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Vests for the construction industry, customizable with your company logo.

Personalized multi-pocket vests for work

We offer a wide variety of construction industry vests with the option to be customized with your company logo, so that all your employees dress in a corporate manner. We offer a service of distinction in work clothes, embroidering any corporate image and sign. In addition to having a varied catalog of colors, any of our vests have a set of pockets, so carrying tools will be easier.

Work vests with company logo

The vests that you will find in our section are made of resistant quality materials and with pockets for everything. We have both those intended for indoor construction work such as carpenter, plumber or electrician, or outdoor as may well be the masons construction site. In order to know exactly which one is best suited to your business, we have available a commercial team that will be able to advise you about which one is the best for each work situation.