Personalized Children's Games

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Games and toys for children and adults, a fun detail to give with your brand.

Promotional gifts for children

The little ones of the house also have their space in the Garrampa store. If your goal is to surprise the children of your customers, this is the place. We have a wide catalog of all kinds of toys, blankets, games, puzzles, board games, stuffed animals and school supplies, all aimed at children and adults who want to have fun. Our personalized toys can be branded with your logo and liven up a good time, stay and discover what we have for you!

Children's promotional gifts

From back-to-school stationery to the warmest dolls: advertising toys can be a very interesting detail to give to your company's executives, or to surprise the attendees of a congress. Rubik's cubes, for example, never go out of fashion, as well as playing cards and other portable games, which are sure to liven up more than one trip. Bet on leisure in all its variants by giving games and toys, they will thank you for it!