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In this collection of eco-friendly bags and backpacks, you can discover all kinds of sustainable models made of felt, natural cork, silicone, paper, organic cotton, jute or hemp, among others. Without PVC, we have models of ecological string backpacks, travel or gym bags, casual backpacks, toiletry bags completely airtight (thus avoiding spilling any liquid), laptop bags, fanny packs and even a cooler backpack for the best picnics. Our customized eco-friendly backpacks and bags are very resistant and adjustable to different sizes. An amazing sustainable gift at incredible prices. Discover your personalized eco-friendly backpack or bag with Garrampa.

Wholesale customized eco backpacks

Discover all these customized eco-friendly backpacks and bags that we have on Garrampa's website. In particular, our wholesale eco-friendly backpacks are cheap and available in different.For example, our eco-friendly string backpacks are made with hemp, jute, different types of cotton, bamboo fiber, polyester or natural cork. Ecological backpacks for women and men, perfect as a gift for any event: sports competitions, music festivals, local festivals, company celebrations... you name it, our ecological backpacks and bags are available in a wide range of colors. White, blue, green, brown, black, gray, red, orange, yellow, pink... discover your color in our online store Garrampa.Garrampa is your ecological backpacks store in Spain. We not only have customizable ecological backpacks with strings, but we have all kinds of models: antibacterial backpacks, with anti-theft system, with integrated USB charging port, with solar panel to charge your devices in the car, to store your laptop, etc.

Personalized eco bags

Still don't know our offer in ecological bag with recycled material? In this section of Garrampa we have cheap personalized eco backpacks and bags, designed for you.Our personalized recycled bags are made with fabrics such as polyester, as well as 100% cotton. In addition, you have different colors for these eco-friendly fabric bags such as gray, black, green, red or blue.Garrampa is your eco backpacks and bags store in Zaragoza. We operate throughout the national territory and the rest of the world. Not only do we manufacture personalized ecological backpacks and bags, but we also have for you travel bags, toiletry bags, fanny packs or these eco bags, made of hemp, jute, cotton, natural cork or polyester. Enter Garrampa's online catalog and be seduced by our ecological backpacks and bags.