output: 5W. Registered Design®
    Price from €38.95 /unit
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In the age of technology, why continue to buy notebooks without personalised rings?

Although the technology of smartphones or tablets is increasingly used to take notes or send messages;  notebooks and notebooks without rings are still very useful , an essential object and appreciated by all. For those writers, lovers of vintage, personalized notebooks are what they are looking for.  A durable support over time , where your thoughts and ideas remain, despite the years. And it is not the same to write by hand, than using a keyboard. Technology runs out of battery, notebooks and notebooks remain there, despite everything. That is why our notebooks without personalized rings are a gift in high demand at conferences, training sessions, shops or work centers.  A sensational gift for clients, suppliers or students. You can combine them with our pens or pencils and make totally personalized combinations , since we have an incredible variety of options: discover our notebooks without rings with more elegant and sophisticated designs or those with more casual and sporty lines. We also have a whole range of notebooks made with recycled paper or cork, colored or black notebooks in very modern eco-leather, etc. A multitude of options that an electronic device does not have. An up-to-date gift, which you can personalize with your logo or promotional message. Choose the one you like the most in Garrampa! You have no more excuses!

Why buy personalised notebooks without rings from Garrampa?

Do you know us? No? No problem! Next, we are going to give you up to 3 different reasons why to buy your notebooks without personalized rings in our Garrampa online store. First, our prices are highly competitive. Our notebooks are cheap and are available in bulk, so that their price is much cheaper. Likewise, our catalog is immense : only in notebooks and notebooks, we have cheap personalized notebooks, professional A4 and A5 notebooks, personalized spiral notebooks, ecological advertising notebooks, leather notebooks and notebooks, among others. Finally, at Garrampa we are professionals in the sector . We have decades of experience printing promotional gifts of all kinds like our cheap custom ringless notebooks. Our customer service is always at your disposal to help you at any time.  Trust us, we are specialists in making notebooks without personalized rings. Enter our website now.

What kind of personalisation can be done on business notebooks?

You can customize the covers of your notebook without rings on both sides and also adding a pencil or pen, which you can also customize. Among the printing techniques, explain that they vary according to the type of material . For example, in the vast majority, you can make a color print. However, in those cork models, your personalization will be carried out, using laser engraving. You will personalize your notebook with a truly unique effect. On the other hand, another particular and sophisticated technique is bas-relief: it is widely used for advertising leather notebooks , since the logo is sculpted by strong pressure that creates a particular three-dimensional effect. Ask for your budget now and request your free virtual sample. What are you waiting for to see your notebooks without cheap personalized rings?

Do you send personalised ringless notebooks and ring notepads only in Spain?

We deliver your notebooks and notebooks without personalized rings throughout the Spanish territory : if you live in a small town or in one of the big cities, it doesn't matter. The standard delivery of our products is totally free. Our goal is to offer a service that allows promotional items to reach those who need them. If you are thinking of sending personalized notebooks outside of Spain, you must notify it in advance. We can ship to the vast majority of countries in the European Union. We will only add a small additional cost. Make your order now for Spain, France, Germany or Austria and give away cheap personalized notebooks without rings outside our borders.

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