Customized work jackets and jackets

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Jackets and jackets embroidered with the logo of your company brand: garrampa offers you the best reinforced work jackets personalized with your company emblem and helps you choose the model that best suits your needs: whether with special insulation for electricians, waterproof protection for plumbers, or all kinds of reinforcements for outdoor work, with special polar membranes and pockets to store gloves and other belongings. Our garments are characterized by being of the best quality, always taking into account economic prices that fit budgets oriented to uniforms for complete teams.

Industrial work jackets

Our special jackets and jackets for construction, are fully made to meet all the requirements of safety material and optimal clothing to perform any work related to construction. In Garrampa we offer the best models of jackets and jackets for construction, with reinforcements for the toughest situations and with the option of being able to be personalized with the name or logo of the company.

Work jackets for men and women

They can withstand electrical currents and protect against water thanks to their insulating materials, their reinforcements withstand outdoor conditions with their warmth-keeping polar membranes, and thanks to their pockets they can withstand carrying any material needed for your day-to-day work. The variety of jackets and jackets allows you to choose different colors and shapes, adapting to any situation.

Work jackets for the construction site or construction

Work jackets are basic garments, necessary in almost any sector. However, these will be very different, depending on the activity to be performed, the environment where they are made and another set of issues to consider before choosing work pants. Work jackets are an essential safety element that, depending on the use to which they will be put, will offer certain characteristics or others: Waterproofing: Some of the work jackets are made of a waterproof material that tries to protect the user from climatic adversities, for example, rain or humidity, as well as from any fluid that comes into contact with the fabric itself. Breathability: Breathable work pants prevent the worker from sweating. Thermal resistance: There is the possibility of wearing economical work jackets depending on the time of the year. In cold environments, work jackets will have an inner lining that will balance the professional's temperature and act as a windbreaker. Chemical resistance: In special situations and specific jobs, clothing resistant to possible chemical agents is required to avoid corrosion and burns, among others. High visibility: In garrampa we have high visibility work jackets, made with fluorescent material together with other reflective bands, allowing easier and earlier recognition of the wearer, thus increasing their safety.

Work coats, parkas and jackets for industry

Work coats and parkas for industry and construction are usually made of cotton, although they can also be found in polyester or lycra. They are mainly characterized by protecting the professional who wears them from external factors such as chemicals, scratches, shocks, sparks or extreme heat. It should be noted that these work jackets have ample pockets that make them very useful for keeping personal items safe.

Frequently asked questions about Work jackets and jackets

What is a customized work jacket?

A work jacket is defined by its shape and pockets. Traditionally, it has a square cut (to facilitate the movement of its wearers while operating machinery), and comes with three outside patch pockets for storing tools and the like. Work jackets are usually slightly longer in length than regular shirts, ending below the waist, and are made of tough fabrics commensurate with their heritage.

What type of weather is suitable for using custom work jackets?

The type of climate you will be working in will also have a big impact on the exterior and interior of your jacket. When you think of work jackets, most people picture brown or black cotton duck material, which is very popular for the outdoors. This fabric is durable and easy to clean, making it a good choice in many cases. However, for wet and windy conditions, a nylon or polyester exterior might be more to your liking. They are not as durable as cotton duck, but will keep wind and rain at bay. Interiors are made of various materials, and the selection depends largely on how cold the weather is going to be. Down is warm, but when it gets wet it lets you down. Polyester or synthetic are not as good as down in terms of warmth, but perform much better when they get wet. The interiors of work jackets can also be flannel or wool, both of which are very warm materials.

What are the considerations when buying custom work jackets?

Strength: Look for details that indicate the durability of the jacket as a whole, such as specialized stitching and taped seams.Weight: Heavyweight jackets and parkas are designed for the toughest work environments and often feature storm flaps, high collars and a longer length to cover the back. Medium-weight jackets are less bulky and designed to withstand less severe weather conditions, while lightweight jackets and rain jackets typically feature waterproof breathable or durable water repellent (DWR) exteriors and allow full freedom of movement.

How can I customize work jackets with my design or logo?

Work jackets can be customized with your company logo in different printing techniques. Embroidered logo always provides a higher quality and brand image on your work jackets, screen printing allows industrial jackets to be printed at a lower price without losing the quality of the logo print. Depending on the industrial sector the needs and budgets are different. We adapt to your budget, we can advise you on the best printing technique that suits your needs and budget contact our sales team.

Which industrial jackets are the best sellers?

Depending on the industrial sector the needs are different, it is not the same a jacket for a painter, for the construction industry, for the mining sector, etc. The needs of each sector determine the number of pockets, the material, the fabric, etc. The best-selling jackets tend to be those with an adequate number of pockets for storing materials needed during a construction site. In terms of fabric and materials, the most popular work jackets are those with reinforced fabric such as twill or special reinforcements on the elbows to prevent wear and tear in these areas.

What materials are work jackets made of?

The work jackets are manufactured in different types of fabrics and materials depending on the use we are going to give these can vary as well as our needs. If what we need is to protect us from the cold, polar work jackets are the best option. If we need to insulate us from the cold and rain, waterproof jackets are the best option. If what we are looking for is a resistant fabric against shocks and day to day wear, the reinforced twill fabric is one of the best options. The most common fabrics and materials used in the manufacture are usually nylon, polyester, twill and cotton blend.