Personalized card holders with your logo

Card holders with a wide variety of materials, with the option of customizing your company logo. Card holders are a classic in the market for personalized advertising items. In our collection you will find two types of advertising card holders that differ according to their use. First of all we have the classic card holders with a very attractive design, generally made of metal, with the company logo laser engraved or silk-screened in color that are used to store your business cards that your employees will give to the client when you present. We also have adhesive silicone card holders that can be placed on the back of plastic mobile phones that can be personalized with your logo, which you can give to your customers so they can put their credit cards or several cards.
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  1. BLOCKING Blocking RFID Card
    RFID card. The foil layer inside this card blocks all radio frequencies that get through. All other cards behind this lock card will be protected. (0.76mm).
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  2. Card holder with notepad and sticky notes
    Card holder with notepad and sticky notes in an assortment of 5 colours.
    Price from €0.41 /unit
  3. CUSTOS RFID card
    RFID card. By using an electromagnetic field, it makes all 13.56 mHz cards (trains, buses, bank or credit cards) protected between 2 and 3 cm around this card. (0.9mm).
    Price from €1.17 /unit
  4. Ecological
    CUSTOS + RFID card bamboo case
    RFID card with bamboo shell. By using an electromagnetic field, it makes all 13.56 mHz cards (trains, buses, bank or credit cards) protected between 2 and 3 cm around this card. (1.3mm).
    Price from €1.44 /unit
  5. MEITNER. Card holder with RFID lock
    Aluminum card holder with RFID blocking. Capacity for one card.92 x 63 mm
    Price from €0.04 /unit
  6. MULLER. Card holder
    Aluminum card holder with RFID lock and elastic polyester strap. This card holder has a matte finish and holds 12 cards.
    Price from €0.70 /unit
  7. Tarjeteros costner de metal con logo vista 2
    Metal costner card holders
    Card holder. Aluminum.
    Price from €0.88 /unit
  8. Tarjeteros franck de plástico para personalizar vista 2
    FRANK. Card holder
    PU card holder with RFID closure. This double card capacity card holder has an adjustable PU strap and adhesive tape on the back that allows it to adapt to any surface.
    Price from €1.22 /unit
  9. Ecological
    Daniel card holders in ecological cork
    Card holder. Cork. With capacity for 4 cards and compartment for bills. Supplied in presentation box.
    Price from €3.05 /unit
  10. RFID phone card holder 3 in 1
    PU material RFID wallet that can also be used as a phone holder. This RFID card holder can hold up to 2 credit cards or ID cards and will keep them safe from unauthorized scanning and fraudulent activity. The adhesive tape on the back allows you to stick the card holder to your phone with a flat surface. The item has a strap that works as a support and as a stand.
    Price from €2.30 /unit
  11. Magnetic card holder for phone
    Attach this stylish magnetic wallet to the back of your Iphone 12. The perfect way to keep your ID or credit card close at hand without having to remove your entire wallet. Made with high quality PU. Supports up to two cards. With 12 built-in high quality N52H heat resistant magnets for perfect adhesion and alignment. PVC free.
    Price from €6.88 /unit
  12. On Sale
    silicone shelley card holders
    Smartphone card holder. Silicone. With adhesive on the reverse.
  13. Tarjeteros kutcher de piel con logo vista 2
    Kutcher leather card holders
    Card holder. Skin. With capacity for 4 cards and compartment for bills. Supplied in presentation box.
  14. Tarjeteros reeves de metal con impresión vista 1
    metal reeves card holders
    Card holder. Aluminum and leatherette. Supplied in box.
  15. Tarjeteros smith de metal con publicidad vista 1
    metal smith card holders
    Card holder. Metal and leatherette. Supplied in box.
  16. Tarjeteros sandler de metal vista 2
    metal sandler card holders
    Card holder. Mirror metal and imitation leather. Supplied in box.
  17. Keychains with leatherette travolta plate
    Card holder and keychain set. Leatherette and metal. Supplied in presentation box.
  18. lone metal card holders
    Card holder. Metal and leatherette. Supplied in box.
  19. MILLARD. Card holder
    Metal card holder with faux leather details in box.
  20. POPPY. RFID Blocking Card Holder
    Card holder made of PU (leatherette) with RFID blocking and polyester strap to easily remove the cards. Capacity for 2 cards.92 x 65 x 2 mm
  21. Matte silver chrome card holder
    Chrome metal card holder.
  22. EPSOM Aluminum Card Holder
    Aluminum card holder.
  23. silicone card holder
    Simple silicone card holder for mobile. Includes built-in adhesive tape to adhere it to the back of your phone.
  24. PROTECTOR Credit card protector
    Protector for RFID credit cards in PS with aluminum inside to prevent misuse.
Set Descending Direction

24 Items

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What is a card holder to personalise?

A card holder wallet is a small and compact wallet designed to hold your cards, whether they are debit, credit or business cards, gift cards, etc. A functional wallet will allow you to store some cash, the cards you use, and will easily slip into your pockets.

What types of personalised card holders do you have?

Metal card holders. They can range from very inexpensive and basic metal cases to more elegant and refined cases made of gold, rhodium or a variety of other precious metals. Even the least expensive cases sold at mall kiosks often have the ability to engrave at least a basic monogram or the full name of the owner. Leather card holders. Leather cases have long been my favorite type of case. In my opinion, they tend to have a much more elegant appearance than gold, rhodium or silver card holders, finally plastic card holders.

What are the ways to personalise my wholesale card holders?

Aluminum or metal card holders can be stamped by laser, in full color or with a drop of resin. Also by pad printing in one, two or more colors, depending on the cheap card holder model or personalized card holder that has been chosen. We have a selection of the best card holders.

What are the materials in which the cardholders are made?

Original personalized card holders are ideal because they are a practical and inexpensive gift with a personalization area that allows you to highlight the image of your company. We have a wide variety of inexpensive card holders or card holders. They are made of various materials such as metal, plastic or aluminum card holders, leatherette, PVC and silicone. There are also ecological laminated in cork, among others. All have one or more compartments to store business, credit or any other type of card.

Is it useful to give personalised card holders with a logo as a gift?

Card holders are a great promotional item to personalize with your logo. They are perfect to offer in your company's marketing campaigns, as well as in events, fairs and promotions. It is also very practical to carry the business cards of commercials or company employees when they are traveling. Cheap personalized card holders are a great gift for your clients and collaborators, since they are the typical inexpensive, practical and very useful gift on a day-to-day basis. The personalized card holders we offer are suitable for both men and women.

What is the minimum order quantity for business card holders?

The web shows the scaling of quantities, the lowest being the minimum order that will vary according to the model of the chosen card holder. The price of business or event card holders is highly determined by customization costs, so the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price.

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