Cheap wedding fans

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We have a large catalog of cheap wedding fans on our website and check online the purchase price with your customization. We have fans for weddings made of wood or plastic. Wedding fans with floral or nature prints, we also have fans printed with polka dots or polka dots for weddings. If you are looking for a specific color of wedding fans on our website we have plenty of colors of wedding fans such as blue, white, red, pink, yellow and many more colors to choose from and print the phrase or design with which you want to customize the fan for the wedding.

Printed Bamboo Wedding Fans for Sale

On our website you will find printed bamboo fans to surprise your wedding guests. During the summer months when weddings are usually held, fans are one of the great allies to combat the heat during that time of year. That is why giving fans at a wedding is one of the most useful and cheapest gifts to surprise the guests with. Fans can be personalized with a design or a phrase with the name of the bride and groom. They can be printed with different printing techniques such as screen printing or embroidery being screen printing one of the most common printing methods for its quality and price.

Wholesale original wooden fans at the best price

In a big wedding giving fans as a wedding favor is usually a great idea. On our website you can buy large quantities because we work with leading manufacturers of wedding fans and we can sell wholesale with a very tight selling price. There are different models where you can choose from classic wedding fans and other models of wedding fans more original and fun with prints on the fabric of the fan.