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Wallets and purses of various types and fabrics to brand with the logo of your choice.A wallet is a classic and timeless gift, especially if the high quality of materials and workmanship create a perfect union between beauty and practicality. So why not give an elegant wallet or purse personalized with your company's logo in your future advertising campaigns? In our collection you will find wallets in fabric and leather, with or without zipper and with internal pockets for credit cards or other cards. With a refined design, our bags and wallets are suitable for both men and women, it will be up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Advertising wallets to give as a gift with your logo

A gift that never goes out of fashion and one of the kings of personalized merchandising: we are talking about wallets and purses with your logo, the ideal selling point. It never hurts to have an extra coin purse to store small change, or when you travel and want to separate two different currencies. Put your logo on a coin purse and make sure your brand gets the visibility you are looking for, a simple and effective idea!

Wholesale advertising wallets

Leather wallets, elegant and durable; silicone, modern and vibrant colors, compact, foldable, in wallet format ... put your imagination to work and design a phrase that defines your business to customize them. Another option is to include your corporate phone number or website, to facilitate the "return" of your customers. Contact us for special customizations and we will achieve the results you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions about Wallets and purses

Why give personalized wallets as a gift?

Wallets and purses are promotional items that are used on a daily basis as we all use wallets and purses to store coins and bills, but also credit cards, documents and various cards. That is why giving personalized wallets as a gift guarantees a high exposure of your brand to both the people to whom you have donated the personalized gift, as well as the third parties with whom they come in contact. All Garrampa personalized wallets are carefully designed and made with soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics, in addition to having perfect finishes and carefully stitched seams. An elegant and classy corporate gift for your customers and employees.

What kind of business can these personalized wallets give?

Customized wallets with your company logo, which you can find in our online catalog, are designed and manufactured for each type of company and customer. Moreover, being useful, practical and original personalized objects, they can be offered to potential and existing customers, during fairs, events, advertising campaigns, by any company. However, there are two areas in particular where these promotional items are very popular. We are referring to the banking sector and the large-scale distribution sector with particular reference to supermarkets, which could combine them with other promotional products such as shopping cart token key chains and personalized shopping bags.

What are RIFD personalized card holders?

Today's modern cards, such as season tickets, credit cards and access cards, are equipped with a chip and antenna that allow remote activation and reading. The RFID (radio frequency identification) technology they are equipped with means that there is no need to take the card out of the wallet to pay or register. These RFID cards are certainly more convenient to use, but they involve greater risks because they can be read, activated and cloned from a distance of one meter, without anyone noticing. For this reason, giving a personalized promotional card holder with RFID protection as an advertising gift during a trade show can be an excellent option. These personalized card holders are coated with aluminum on the inside to prevent radio waves from passing through the casing.

Which personalized wallet model to choose?

At Garrampa you will find a wide range of wallets and purses that you can customize with your company logo. You can choose from wallets of different shapes, materials, colors and sizes according to your taste. You will find wallets, purses with space for cards, wallets with purses, card holders, purses with key rings and credit card protectors. Obviously, depending on the model chosen, the printing technique that can be used to customize your promotional wallets will vary: wallets and card holders can be silk-screened or pad printed, while leather models can be customized on the basis of. -The models with a small metal plate on the front can be laser engraved on this part.

What are the advantages of giving Personalized Wallets as a gift?

We all use wallets, purses and card holders on a daily basis, so offering these promotional items is the right choice that guarantees you frequent and lasting publicity, direct advertising not only to the people who receive the product, but also to all those with whom they come into contact. Discover the models we have selected for you, customize these useful promotional gifts and give them to your customers or your collaborators so that your logo is visible at different times of the day, at the supermarket, at the bar, at the gas station, at the bank, at the post office and in any situation where it is necessary to make a payment. Do not miss the opportunity to buy these small items that will allow you a great visibility of your logo! Explore the online catalog and calculate your quote.

What models of personalized wallets and purses can you choose from?

We have selected for you high quality advertising items, but at an advantageous cost. Discover the different models of card holders available in different materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic. You will also find different models of wallets available in materials such as synthetic leather or polyester, and take advantage of the selection of promotional wallets available in different colors and sizes. If you need help, contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you choose the best product for you.