Personalized Gifts for Travel Agencies

Travel items, accessories and complements such as pillows, earplugs, masks, toiletry bags and more to personalize
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  1. TRAVELER Trolley identifier
    Plastic suitcase tag in the shape of a trolley.
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  2. TAGGY luggage identifier
    Aluminum luggage tag. Includes strap and name and address tag.
    Price from €0.73 /unit
  3. inflatable pillow in velvet bag
    Inflatable travel pillow presented in a velvet bag.
    Price from €1.06 /unit
  4. Travel accessories threecode padlock for suitcases. zinc
    3-digit combination luggage lock.
    Price from €1.08 /unit
  5. Other travel accessories tailor plastic sewing set
    Compact sewing set with basic sewing utensils, essential for traveling.
    Price from €1.17 /unit
  6. TRAVELPLUS Travel set
    Travel set consisting of velvet pillow, mask and earplugs. All presented in a velvet bag.
    Price from €1.29 /unit
  7. 2 tone passport holder
    Wallet and passport holder in 2-tone polyester with RFID protection
    Price from €2.63 /unit
  8. Barajas y juegos de mesa ludo juego de viaje de madera de varios materiales con impresión vista 1
    LUDO Wooden Travel Game
    Wooden travel game.
    Price from €2.70 /unit
  9. WEIGHIT luggage scale
    Scale for suitcases in ABS. Maximum capacity of 40Kg. Units of measure in Kilos or pounds. It works with an included battery. Presented in an individual silver cardboard box.
    Price from €2.72 /unit
  10. Other travel accessories travelsup 3-piece polyester travel set
    Practical travel set presented in a 1680D polyester bag. Contains suitcase identifier, safety strap and metal padlock.
    Price from €4.06 /unit
  11. universal plug adapter
    The SKROSS Universal Adapter for Europe is ideal when traveling in countries where the standard Schuko plug is used. It can be connected to all 2 and 3 pole devices. 3-pole adapter and ground connection. Complies with all international safety regulations. Safe for children.
    Price from €5.83 /unit
  12. Skross plastic travel adapters
    SKROSS universal travel adapter. Connections suitable for Europe, USA / Japan, Australia / China. 2-pole adapter, without grounding. Complies with all international safety regulations. Safe for children.
    Price from €10.58 /unit
  13. Pro world & USB. 3-pole
    SKROSS 3-pole travel adapter, ideal for European travelers (standard Schuko socket). Suitable for connecting powerful devices, such as laptops and hair dryers, anywhere in the world. 3 poles and ground. Complies with all international safety regulations. Safe product for children.
    Price from €26.51 /unit
  14. Trolley backpack with 15\' laptop compartment
    Trolley backpack in 2 colors. 15\'\' laptop compartment and tablet compartment. Front zip pocket. Padded on the back and on the straps. 360D polyester.
    Price from €45.66 /unit
  15. TORTON Shoe cleaning set
    5-piece shoe polish set in a tin box.
    Price from €2.25 /unit
  16. Other gentleman travel accessories pvc shoe polish set
    5-piece shoe polish set in a cylindrical imitation leather case.
    Price from €5.36 /unit
  17. Otros accesorios de viaje roly complemento marathon de poliéster con publicidad vista 1
    MARATHON Complement
    Multi-purpose belt. 1.- Elastic fabric. 2.- Reflective zipper. 3.- Cable outlet. 4.- Adaptable to any accessory due to its interior pleating. One size. UNICA[23cm/5,5cm]
    Price from €1.67 /unit
  18. FANNY. identifier
    identifier. Ideal for travel bags.
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  19. PRAY. Hook
    Plastic hook with carabiner.
    Price from €0.28 /unit
  20. On Sale
    miller sporting events polyester coin purse keychain
    If you want your company to accompany people in their daily routine, design your own advertising purses thanks to Garrampa and its extensive experience in promotional gifts and merchandising items. This economical advertising coin key chain is made of 600D polyester fabric, very resistant to scratches. It measures 115 x 80 mm, and can be stamped by digital printing on one of its sides. Choose your personalized wallet among the 6 available colors.
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  21. Other gwenno travel accessories. non woven shoe cover
    Shoe cover. Non-woven: 80 g/m².
