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A company welcome pack for employees includes everything a worker needs to feel integrated in their first weeks of work, but it also symbolizes the values ​​of the company. The welcome pack of incorporation includes the typical welcome packs, including stationery, a welcome letter, a notebook, a t-shirt, a bottle of water, stickers and much more. Each welcome pack can be fully customized to reflect your brand and company culture. In addition, our pack boxes allow you to include personalized welcome letters in each box, they are a nice detail when looking to reflect the culture of the company from day one. In our online garrampa store you can consult with our sales team so that they can prepare the budget that fits the price of the welcome packs you are looking for.
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What is a welcome pack?

It is a welcome gift for a new worker or client. An employee's first days are critical to how they will work with the company in the long run. Giving employees a welcome pack is important to help new team members get settled quickly and be productive almost immediately. In general, a welcome pack is an important tool for developing your company culture. First impressions count, and every new worker on the team deserves a great, exciting first day. You only get one chance to make a great first impression on the first day of work. A good welcome pack is designed so that the new members of your team start their first day in the most efficient and exciting way possible.

What are the best ideas for a welcome pack?

The content of the welcome pack will depend a lot on the type of company, sector and values ​​that you want to transmit. Some of the ideas for the welcome pack that we can offer you are the following. A letter from the president of the company, instructions for parking in the office, information about the benefits and activities of the company, a to-do list of the things you will do in your first month and of course corporate gift pack. Personalized company gifts such as mugs, notebook, notebook, a water bottle with the personalized logo, stickers or clothing (T-shirt, jersey, sweatshirt, polo shirt, etc.)

What are the best examples of welcome packs?

Some of the large companies offer their employees or customers these welcome packs. Companies like Mercedes, Audi offer them to customers who buy a vehicle from the brand. Herbalife and Nespresso give their customers an excellent welcome pack. Large companies such as Nike, Apple or Google give these welcome packs to their employees on the first day. These are some examples of companies that give welcome packs to their clients or workers as part of their marketing strategy to establish a bond from day one. It is one of the most recurrent marketing strategies by large companies to retain new customers and workers and show the values ​​of the brand from the beginning of the relationship with the brand or company.

Can welcome packs be personalised?

The welcome packs can be created, combined and configured with the products that you want to measure. In addition to being able to personalize the box with the company logo, the welcome gifts inside can also be personalized. From silkscreen t-shirts or custom clothing to laser engraved USB sticks, all the products in the pack are customizable. We can also include printed products such as flyers or brochures with completely personalized company information. We have some standard packs that serve as examples and ideas for welcome packs, but these can be configured to suit the client, including the desired products.

Discover our company welcome packs in this video

Whether you want to give a welcome gift to a new client or a new employee, our welcome packs can be customized with the products of your choice. In our video we show you in a visual way what welcome packs are. Welcome gifts are a great way to start a working relationship with a worker or client.

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