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If we have to think of an advertising gift made in Spain, surely you are also thinking about the fans personalized with your logo. And it is the most refreshing and satisfying gift that a brand can give to its audience. Our cheap custom fans are a must-have item for those events, parties or festivals, held in the summer months. For example, custom wedding fans are a classic that never fails. Low cost advertising items, with which your audience will stay with you. Discover now all our models of customizable fans: rectangle-shaped, paipais, folk, folding fans, with floral motifs, prints or polka dots, among others. Take a look at all the colors, combinable with your clothing: white, blue, black, black, green, orange, red... at Garrampa we have a wide selection of fans customized with your logo!.

Personalized wedding fans to give as gifts to guests

Which model of personalized wedding fan are you looking for? And it is that, both for links in closed enclosures, such as town halls or churches, as for those celebrations held outdoors (beach, countryside, plots ...); it does not matter. The personalized fans with your logo, design or phrase will be a success... Take advantage and get one of these cheap personalized fans with photo and have the bride and groom always with you! You can also add the date and place of the wedding. Remember that we also have fans in different materials, always of great quality, as is the case of Garrampa's personalized cardboard fans.

Fans screenprinted with your logo

Among the different models of fans customized with your brand logo, it is worth mentioning those in which we have used the silk-screen printing technique. So now you know, if you are going to organize an outdoor event and you don't want to spend a lot of money, a screen printed fan with your logo is what you were looking for! The attendees of the event will take this advertising object home with them. The best souvenir of a brand. Enter now in Garrampa's online catalog and discover all our examples of customized fans with your logo.

Frequently asked questions about Fans

Why buy personalized fans?

Outdoor events such as festivals, concerts and sports games can get hot, especially in the summer, so custom hand fans are great promotional items for such events.Give someone a hand fan as a gift when they really need it, and they will appreciate it far more than almost any other promotional item you can give away. As mentioned above, custom hand fans are great for outdoor events, but they are also ideal as favors at outdoor weddings and as giveaways at crowded churches without central air conditioning.

What types of custom fans do you have?

Wooden fansPaper fansPaper fans are the simplest type of fan available. Typically, these fans consist of cardboard that is held together with an 8-inch basswood handle attached to the back of the fan. In most cases, Deluxe paper fan prices include any color imprint on one side. See the product description for details on other available printing methods. Because paper fans are not very durable, you should purchase some only if you are happy not to have the fans returned or reused more than a day or two.Plastic FansIf you are looking for a gift item with more durability than our paper fans, consider purchasing one of our plastic fans. Although they are a bit more expensive than paper fans, plastic fans last much longer and stand up well to repeated use, making them ideal for use as a spirit item at a sporting event or as a campaign tool at political rallies. Also, because they last longer, plastic fans tend to get more impressions per unit than paper fans.

Who can use custom fans?

Because fans are so useful, they are among the most effective promotional products your money can buy. Let's look at some of the most common buyers of fans.Churches: Hand fans are one of the most popular religious promotional items.Outdoor event organizers: Organizing an outdoor event? Hand fans are a very popular product.Festival goers: Festival goers love hand fans when it's hot.Wedding planners/escorts: Hand fans are also one of our most popular wedding favors.Educators and Cheer Clubs: Organizing a pep rally or other event at your school? Hand fans are a great option.

Where to use personalized fans?

There are countless ways to use promotional fans in your company's marketing and advertising campaigns, but here are some of the most popular ways we've seen our customers employ the fans they've purchased from us.Company Picnics: When the weather heats up, make sure your picnic attendees are comfortable with one of our hand fans. Graduation Ceremonies: Since many graduation ceremonies take place outdoors, paper fans are often used as personalized graduation products.Political Rallies: Deluxe paper fans are also very popular patriotic promotional products.Sporting Events: Get fans involved with fans, one of our most popular sports promotional products.