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  22. STRADA. travel pillow
    Travel pillow made of polyester that provides a soft touch to your head and neck while you sleep. The travel pillow is supplied in a cover that allows you to put it inside, transporting it on your usual journeys. Very easy to inflate and deflate quickly. It is an opportune article for punctual moments of tiredness. The travel pillow also gives you rest in the support of your neck, generating comfort in the annoying headrests of the seats. You can place your order in the quantity you want for a very functional price and customize your pad with the texts or ideas that you want your client to see reflected. Also use it as a promotional gift for your company, or for friends who love to travel. Among the range of our colors is the one that best suits your company\'s logo, we stamp your logo with our best services.
    Price from €0.87 /unit
  23. BILBO. Sewing box
    Travel sewing set in plastic case.
    Price from €0.87 /unit
  24. ARASTA. Bag
    Glossy laminated non-woven bag (140g/m²) with zip closure. This bag has a trolley socket and a reinforced bottom. Also a 65 cm webbing type handle.
    Price from €1.62 /unit
  25. Other cobb travel accessories. shoe cleaning set
    Shoe cleaning set. With 6 pieces.
    Price from €2.27 /unit
  26. HAZARD. travel mug
    Porcelain travel mug with a Christmas print. With double wall, silicone stopper and capacity up to 280 ml. It is delivered in a personalized box. ø86 x 122mm
    Price from €3.35 /unit
  27. Suitcases and trolleys Puebla. polyester trolley
    Trolley. 600D and EVA. Semi-rigid front compartment. Lined interior. Identification label on the back. Extendable aluminum handle, with spring. Capacity up to 28 L. Weight: 2.95 kg.
    Price from €48.86 /unit
  28. Bruges suitcases and trolleys. plastic trolley
    Trolley. ABS and PET. Interior lined with divisions. 4 double swivel wheels. Extendable aluminum handle, with spring. Security lock with code. Removable metal sheet for marking. Capacity up to 33 L. Weight: 2.70 kg.
    Price from €54.81 /unit
  29. Anti-Scanner RFID Aluminum Minimalist Wallet
    Slim wallet with minimalist design to store up to 8 credit cards, receipts or business cards. It will block 100% of any RFID/NFC frequency.
    Price from €1.23 /unit
  30. Anti-theft RFID card
    Secure your wallet, purse or money with this secure RFID card. This card draws power from NFC/RFID scanners and instantly creates an electronic field making all 13.56Mhz cards invisible to the scanner. No battery needed. 24/7 protection with patented technology against electronic theft.
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  31. Anti-Radiation Signal Blocking Phone Case
    600D polyester case with internal conductive RFID shielding. Blocks all cellular, WiFi, and BT signals, including incoming calls, text messages, and notifications, while sealed inside the box. All voice messages, text messages and notifications will appear after removing the phone from the case. Eliminate human error while driving by providing a physical barrier to stop the urge to check your phone. Fits most smartphones up to size 18x9cm. Fits up to 4 phones. Perfect for meetings or dinners.
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  32. Ecological
    RFID anti-theft car key case
    Prevent your car from being stolen! This item provides a complete signal jammer for your vehicle\'s key fob. This prevents thieves from picking up and transmitting your key\'s signals, so they won\'t be able to access the keyless entry ignition mechanism. Made of special double weave that locks nano materials inside and armored case design. With keychain.
    Price from €3.15 /unit
  33. Slim secure cork wallet
    Ecological and vegan card holder. Made of natural cork and with secure RFID protection. RFID blocking material protects against identity theft and electronic theft. 3 easy-access card slots that can hold up to 6 cards.
    Price from €4.30 /unit
  34. Ecological
    Bamboo Laptop Legs
    These laptop legs are an ideal accessory when working outside the office. Work comfortably anywhere! By raising the laptop, air can circulate efficiently and ensure the screen is at perfect eye level. Foldable and easy to carry anywhere in the cotton case. Made with beautiful bamboo. The laptop stand is compatible with tablets and laptops up to 15.6 inches. Not only suitable as laptop legs, but also ideal as a cookbook stand.
    Price from €5.32 /unit
  35. travel comfort set
    Set including inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, phone pocket and travel case.
    Price from €5.32 /unit
  36. Standard Aluminum RFID Card Holder
    This solid aluminum card holder is the ideal way to carry and protect your personal cards: credit cards, driver\'s license, debit cards and other cards. Fits up to 6 embossed cards or 10 flat cards. The easy side slider will push the cards up gradually.
    Price from €5.33 /unit
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91 items

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