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Customized coveralls and coveralls with your logo to achieve the best safety and comfort in work environments.The coverall is a one-piece suit that allows the worker to put it on and take it off easily. It offers total protection to the worker and is easy to put on and take off. Coveralls are a very comfortable piece of clothing for the worker, offering them great freedom of movement to perform their tasks. In our online catalog, you can consult about the type of garment for industry suitable depending on the functions to be performed by its user: overalls for mechanics and overalls for painters, which provide comfort and practicality. In addition, you will be able to customize the coveralls with your company logo.

Work overalls for mechanics and workshops

Discover Garrampa's full range of coveralls, the best option for your company's protection. If you need a uniform that is easy and quick to put on and take off, in working circumstances that require complete insulation, this is undoubtedly the garment for you. Coveralls are a quality solution for workers and laborers who need a one-piece suit, with a front zipper, which allows the garment to be removed very easily.

Industrial coveralls for men

We have overalls for all industrial activities, including: overalls for mechanics and professional painters, which bring comfort and practicality to the task. Our coveralls stand out for being resistant, comfortable, safe, and of great quality, always at the best price. Get your work uniform customized to your needs and budget, and if you need extra advice on sizes, marking or models, be sure to contact us.

Blue coveralls and cheap white coveralls

The coveralls or coveralls are widely used in the industrial and construction sectors as they provide workers with the hygiene, protection and comfort they need to develop their activity properly. In some workplaces, especially in industry and construction, the use of coveralls is necessary. It is also very common to see coveralls for mechanics, also known as mechanics coveralls. Coveralls are highly resistant and provide great safety and comfort to the worker. On the other hand, it is very common to find overalls for painters, although these are usually white overalls. In garrampa you will find a wide variety of coveralls to choose from, depending on your needs and the use you are going to give to the garment. High visibility coveralls. The reflective coveralls are made of a fluorescent material that, together with a series of retro-reflective bands, will allow the worker to be recognized earlier and more easily, thus avoiding possible accidents. Softshell coveralls. The use of this material in work clothing is related to the protection of the user in environments with adverse weather conditions. Softshell coveralls are waterproof and have an inner lining that protects the worker from the cold and wind. The breathability provided by this material will prevent the retention of liquids from sweating. Fireproof coveralls. The main quality of this material is its resistance to fire and burns, both flammable and strong friction. Despite the appearance of a robust safety suit, it provides a great elasticity of the material that allows a better and greater mobility. Flame-retardant coveralls should be worn by workers who have direct contact with fire or flammable products, such as firefighters. Coveralls for work have large pockets that allow workers to keep their personal belongings safe, as well as to store tools or materials. Economical coveralls are made of a combination of cotton and synthetic fabric.

Men's or women's coveralls

Men's or women's coveralls can be customized with a logo, company name or both combined to create added value that significantly increases brand visibility. Another option is to print the name of the professional on the back of the coverall. The possibilities for customizing coveralls are diverse. Personalization techniques for coveralls. Embroidered printing: It presents a more detailed finish. It is ideal for printing logos or the name of the professional wearing the garment on the chest. Textile screen printing: To be used in plain color designs on screen-printed coveralls. Thanks to its high resistance to washing, this economical solution will be durable. Transfer: This is the technique used to print photographs and is recommended for short runs. If your company's coveralls are worn out and/or outdated and you need to renew them, garrampa can provide you with affordable customized coveralls.

Frequently asked questions about Coveralls and coveralls

From how many units can I buy work overalls?

Minimum quantities depend on each model but can vary between 5 and 10 units and can be combined with other overalls in different colors as long as the logo and size are the same. The higher the volume of your order of coveralls the higher the discount we will apply, check the price in our online store or contact our sales representatives to give you a quote for coveralls. You can also combine coveralls in different colors such as white, blue, red, black, etc.

What marking techniques can I use to print overalls?

The coveralls can be printed in different printing techniques such as screen printing or embroidery. The silkscreen printing of coveralls allows you to print your logo in different colors and with a great quality of detail. The embroidery of coveralls provides a great quality and brand image to impress your customers. Our sales department can advise you on the choice of personalization of your coveralls. The most common printing position is usually the printing of the logo on the left shield. The back is also another very common printing position in which its large marking area allows greater visibility.

What types of coveralls do you have?

We have in our online store different models of coveralls for work and in a wide range of colors such as blue, green, red, yellow, white, etc.. The coveralls depend on the sector in which they are used, being very common the white ones for painters and blue for mechanics. In the gardening sector, beige or green coveralls are more common. We have coveralls with different accessories such as hood, multi-pockets, flame retardant, etc.

How many different types of materials are there in the composition of coveralls?

One of the most commonly used materials is polyester and nylon, which is used to make the twill, a very resistant fabric to provide greater durability to overalls and coveralls. Resistant fabrics and materials are the most used in the manufacture of coveralls, as this is the most important characteristic they must have to work in different industrial sectors. Sectors such as construction, construction site or carpentry need very resistant garments to face the day to day.