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From Garrampa we have a wide variety of advertising bags and backpacks For traveling, going to the gym or shopping; on our website we have all kinds of advertising items to hold objects. Discover our custom bags or our cheap advertising backpacks, available for children, athletes or for traveling. Also, custom briefcases are ideal for the office, because you can carry your computer. For getaways, we propose our personalized travel bags, as well as toiletry bags or fanny packs. In the case of gyms or spas, shoe bags and sports bags are a great option. And, for day-to-day, personalized shopping carts are total. Below, discover this category of advertising bags and backpacks and create with Garrampa an original and practical merchandising gift.

Bags and backpacks with your logo

At any event, personalized bags and backpacks are a sensational gift. Bags and backpacks are an effective way to give visibility to your brand or design. From conferences and lectures, to festivals and concerts, to intimate special events such as weddings or communions, as a gift for schools or camps is great. At Garrampa we have different models of backpacks for children, some of them can even paint them themselves, and we have all kinds of bags and backpacks you want: folding backpacks for any occasion, backpacks and travel bags, shopping bags, luxury backpacks with a premium quality, we adapt to any possible situation and we offer them in different formats. Discover the backpacks to give as a gift, as well as bags or other transport items. Give your customers the gift of practicality and comfort. Take a look at Garrampa's online catalog.

Promotional bags and backpacks

At Garrampa we are committed to the environment and, therefore, we do not believe in disposable bags. We have backpacks and reusable bags of all kinds, resistant, cheap, ecological and to customize. In addition, we have a wide range of bags and backpacks to customize. Discover them in different sizes, materials, qualities and colors. Your brand will travel, hand in hand with Garrampa's products, Garrampa's economic prices are very remarkable. Cheap backpacks and bags to reward the loyalty of your customers and to give them quality at incredible prices.Don't stop surprising them and choose one of our advertising bags and backpacks. The fanny packs will triumph at festivals and with the briefcases, your employees will be able to carry their laptop comfortably and safely. Without forgetting that toiletry bags are a great detail for your guests, visit Garrampa's website and find your items, we are waiting for you!