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Customizable board games with the logo of your company, to disconnect in the free hours of work.Many people like to play cards, with friends or family, to spend a pleasant and fun time with friends. That is why personalized playing cards, with your company logo, are a very welcome gift and above all will guarantee you a wide visibility because your logo will be seen by all participants in the game. In our collection you will find personalized decks of poker cards, scale 40 or bridge, which will be delivered to you in a plastic or metal box, which you can customize with your logo by silkscreen printing or laser engraving. For your next trade show or promotional event, offer personalized playing cards to your customers, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Personalized and cheap cards and playing cards

We offer in this section a collection of board games fully customizable, to be able to give away as corporate merchandising and give away to customers with these fun games together. With this new way to customize your leisure, you can give any of the different games to your employees so that they can enjoy in a fun way their moments of rest in the office, so that when they return to their post they are with greater enthusiasm.

Promotional board games to give as gifts to customers

Bet for your brand to have a high visibility in an original way, customize board games with the logo of your brand, advertising your company in a deck of Spanish cards or poker, in skill games like Mikado, or strategy games such as poker packs with virtual money chips and classic chess.