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Great assortment of shoe bags and personalized travel bags to carry your shoes without staining your luggage, the perfect kit to always carry in your suitcase! All our shoe bags can be printed or embroidered with your logo. We also have some printing methods that can create four color logos. Please note that if you choose black shoe bags with your logo printed in full color, the visibility of your company name will be as high as possible. Our employees are experts at getting your logo from a sketch and finalizing it for you or working with the designs you provide. The quality in which you provide us with your graphic image will be crucial for your sneakers to have a crisp and durable finish. We offer you slippers in the form of a bag, pouch, as well as in the form of a backpack.

Logo imprinted athletic shoe bags

Use our personalized shoe bags to always keep your running shoes or dress shoes clean and organized. Shoe boxes are not only a storage product, but also an excellent travel accessory. They prevent your shoes from rubbing or staining the rest of the clothes in your suitcase. Thus, they are a perfect item to put your logo and accompany your customers on their business trips, leisure or outings. We offer a wide range of slipper bags for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Screen printed bags for travel shoes

They will become a must in your suitcase. Garrampa's slipper bags come in the form of a bag, pouch or backpack and take up very little space among your things. If you do not know what to give, they are an original gift and very little known, so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. In addition, some may not know you, so you can take the opportunity to present your brand at the same time that you give them, an idea that gives Garrampa!