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Umbrellas are our allies in the worst weather, they are always there. But if in addition to protect your customers from storms with cheap and original umbrellas, do you protect them with your brand?

Cheap umbrellas for events and congresses

Economic and original umbrellas make the difference on the street, at events and congresses. Although they are very resistant to adverse weather conditions and hurricane winds, they are also useful for sunny and hot days. Although it may seem contradictory, it is less and less rare to go out with a light-colored umbrella in the street in the middle of summer. It is ideal for street promotions or for sightseeing.

Cheap and resistant umbrellas

Making personalized and resistant umbrellas is very easy and fast. You only have to look for the model you like among our wide catalog and choose the color you like the most. Once you have this chosen our design department will adjust your design, logo or phrase so that your cheap personalized umbrella is perfect.

Frequently asked questions about Cheap umbrellas

When can I give personalized advertising umbrellas as a gift?

Promotional umbrellas are very versatile accessories since we usually use them all year round. Obviously, there are places and seasons, such as autumn and spring, where rainfall is more frequent. However, a downpour can come suddenly at any time, and it is precisely on this occasion that giving an umbrella with the company logo saves customers. They will happily go home dry, they will remember you and will reuse the umbrella on other occasions by extending your logo. Therefore, it can be a good idea to have customized umbrellas in the store to pay tribute to customers if necessary. Every hotel should have personalized umbrellas to give away to their guests in case of rain, because when we go on vacation we don't take umbrellas because we always wish for good weather. With these simple hotel advertising gifts you will ensure that the customer will choose your hotel chain in other cities on their next trip.

Can I put my logo in several colors on the advertising umbrella?

The advertising umbrellas can be customized on each panel, with some exceptions. The website allows you to select a single printing position and choose how many times the color of the logo. However, it is possible to customize several panels with the same logo or alternate two different logos or change the color depending on the panel, just contact us and we will prepare a customized quote according to your needs. As we mentioned there are exceptions, some promotional umbrellas can be customized only on the handle, always in color, like the Blanc customizable umbrella, or only with a laser engraving, in this case you will not be able to choose the color because it will be tone on tone of the color of the handle.

What are the advantages of giving personalized umbrellas as a gift?

Personalized umbrellas are the perfect corporate gift to offer to the participants of trade fairs or congresses, first of all because they make your company logo visible even to those who do not have it, and they are also useful and long-lasting gifts. Our customized promotional umbrellas are ideal products to give away, for example, during outdoor events, to provide a safe shelter from the rain, but also to offer protection from the sun. The items selected for you in this category are high quality products and you will find a wide range of promotional items available in different designs and colors. Don't miss the opportunity to promote your brand, give cheap customized umbrellas as a gift.

What are the possible customization techniques for promotional umbrellas?

The printing techniques used for the customization of advertising umbrellas are screen printing and transfer printing. Once you have identified the model you prefer, on the product page you will find the most suitable customization technique to print your logo. If in doubt, contact our customer service, a team of experts who will be able to guide you in the purchase of your customized promotional umbrellas.

What models of promotional umbrellas can I choose from?

In this section you will find a wide range of products selected for you, ideal for your advertising. More precisely, browsing through our catalog you will find umbrellas that have wooden handles or curved handles, plastic or rubberized handles, folding umbrellas and umbrellas that include a case. But not only that, you will find umbrellas in different sizes, from the smallest ones with zippers to the largest ones that feature the convenient automatic opening. Take advantage of our wide selection and proceed to buy directly online, with just a few simple clicks!

How can I order my personalized umbrellas?

Buying your personalized umbrellas is very simple, you just need a few clicks! Choose the model that suits your needs, select the color, the printing position, the quantity and upload the file to customize it. It only remains to wait for the preview of the graphic and check that our proposal matches your idea. Only when you are completely satisfied, we will start production. What are you waiting for? Buy now!