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Calculators to customize with your brand or logo, a practical gift for events and fairs, share your branding now! Promotional calculators are an increasingly less popular advertising item, due to the rise of cell phones with the calculator application and the fact that computers already have such application. However, there are a number of people who continue to use calculators because they have used them all their lives and are reluctant to use their mobile phone or open Excel to perform simple operations. This group represents a niche market and if you, as a marketing manager, are able to detect this group among your customers, this is the gift for them, because customized calculators with your logo will always be on their desks.

Office calculators with silk-screen printed logo

The calculators that we customize in Garrampa are characterized by their convenience and for being small, very useful and portable. It is a very popular gift among our customers, available in more and more models and sizes, some of them very attractive, that will certainly surprise.

Calculators to give as gifts to your employees or customers

Choose these promotional calculators to offer your customers, the perfect tool to perform complex calculations on a small scale. It's also perfect as a corporate gift at trade shows and conferences, especially if you choose calculators personalized with your logo or brand, as well as an accompanying notepad. Create a memorable pack with our calculators and notepads, the most practical gift!

Frequently asked questions about Calculators

Why give personalized calculators as an advertising gift?

Gift calculators are still an advertising accessory present on every office desk. Practical and useful personalized calculators with your logo are a much appreciated promotional gift. In our collection you will find 13 button AG battery operated calculators and solar calculators that use light, so there is no need to turn them off or change the battery because they will last as long as they get enough light.

What are the advantages of giving personalized calculators as gifts?

Always useful in the office or at home, custom advertising calculators are an effective way to display your logo to customers or potential customers. They are also a useful tool for the commercial network in order to show a professional image of your company during negotiations and negotiations. Give a quality personalized gift, combine it with other products that can be used in the office such as personalized mouse pads or personalized plastic pens. Offer your perfect promotional kit, ideal for your advertising.

What models of personalized calculators can I choose from?

We have identified several models of advertising calculators that are ideal for promoting your brand. In our dedicated category, you will find items with batteries included, a selection of pocket calculators and other solar powered models available. Our selection includes models ranging from 8-digit to 12-digit calculators. Choose the model that best suits your needs, we will guide you to the most suitable printing technique. In case of need, our customer service is at your disposal to help you choose the perfect advertising product for you.