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In our online gift store for hotels you will find a wide range of welcome gifts for hotel guests. We have a wide variety of hotel gifts to give and to customize with the logo or text of your choice. Giving a small gift to your guests at their welcome or when they enter the room is an excellent marketing technique to promote your hotel and improve the user experience of all hotel guests. Giving a personalized blanket or a small toiletry bag is a great gift that hotel guests will appreciate. Another great idea can be to give a scented candle as a gift to add atmosphere to the hotel room. For foreign clients it can be a great idea to give an international plug adapter in case they do not come prepared as the plugs vary depending on the country they come from. Relaxing gifts can be very appreciated by guests during their stay such as a small massager or a personalized heat patch with the hotel logo. All our gifts can be personalized by stamping by different printing techniques with the hotel logo or a small phrase as a slogan. If you are looking for cheap hotel gifts for a fair or congress related to the hotel sector in our website we have a lot of details and gifts to give away at a fair as we sell and customize these products wholesale. If your main target are business travelers, then they will be delighted to find in their room some personalized complimentary pens or notebooks.

Original gifts for hotel guests

If you're looking for new ways to impress guests who book your hotel and get great reviews, you might consider a welcome gift. With the perfect gift, you'll give guests a stay they'll never forget. If you're ready to boost those reviews and attract even more guests, check out these great welcome gifts for hotel guests. In the hotel industry, where customer loyalty is king, promotional gifts for hotels get the best return on investment. garrampa's range of corporate gifts for hotels offers a great surface for branding, while innovative designs provide a unique souvenir for hotel guests. Be inspired by the ways the hotel industry can use our interactive promotional gifts for branding, VIP gifts, giveaways, invitations and staff communications. The most popular choice for a hotel welcome gift is something that showcases the unique heritage and character of your location by gifting local products.

Welcome gifts for hotel clients

Giving a hotel welcome gift is a smart way to welcome your guests and start their trip with a positive experience. Many hotels have started offering welcome gifts or details to frequent guests, VIPs, those celebrating a special occasion or those in town for a meeting or event. Some hotels even have basic welcome baskets for all their guests. These small gifts are a great way to showcase your brand, build relationships with guests and thank them for their business. If used strategically, welcome baskets can even drive usage of your services, earn positive reviews from guests and increase your connection with the local community. With that in mind, we've put together a list of hotel welcome gift ideas that are sure to delight your guests.