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In our online store we have painter clothes to customize with the logo that the customer wants. You will find different garments to configure your painter uniform such as painter pants, painter overalls, painter dungarees and painter jackets. Painter garments are usually white like white painter pants and white painter overalls, although sometimes they can be of other colors like blue or green. Enter our website and see all the cheap painter clothes you need to work in a fashionable and flexible way. We have painter uniforms for both men and women and in different sizes from small to the largest size. The clothing is made of cotton materials although some garments may have elastic materials to facilitate the flexibility of movement during the painting process.

White painter pants and blue coveralls for sale

We work with leading manufacturers and distributors of painter's clothing and uniforms and can offer our customers wholesale painter's uniforms. As we are suppliers of painter's clothing, our sales prices are very cheap and economical and we can offer great discounts for quantity for all our products. All painter clothing can be customized with the logo, phrase, design that the customer sends us. Depending on the needs of each customer the printing technique may vary. If you are looking for cheap painter uniforms the most recommended technique is screen printing as it is a more economical technique but withstands washing without problems at high temperatures. If you are looking for a higher quality printing and give a plus to your painter work uniforms, embroidery is a technique in which the final finish is significantly superior.

Buy cheap painter's clothing in white color

Painting and decorating is a dirty job, with plaster, paint and other airborne debris getting everywhere. Wearing the right clothing for the job ensures that you are safe from splashes and dust, with suitable materials that allow high temperature washing and prevent penetration of paints and plaster. Traditional white painter's clothing also helps distinguish the wearer from other types of tradesmen, and lends an air of professionalism. Painter's coveralls with bib overalls are a popular choice, along with separate pants and jackets to offer a different style. Some painting processes, such as the use of spray guns, benefit from the use of safety goggles and face masks, which come in different classes depending on the product being used, with some protecting from airborne paint particles as well as dust from wood, plaster and concrete. We also sell a large selection of disposable coveralls and single-use gloves, which are ideal for one-off jobs if you need a cost-effective solution.