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To make a difference in your company, having personalized office supplies with your logo is a great bet And is that, in this way, you can differentiate yourself and cause a great sensation among your customers, but also with your workers. Thus, at Garrampa we have all kinds of advertising office gifts waiting for you. Discover our personalized notebooks or our promotional calendars, an interesting gift to give every Christmas. In addition, for accounting departments we have card holders and advertising calculators. Also folders and portfolios are interesting for your branding, choose the one you like the most! And in our customizable office supplies, choose our notepads, pencil sharpeners, paper clips, rulers, magnifying glasses, USB, erasers or even trophies to reward the best worker of the month. Enter now in Garrampa and give one of these advertising office supplies as a gift.

Gifts for businesses and customers

In any workspace, whether at home, in a cafeteria, in a coworking or in the office itself; it is necessary to have a special office material. That promotional office material that shows your brand, wherever you work. In this way, at Garrampa's store we think about your day to day and we offer you a huge catalog of references related to stationery and work: notebooks, diaries, notepads, pencil holders, folders and much more. All available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles so you can equip employees and customers with the best personalized references, from eco-friendly models, with recycled and recyclable materials; to surprising products such as a pencil holder with USB port and wireless charger. We also have briefcases with very elegant designs or calculators that work with water.

Logo printed gifts for the office

We never tire of saying it: one of the most practical and economical advertising strategies is to use personalized items. In this case advertising office gifts, since they have a very important visibility, even outside the work environment itself.And what types of logo screen-printed office gifts do we have? All kinds. To cite an example: custom logo folders are ideal as gifts for events and meetings, as well as courses, lectures or conferences. And if one thing is clear is that office supplies can be recycled at home. For example: advertising office gifts from an event can be used later by the kids as school supplies. Calculators, sticky notes, notebooks... Consult now and we will advise you from Garrampa We are waiting for you!