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Customized tool kits and sets, especially for advertising and marketing, give utility and quality! Help your customers and employees to comfortably perform tasks at home and in the office with the wide selection of advertising tool kits and boxes that we offer at Garrampa. Our tool boxes stamped with your company name or logo are one of the best choices to promote your brand.

Complete and very practical toolbox

Help your employees and customers perform DIY tasks in comfort. These tool sets are not only very useful for the handyman, but they are suitable for all kinds of people, making them an indispensable item in the home. At Garrampa we customize advertising tool kits with screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and even practical tool cases, everything you might need in a pinch!

Tool set printed with your logo

Do you follow our advice? Opt for recognized brands and the quality of Dunlop, one of our star references. Another popular option is to print your logo on shoulder bags with an advertising toolkit inside, very useful for trades such as electricians, plumbers or small home installers, so take advantage of Garrampa to bring your marketing campaign to all types of public!