Economic advertising lighters

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Advertising lighters are the perfect companion for your client, worker or family member, they accompany them all day long, when they are at home, at work or when they go for a walk, what are you waiting for to make your promotional lighters?

Personalized lighters with your logo

Customized lighters with your logo are smoking items that always surprise customers and third parties who smoke. It is common to ask for fire among smokers and friends, and they always notice which lighter it is, the brand or the design, have you thought about reaching more customers in this way with lighters customized with your logo?

Promotional lighters with your logo

Making advertising lighters with your logo is a star gift that never fails. Going out for a smoke with an acquaintance, at a meeting or with a client and having a promotional detail like this always makes an impact and creates better bonds. To make your advertising lighter you only have to choose from our wide catalog and send us your design to make yours.