Personalized gifts for sporting events

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Encourage your team with one of our personalized gifts for sporting events! We have all kinds of sports merchandising to give away: fans, cans, bottles, cups, key chains, backpacks, purses, sunglasses, lanyards, scarves, bags, t-shirts, caps, pennants, hats and even candy. Yes, we have everything for your sporting event! Customize one of our items with your logo and promote your brand at a soccer match, tennis tournament, popular race, gymnastics competition or cycling tour, among others. Merge the colors of your team with those of your brand and be visible in any type of sporting event. Enter Garrampa now and take a look at our entire online catalog, your personalized sports event gift is waiting for you!

Gifts for sporting events

Undoubtedly, one of the most direct and effective ways to carry forward the direct marketing of a brand is through sponsorship in a sports celebration. Or else, who has never seen a player or athlete wearing a specific brand on their kit? Well, thanks to Garrampa, you will be able to become a sponsor.Our personalized gifts for sporting events are perfect for any type of sporting competition, whatever the level. Whether for athletes or amateurs, be sure to see all our personalized sports merchandising! For example, fans or water bottles are an ideal gift for those attending a sporting event in summer, such as a beach volleyball tournament. The public will thank you and you will be able to advertise in a simple and competent way.

Gifts to give away at sporting events

But not only the public will want one of our personalized gifts for sporting events... no way! The participants in your popular race, without going any further, will be the first to demand a personalized item of this kind. For example, personalized bottles are super practical for them, since they will not only use them during sports practice, but they will be able to use them during their private and working life, too. To top it off, you can't ignore the cheap prices we offer from Garrampa's website. You can customize a backpack with your brand logo for just over one euro per unit, and we have a multitude of customizable items for just a few cents.And you, what are you waiting for to get one of our personalized gifts for sporting events from Garrampa? Do you already know which one to choose? We are waiting for you! For more information about your future online order, be sure to write or call our technical team.

Frequently asked questions about Sporting events

What are the advantages and why promote sporting events?

The sport has a very ancient origin, as well as the marathon race we know today, born from a very interesting historical anecdote: in fact, it is said that the origin of the marathon is linked to the story of the battle of Marathon, where the city of Athens, fearful of the Persian army that landed on its belongings to possess it, sent the messenger Philippides to ask for help to Sparta. Sparta accepted the request, but would not have intervened before 10 days. In the meantime, the Athenian army managed to devise a defense plan. Philippides, known to be a messenger who ran faster than a horse, ran 500 km in a few days to warn the city of victory, to prevent the city from burning. Thus the marathon was born. Marathons, in fact, are very popular and well attended sporting events. In recent decades, marathons have been used as a fundraising tool (like running for life), where solidarity meets sport. But, marathons are also social events in addition to solidarity, think of the marathons that each city organizes for its community: Lucca Marathon, Bologna Marathon, Run Rome, Treviso Marathon, Florence Marathon and many others. Marathons are highly appreciated and give a lot of visibility to the organizers because they communicate social and collective commitments. Many social movements were born to express themselves through sport and, in particular, with marathons, such as the Color of Running and the Unesco Cities Marathon, which are real cultural and sporting events. In fact, many large companies use marathons as inclusive and internal rebranding tools.

What are the most interesting sporting event gifts and how to select them?

First, you need to know what promotional item you would give away at each specific event. Corporate giveaways represent your business: the material, the color, the shape, even the packaging represents your corporate values. That's why it becomes vital for your marketing. Before each event you should prepare a structured marketing plan to decide: - what you want to communicate, what message you want to leave and what item could be unique for the specific occasion and obviously the budget to dedicate. Another very important step is to customize your entire booth. Each employee at your booth event should have personalized apparel and work tools with your logo on them. These details communicate professionalism about your business, so paying attention to them will make a difference in terms of image. Generally, the most interesting sporting event giveaways are: - Apparel: - Sports accessories; Silicone wristbands; Customized waterproof clothing; Sports towels; Customized water bottles lanyards. - Team organization tools: Personalized lanyards; Personalized pens; Personalized safety signs and T-shirts; Awards and prizes: Personalized trophies.

Why give promotional items to your customers during events?

Attending a sporting event is not enough to be remembered. Original and coherent events have a great emotional impact on customers and help your employees to remember it for a long time. A well-organized event can't be without personalized items. If you are looking for an impactful event, you must organize it in every detail. Being gifted makes us feel appreciated and this works in any relationship, even between vendors and clients. In 2019, PPAI, the international promotional products association, released a study indicating that 90% of people who receive a gift during an event remember which company they got it from. In addition, 80% of these people are willing to make a purchase from the same company. If you are organizing a marathon or a running event, thinking about personalized gifts makes it an indelible event. And even afterwards, your promotional items will be used to remind your runners of the event and showcase your brand everywhere they go. From runners' sportswear, to advertising banners to promote the event, to street signs to get to the marathon venue, and also to mark who is a spectator and who is on the organizing team. All of these are important elements to consider for the success of the marathon. During marathons there are also gifts that can be sold and their proceeds are used for social and solidarity purposes. This is why the personalization of these items becomes extremely necessary.

How to buy promotional gifts for popular races or sport events at Garrampa?

Buying personalized items has never been so easy: - Choose the item you prefer indicating the color, quantity and printing technique and send us the order. And now it's up to us! Our staff will proceed to create a virtual sample to show you the simulation of the items made with your logo. After your approval, we will proceed with the production. You will receive your customized items in an estimated average of 8-10 days. What if I'm looking for an innovative item that I can't find on the web? No problem. Contact us by phone, chat, whatsapp or contact form and we will take care of it. We are very fast in serving our customers.