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Customized Garrampa water bottles are a great gift idea for your friends, work colleagues or even fans. The most versatile, useful and fashionable container for your drink. In fact, our promotional bottles are perfect for those gym lovers or athletes who are part of a team or simply go for a run. Water is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle; that's why companies are increasingly choosing to customize their own water bottle. Personalized water bottles are a very popular and appreciated advertising gift among the population. Companies that take advantage of this trend and give away personalized bottles with their logo will surely increase their visibility among the general public. Do not hesitate and discover all our models. We have water bottles for athletes, bottles for the gym in all colors and materials, thermos to go to the office or glasses to take on vacation. In addition, our personalized water bottles for events are great for any occasion. Discover them at a concert, soccer game or wedding; they will always give a great result.

Promotional glass bottles

For people who are committed to the environment and have decided to stop using plastics, our glass water bottles are the most suitable. In Garrampa, we have a large number of these reusable water bottles; although they can also be used to transport other liquids.Enjoy your drink with this type of reusable bottle: juice, coffee, water, infusion and even take with you a fresh gazpacho during the summer. On the other hand, there are different models of original water bottles such as: with bamboo or metallic wood cap, in different shades such as green or blue, with a neoprene bag for grip, as well as with tea infuser and thermometer to bring your drink to the temperature you want. It should also be noted that the personalized water bottles for events in glass are completely airtight. Our bottles have an anti-drip and anti-leakage system. Get your beautiful, practical and effective souvenir.

Personalized stainless steel bottles

Without a doubt, a stainless steel water bottle is synonymous with elegance and practicality. From an outing to the mountains, to a meeting with clients; to an afternoon of study in the library; this type of personalized water bottles for events is super practical. The best quality and finish in the customization of your water bottle. Specifically, the stainless steel bottles are engraved, by laser. In this way, we show your logo in relief; in order to ensure the best results.Discover all the models that we have in Garrampa of stainless steel bottles: with straw, without leaks, silicone grip, safety cap and also with USB included. Choose your model!

Frequently asked questions about Personalized bottles

Do you have express delivery for customized bottles?

We have a standard lead time of 10 - 15 working days. For more urgent orders we have express production lead time and premium production lead time at an extra cost. For the vast majority of custom water bottle orders for events, the standard lead time is sufficient to reach the delivery date. However, if necessary, with the urgent deadline we can be faster.

Why buy customized bottles?

Do you want to surprise at the office, at the team or at a trade show? Customized Garrampa bottles will carry your logo on any occasion. Our custom water bottles for events are reusable, so they can be refilled from any fountain, tap, water dispenser or mineral water carafe. In addition, our personalized water bottles for events are environmentally friendly, as they do not generate waste. Discover the most elegant models to dazzle in the office or those more practical and lightweight, such as our sports bottles or for hiking, staying hydrated will be very easy with our screen-printed water bottles: your health will thank you. Enter Garrampa now and take a look at the different models and you're sure to find one that suits your needs and budget.

What types of custom bottles do you have?

At Garrampa we manufacture your personalized water bottles for events in different materials: plastic, stainless steel, glass, ecological bottles made with bamboo, etc. It will all depend on what you need, we are sure to have the perfect option for it! For example, plastic bottles are simpler and cheaper and the metal ones keep the temperature of the water or liquid inside much better. The ecological ones are made with environmentally friendly materials, so choose the one that suits you best!

How many different types of materials are there in the composition of custom bottles?

Some of our customized water bottles for events are made of recyclable plastic. These are a simpler type of water bottles for companies, so they are more economical.They are Food Safe accredited, as they do not contain BPA. In this way, they neither affect health nor the environment. If you consider that your company is sustainable, betting on ecological measures: these bottles are an excellent option to promote and give veracity to your brand. On the other hand, you have within your reach different aluminum bottles that do not contain BPA or other harmful substances for the organism. The main advantage of aluminum bottles is that they perfectly maintain the cold or heat, depending on their thermodynamic structure. Great to give as a gift to prominent customers, as they are very practical and light.

Is it possible to buy custom bottles in bulk?

Yes, that's right: from Garrampa you can order customized water bottles for wholesale events. On our website you can discover the different models of promotional bottles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Carry out the customization of your water bottles, through our website. Place your order online, indicating the color of the bottle, the quantity of personalized bottles you need, the type of marking; as well as the range of colors and the deadline in which you need your order to arrive. Finally, you must select the method of payment. At Garrampa we make it easy for you: card, Paypal, bank transfer and bizum..

When can I deliver custom bottles to my employee customers?

Garrampa has a wide catalog of bottles that can be personalized with a logo, a design or a phrase. What are you waiting for to choose your own? Nowadays, bottles can be used as gifts for customers. Your personalized bottles will be part of your company branding, so they will be very useful for marketing. Putting the logo on the bottle will make your brand have a great impact. Visit our catalog of personalized bottles and place your order now!