Economic original advertising key rings

The original economic advertising key chains are a new way to surprise your customers and their keys, have you seen all the ones we have?
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  1. Combo t-shirt-shaped keychain
    Clear t-shirt shaped keychain with metal split keyring. The metal looped ring offers a flat profile which is ideal for mailings. Print insert dimensions: 6,0 cm x 3,8 cm.
    Price from €0.77 /unit
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Why make original personalized key chains as a corporate gift?

The original personalized keychains summarize all the qualities required of a corporate gift and to be an effective advertising tool. First of all the utility . Few objects that we handle during our day have the continuity of display personalized keychains home and car. If you customize a keychain, you invest in its practicality and ability to export your brand. Another feature of keychains is durability : PVC, polyurethane, silicone are all materials that make your keychain give a durable product. Personalized keychains, then, not only fulfill their original function but are multitasking and versatile. In fact, in superpromos you have a really complete catalog, there is the custom keychain with a shopping cart token and LED light (white, red, with two sources of brightness), or the custom shaped keychain, perhaps a miner's helmet with flashlight or the plastic keychain accompanied by a cloth to clean glasses or that of a mini screwdriver always for glasses. Or the different versions of custom tech keychains with rubber stylus for a touch screen in combination with magnetic clips, with USB cables and a connector to charge your smartphone.

How long will it take to deliver my order of original keychains?

The shipping of original custom keychains is usually around 10 working days, although for some models of keychains to give as a gift, the times may be a little longer. However, on the product sheet of all plastic keychains are the actual specifications for each different model, so with the utmost transparency and clarity you can read the expected delivery date of your advertising keychain. It is understood that the process can be accelerated by paying a small surcharge and that our staff is at your complete disposal for any special needs.

What cheap keychains do you recommend as a promotional gift?

There is the whole range of customized car key rings in the shape of a vehicle or key with built-in light, or the custom house key rings with removable coin with two high brightness LED lights, equipped with two batteries; or key rings to customize with transparent structure, removable top and possible insertion of a card suitable for printing for digital key rings. However, these are just examples: consult the online catalog of and choose your favorite cheap key rings. Plastic key chains are among the top ten favorite corporate gifts. Because they are practical, functional, economical and attractive as advertising claims. On our site you can find the most different models of key chains to customize. You only need to type and enter a magical world.

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