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Quality pants for industrial work, painter's pants, and outdoor-proof, check out all our models now! Work pants are basic garments, necessary in almost any sector. However, they will be very different, depending on the activity to be performed, the environment where it is performed and another set of issues to consider before choosing work pants. The traditional blue or white work pants made of 100% cotton canvas still exist for price reasons, these cheap work pants no longer delight professionals who now wish to combine work clothes. Therefore, we can distinguish in several models. Cheap classic work pants made of 100% cotton or polyester blend. Multi-pocket work pants for reasons of practicality, work pants usually have many pockets (multi-pockets) for users to store their tools. Work pants with knee pockets allow people who have to work on their knees for a long time or frequently to increase their comfort in this uncomfortable posture.

Work pants for men and women

In our online catalog of pants specially designed to wear at work you will find the best materials at the price you are looking for. We have thick and thin pants, in various colors, with and without pockets, with assured strength and long durability, especially for industrial environments. Our pants are ideal for branding with your logo as part of a work uniform, find out here about our sizes and availability.

Multi-pocket pants for site and construction work

Most of our pants are made of cotton, a comfortable and breathable material that allows diversity of movements. Thanks to their elastic waistband, Garrampa work pants are comfortable while combining insulation and special protections for outdoor work to protect the body from external factors such as chemicals, scratches, shocks, sparks or extreme heat. We guarantee safety and comfort, check prices now!

Multi-pocket pants for construction work

Work pants are an essential safety element that, depending on the use to which they will be put, will offer certain characteristics or others: Waterproof work pants: Some of the work pants are made of a waterproof material that tries to protect the user from climatic adversities, for example, rain or humidity, as well as from any fluid that comes into contact with the fabric itself. Breathable work pants: This property prevents the worker from sweating. High thermal resistance work pants: There is the possibility of wearing economical work pants depending on the time of the year. In cold environments, work pants will have an inner lining that will balance the temperature of the professional and will act as a windbreaker. On the other hand, in warm seasons, there is the possibility of wearing short work pants. Chemical-resistant work pants: In special situations and specific jobs, clothing resistant to possible chemical agents is required to prevent corrosion and burns, among others. High visibility work pants: In garrampa we have high visibility work pants, manufactured with a fluorescent material along with other reflective bands, allowing easier and earlier recognition of the user who wears it, thus increasing their safety.

Industrial pants for painter, electrician or carpenter

The work pants for industry and construction are usually made of cotton, although we will also find them in polyester or lycra. They are mainly characterized by protecting the professional who wears them from external factors such as chemicals, scratches, shocks, sparks or extreme heat. It is worth mentioning that these work pants have large pockets for knee pads, which make them very useful for keeping personal items safe.

Frequently asked questions about Work pants

What are the correct fittings for customized overalls?

Classic fit: is the medium fit.Relaxed fit - Offers extra room in the seat and thigh, and is roomier than classic fit work pants.Slim fit - A more modern fit, slim fit work pants have a slimmer leg than classic fit pants, but are not tight. Even in the case of slim fit work pants, the leg openings are usually specially designed to fit work boots.

What material are the custom work overalls made of?

Work pants are usually made of one of two fabrics: denim or cotton duck. (As with work jackets, cotton duck has no relation to the ducks themselves). Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each: DenimThe more you wear and wash it, the more comfortable it will beDenim work pants are thicker than fashion jeansThey can be lined with flannel or fleece, making them ideal for working in cold climatesThey're less durable than cotton duck, but are usually more comfortableCotton duck/cotton fabricLess prone to snagging and tearing, as it has a smooth surfaceIt is a great wind blockerIt is not an inherently flame-resistant fabric, but works well in very hot situationsLike denim, it may require a break-in period.

What style and type of pants will give you the best performance and appearance in your workplace?

Active: Active styles allow you to move with ease.Cargo: The key feature of the cargo style is that the flap pockets are larger and open, allowing for plenty of storage space.Carpenter: Carpenter pants, made from soft denim, lack some of the storage options of cargo pants, but are some of the best work pants for men who need a lot of freedom of movement.Professional: The more professional styles of work pants can resemble chinos.

What is the right weight for custom work pants?

We've already talked about the lightness of the pants, which is one of the factors you should look at for comfort. However, the fabric or material used will determine the overall weight of the product. Heavier pants can weigh up to 400 g, and are better for heavy work. Meanwhile, lighter fabric may be less durable, but is ideal for warmer temperatures.

Why buy work pants for construction?

Work pants are one of the most important items of clothing in a work uniform. Providing your workers or employees with a uniform in which to work safely is not the only reason why you should buy work pants. Another important point is the image your company conveys by wearing workwear with pants combined with other upper garments. Resistant and special fabrics reduce the risk of accidents at work.

What is the price of industrial pants?

Quality, intended use and budget are the factors that most influence the price of industrial pants. There are flame-retardant and waterproof treatments that affect the price of the pants. That is why choosing the pants that best suits your needs is an important factor in choosing the workwear for your company uniform. If you do not know which pants are the most suitable we will advise you offering you the best price that fits your budget. We have several qualities from the most basic to the most demanding qualities for different work sectors.